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11 Anger Management Techniques | How to Control Your Anger?

Like happiness and sadness anger is non-other than a general human emotion. But unlike happiness anger is a violent type of emotion. However, I am not implying anger is not all bad, if it was so bad and not needed why it would be in us in the first place. But, more anger is certainly very harmful to the person himself and those around him. Here are 11 anger management techniques for people with anger management issues:

Take a deep and slow breath

Generally when agitated deeply we become angry and our breath becomes faster and shorter. This is the result of adrenaline being released in your body. What we should do is reverse this process becoming clam and taking a long deep breath through the nose and out from the mouth. Continue this process until you are in control again.

Yoga and mediation

Yoga and meditation help to relax your body and has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, and boost confidence. The people practicing yoga daily were mentally stable, calmer and the people with severe anger management issues had also claimed that yoga helped them a lot.

Channel your anger

You can always channel your excess anger into some recreational activities or learning some new skills. Cooking, painting, or even learning how to dance can help you a lot.

Drink water 

Water is a naturally calm element. Even a raging fire is calmed by putting water on it. So whenever you are enraged with anger drink some water. The more water you drink the less negative you will be, and the less negative you is the less angry you.

Get a calming mantra for anger management

Sounds weird but this technique but have been helpful to many for anger management. Continuously chanting a calming phrase can help you to face anger and complicated situations. When chanted in those situations your mind tells your body to keep calm despite the unfavorable situation. “It is what it is”, “Let it go, let it go” are some of the popular mantras used by people for anger management. But you can also create your own mantra.

Physical exercise

It is a great way of putting your body in great shape and keeping your anger in check. Physical exercise is known to keep your stress level low, anxiety and fear in control. Going through the anger management process try to exercise every chance you get.

Try to act clam

When facing stressful and anger causing situations, try your hardest to keep clam and relaxing. Acting calm and relaxing, you are training your mind to be more adapted to this type of situation.

Eat healthily

Your diet also has a direct impact on your meat. Having a light vegetarian meal can have a claiming effect on your meal. You can also avoid drinking and smoking as they make your anger management situations worse.

Let your anger out

Instead of letting out your anger on everything and everyone around you find specific objects where you can channel all your rage without worsening the situations. Stress balls, punching bags are some of the items you can use for this purpose. This type of technique helps best to those who have a violent reaction to anger.


Communication is the key solution to various problems. Instead of developing the huge amount of anger inside of you talk to the peoples around you. You can tell your friends/families about the cause of your anger or what did they do to make you angry? This may not able to solve all your problems but it will certainly can most of them. Maybe communication was all you needed for your anger management.

Get help

If you are trying your best for anger management. You already did the above mention techniques and it is still not helping then it is time for you to get professional help. Consult with your families and find yourself a psychiatrist or a well-known doctor who handles these types of problems.