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Healing effects of fasting | Fasting for Health

How often have you heard the word fasting? Fasting is not the new word in the dictionary. However, there are many instances where you must have heard the term fasting. The popularity of the word fasting for health is on rife. Nevertheless, sages and yogis have carried out fasting from centuries. Fasting has a major role in terms of religious and cultural view due to the healing effects of fasting.

Fasting is defined as the getting away from all sorts of foods in either the form of solid or liquid. Due to the healing effects of fasting people have started manipulating them in different ways as they wish to. Nevertheless, the most common aspects of fasting for health is it is performed with in a period. Most commonly for 24 to 48 hours. Notwithstanding with that some yogis go on fasting for over a week or ten days, mostly during the special festivals like Navaratri and Diwali.

Other types of fasting for health include intermittent fasting where the fasting is performed in a cyclic periods where at one time people eat and at another time they do not eat. The cyclic period lasts for a few hours to a few days. By performing fasting people, gain many benefits. Some of the healing effects of fasting, which are scientifically proven include:

1. weight loss the 1st healing effects of fasting in health

Getting away from the foods for a few hours to a few days aids to weight loss is the healing effects of fasting. Higher the calorie we intake, the more it is added to the body, which leads to the increase in the weight of the body. The fasting for one day can subside the weight up to 10 percent and utterly decrease the unnecessary fats deposited in the human body if practiced in the regular interval.

2. Better brain function is the next benefits of fasting for health

Another healing effect of fasting for health is it keeps your brain health healthy and hearty. However, most of the study is carried out on the animals like mice. A research carried out on brain of mice showed that their both brain functioning ability improved with incorporating fasting in the lifestyle.

3. Promotes Blood Sugar Control by Reducing Insulin Resistance

Controlling the blood sugar is another healing effect of fasting for health. For those people who are prone to the risk of diabetes has shown the magical benefits of reducing insulin in the body. Even the intermittent fasting is beneficial to decrease the blood sugar level or reduce insulin resistance.

4. Fasting May Enhance Heart Health by Improving Blood Pressure

Heart diseases are the cause of increasing risk of premature death in adults. It is accounted that heart disease takes away almost 31.5 deaths globally per year. Incorporating fasting in the lifestyle have healing effect for health. The triglycerides and cholesterol levels also decrease by slightly changing lifestyle.

5. Could Delay Aging and Extend Longevity

The longevity of the person can be increased by incorporating fasting. Decreasing in aging is the healing effects of fasting. There are numerous studies carried out which shows the awesome results of increasing the life span of the person by using fasting. A study carried out by researcher showed that the ageing decreased by more than 83 percent in the rats which was subjected to the fasting. So, Fasting for health is a good way to preserve your health and for anti-aging.

6. Helps in preventing cancer and other activities

Many studies have claimed the healing effects of fasting on preventing the cancer cells. A team of researchers found that if a rat or a mice is subjected to the alternate-day fasting then the probability of decreasing or blocking the cancerous cells decreases by umpteen of times.

There are many data backed by research, which shows that fasting has the potential benefit to limit the formation of carcinogenic cells in animals and plants. Nevertheless, more researches need to be carried out as most of the researches are based on small mammals like rat and mice.