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We Fully Support  You After Yoga Teacher Training With Us

The journey from a yoga novice to a yoga teacher is filled with many ups and downs. To make your adventure memorable and enticing, the yoga teacher training course proves immensely helpful. After finishing the course, students often find themselves perplexed and confused as to what to do next. Fret not! Nepal yoga home is there to provide you support after yoga teacher training!

You might be wondering what kind of support will we provide? Well, that’s what this blog is all about. We will try to provide the readers with viable solutions as to the supports we offer. If you feel that you must meet us, then our doors are always open for you. So, here is a brief description of the services that we provide.

1. We maintain a strong relationship of guru sisya tradition

In the Hindu culture, there exists a tradition of holding one’s teacher in high regard. You might have heard the story about the student-teacher relationship of Dronacharya and Arjun. The bond between the yoga teachers and students does not go that deep here but we hold the relation between student and teacher in high regard.

Even after completing the course, you can call the yoga teacher to ask for assistance. The yoga teacher will assist you if it is within his reach. Helping students at the time of need is a classic example of support after yoga teacher training.

2. Students can ask any questions on their difficult time for the solution after yoga teacher training with us

Yoga is a continuous process and even after completing the teacher training course, you should study it. The problem that many students face is that while self-studying, they encounter setbacks. It is either a technical problem or a conceptual problem. In such cases, only a yoga teacher will be able to help you. You might be thinking that my teacher might get irritated if I ask him again and again.

Well, in Nepal Yoga Home, our teachers are more than happy to solve your queries. They will try their best to provide you with the answers you are searching for. This type of support after yoga teacher training is rare and you won’t find it any other yoga training facilities.

3. we provide recommendation letter whenever they need if they truly follow our program structure

If you decide to develop a career in yoga, then we as ‘teachers’ will be very happy for you. Nothing brings joy to us than the sight of our students achieving success. With that in mind, we try to help our students as much as possible. We provide recommendation letters for our students provided that they abide by our program structure. Furthermore, if you display exceptional skill and prowess, we’ll make sure to highlight that.

4. Help them to grow their schools if necessary after yoga teacher training

If you want to commercialize your yoga skills by opening a yoga school, then feel free to ask for help. In this support after yoga teacher training, we provide the students with valuable tips and ideas. By using these ideas, they can elevate the level of their yoga schools. Not only that, but we also aid in curriculum planning and other crucial matters.

5. If interested, we can work in their country by doing partnership

For students that want to establish a yoga school in their native country, they can contact us for partnership. We are always on the lookout for diversification and if you feel that we have the skills, then we’ll look into partnership. By partnering with us, you’ll get access to unparalleled yogic knowledge and life skills. We will be able to make great progress if you join hands with us.

6. In the future, they will get 15% off in all program we offer

Another support after yoga teacher training is that if you take another program, we shall provide you a 15% discount. By availing this facility, you get access to amazing facilities that are too good to pen on paper.

7. Support you to be a register yoga teacher

We help you how to become an internationally qualified yoga teacher i.e Register Yoga Teacher (RYT)  by joining the yoga alliance community after the teacher training program with us.

Nepal Yoga Home holds its students in high regard and always works to provide them unmatched service.