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Top Ten Benefits of Meditation

There are uncountable benefits of meditation. It is impossible to describe all the benefits of meditation. Meditation is not beneficial only in one life but is for life after life. Meditation takes you back to the core of your life where you can get all types of happiness, peace, and harmony. It is only the way to liberate humanity from problems, miseries, and sufferings. This is only the way to come out of the shackles of birth and death. Meditation gives a real understanding of both visible life and invisible life. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of a spiritual journey. Some general benefits that can easily be seen are as follows:

1.      Keeps mind serene and peaceful: As you start practicing meditation that suits you the most, your mind calms down. We have been troubled by our thoughts. However, with meditation, you will get your thoughts to be quieter and quieter. Your unnecessary mental tendencies still. The science is- meditation releases your serotonin hormone which is responsible for making you peaceful. You will enjoy the placidity of your mind. This brings tranquility which is very harmonious and blissful.

2.      Increases concentration and memory power:  Meditation is a very good technique to develop your focus and concentration. We have been troubled by a lack of attention. As you start meditation you will become more and more single-minded. Your attention becomes stronger and stronger. Meditation also releases dopamine hormone which is responsible for focus, concentration, alertness, and long-term memory.

3.       Enhances Immunity power: When your mind is peaceful, immunity power increases. Negative thoughts are the main reason to destroy your immune system and make you diseased. Meditation eliminates negative thoughts, negative attitudes, and many bad aspects of life which gives you good health.

4.      Increases consciousness: Meditation wakes you up. It awakens you internally. It teaches you consciousness. It is the process to live consciously or mindfully. People always live in the past or in the future and lose the present which is meaningless. Meditation brings you back to the present. You will be able to live in the present moment through meditation.

5.      Increases understanding and realization: Everything in life becomes clearer and clearer with the practice of meditation. This uplifts your intelligence and consideration. Things become easy to grasp. You would become insightful into your life and world through regular practice. Meditation keeps developing your discernment. You can fathom the depth of your life and even beyond your life. You will develop various ways for twigging your life and identifying the values and meaning of your life. When you descry various dimensions of your life it is possible to recon what is the purpose of your life, sensate what is to be done and not to be done, and so on.

6.       Foster generosity, and kindness: When there is a proper release of hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin you will be more generous, and kind. You can be liberal in the right way for humanity through the constant practice of meditation. Meditation releases these positive hormones and keeps you in the right mood.  Meditation makes you benevolent, munificent, and bountiful in a real sense. You will keep eradicating hatred and ill will from your mind, if any.  With meditation practice, righteous and gracious nature emerges. Meditation is the way to make you elegant and philanthropic.

7.      Reduces negative emotions: Human being has suffered from negative thoughts and emotions which has been the cause of misery and diseases. Meditation scans your entire psychological system and cleanses you internally. It eradicated the negative feeling and emotions at the root level. This is also known as internal purification. This will bring you closer and closer to enlightenment.

8.      Develops imagination and creativity: When meditation releases you from all the mental clutter you will have a better imagination power and creativity. This increases your mental power. Meditation decreases the violent nature and increases the non-violent nature. When there is violence, it brings destruction. When there is non-violence, it brings creation. You will be more and more creative with the practice of non-violence. You will have the power to create various things and various aspects. Meditation increases inventive and ingenious aspects of your life. The long-term meditation practice makes you more and more productive and resourceful in your life. Meditation makes progressively innovative. It makes you your own innovator and creator in your life.

9.      Ameliorates patience and tolerance: Since meditation is the perfect way to develop inner balance, it increases your tolerance and endurance. When there is no inner harmony external things affect you easily and you will lose your patience. Lack of inner coherence is the reason for to lack resilience.  Proper meditation practice makes you imperturbable and attain unflappability. Meditation is a beautiful gift of nature to maintain your mental equilibrium which increases your persistence. When your mental poise is stable there is no chance to lose patience.

10.  New perspective on stressful situations: When there is a difficult situation, generally people become upset. Even a small unwanted situation makes people sad and disappointed. At that time people get misguided. When stress overpowers you don’t know what is to be done and not to be done. However, if you practice meditation regularly, a new perspective on life gets generated. Your novel outlook developed by meditation toward the set of circumstances releases you from the stress level and in return gives you strength and power.

The real joy and pleasure of life can be experienced if there is meditation in life. Life will lose its meaning if you do not practice meditation. In fact, there is only one way to realize self, to get perfect harmony and profound life which is meditation.

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