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Face Yoga Against Ageing- Yoga for Face

We all are mostly common with the term yoga. Yoga is so much popular now days that vast number of people practice this on daily basis. There are thousands of yoga technique and poses for various kinds of benefits. Yoga for a healthy heart, yoga to battle depression, yoga for weight loss etc., You have a problem then most certainly you have a yoga technique to battle your problem. In this article, we will discuss 6 different face yoga exercises for anti-aging or for shining face.

Recently people are extremely interested on face yoga against aging. Certain yoga poses and techniques can make your ageing slow. Instead of depending on costly products and surgeries, one can naturally do it without anything to cost except internet data package.

There is various face yoga effective for various parts of the face. Each act on a targeted area and have a specific effect. Some of the effective anti-ageing yoga for face are:

1) Double V

double v- face yoga exerciseDouble V face yoga helps you with falling eyelids and wrinkles at the eye edges. It is a simple pose you can do to keep your younger glow longer. In this technique one must make V sign with index and middle finger and put them simultaneously on the both edges of eyebrow. Put the middle finger on nose end of the eyebrow and index finger on another end. The next step to put the gentle pressure by the fingers while trying to look up. Repetition of this technique builds the muscle stronger hence keeping face look younger. Then, you can repeat the process 7 to 10 times.

2) Puffer fish

It is an amazingly simple face yoga to remove the smiley lines from the side of the base of the nose. In this technique one fills up the cheeks with the air giving the puffer fish vibes to the face. Hold the air for few seconds and slowly shift the air to the lip region from the cheek region. Hold the air there and after few seconds release the air. After releasing the air take a long breath and repeat the process again.

3)  Giraffe pose

giraffe faceThis face yoga is for the jaw and neck section. As the accumulated fat at the jaw and neck region can make you look older than your actual age. For this face yoga tilt your head gently to the back then make the face your lip makes when you pronounce o word. Then gently massage your neck 2 3 times then hold your beauty bones by your fingers by applying little pressure. At this moment you can feel little bit pressure on your neck muscles. Stop after few seconds take a deep breath and start again.

4) Marilyn

marilyn- face yogaThis anti-ageing face yoga is to make your lips strong. For a younger-looking face, a healthy lips, and lips area this face yoga is necessary. The yoga is simple all you must do is blow kisses. However, the kisses should be done with putting a little bit of pressure on the muscles. Repeat this process for 5 to 6 times.

5) Surprise me

This face yoga is for eyebrows and eye sections. Old age scars are first seen in the eye areas. After 30 crowfeet and eyebrow wrinkles starts to appear on eyes. So, surprise me is the best technique to tackle them. It is quite simple all you must do is act really surprised widening your eyes to their maximum capacity without wrinkling the eyebrows and stare at a point for 5 seconds. Let go take a deep breath and repeat the process 5 to 6 times.

6) The puppet face

puppet face yoga exerciseThe puppet face anti-ageing technique enhances the muscle of cheeks and upper lips. This face yoga is best for the wrinkles between lips and nose. In this technique one must smile with their teeth showing then gently press the cheeks and apply little bit force in the opposite area. Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds at which point you will feel tension in your cheek and lip muscles. For best result use this technique 20 to 30 times a day.