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Swara Yoga is considered to be revealed by Lord Shiva to goddess Parvati which is texted in Shiva-Swaraodaya. This is an ancient knowledge which was limited to the high-level sages. It is concerned with respiration. It is utilized in both physical and spiritual life.  The practice of Swara Yoga rule one can get success in daily life and in a spiritual life. It can be used to predict the future, to know the auspicious time to do particular work. Swara forecasts the future whether the work we are doing right now will be successful or not. The expert of Swara Yoga can apply the technique of Swara Yoga to cure or heal the diseases.

Swara Yoga lays the duration for activating a Nadi which is 60 to 80 minutes. If the duration exceeds 80 minutes, then it can be a symptom of a disease. For example, if Pingala Nadi is activated for more than 80 minutes, than it is sure you will fall sick. And the same case is applicable of Ida Nadi.  If you are suffering from some immediate sickness, just change your side of the breaths. To change the side of breaths- lie down with left-hand ground-wards and right hand upwards to activate right nostril, and lie down with right hand downwards and left hand upwards to activate left nostril.

Ida Nadi in Swara Yoga

It is the left side of the respiration according to Swara Yoga. When the respiration flows through the left nostril, it is called Chandra Swara: If left nostril is flowing or left-sided respiration is longer, then you do creative and artistic work to get the work successful.  Normally, such work which requires mental work will be fruitful in Ida Nadi. If the work is to be done by others (who are senior to us), then get the work done during Ida Nadi, and the respiration is longer.

Pingala Nadi in Swara Yoga

In Swara Yoga, it is the right side of the breaths. When the respiration flows through the right nostril, it is called Surya Swara. If Pingala Nadi is active, and the respiration is longer so that you can feel the breaths by keeping the opposite hand near to the chest; then such work which is to be get done by juniors will be successful. This is the time to do dominant works.  Taking food at this time, it will be digested well and gives strength. Difficult work, debate, and works that require physical strength will be successful in Pingala Nadi.

Sushumna Nadi in Swara Yoga

When respiration flows equally through both nostrils at a time, this is called Sushumna Nadi activation.  The duration for Sushumna Nadi is four minutes for average people. Sometimes, the duration may exceed by some minutes.  Both breaths flow equally during this time. Don’t do any work at this time, because they will get unsucceeded. This time is the best for spiritual activities like meditation, mantra chanting or other austerities. Many people keep asking about the best time to do meditation. Morning and evening time is okay and whenever you have free time, yet, the duration of Sushumna Nadi, the meditation becomes the most fruitful. So just close your eyes and start meditation with the mentality to increase the knowledge of Swara Yoga.

The blowing breath, every moment, consists of one or two elements among five elements. The five elements play the important role even in Swara Yoga, they are fire element, air element, Either element, earth element and water element. It is easier to identify Ida, Pingala or Sushumna. But to identify the five elements that lie in the breath is difficult to identify. If we are able to know the five elements, then all types of work of this universe will be easier to perform.

Swara Yoga acknowledges the work that will happen in future. It acknowledges about the person who is coming to you and who will come in future. You can even know his/her intention towards you. For example, your left or right nostril is active as well as earth and water elements, one or both are present; then the person coming to you will not harm you. If right (Nadi) is active along with fire element, if any person comes to you at that time, s/he has come to harm you. The harm can by directly or indirectly. It gives information about the time. Swara Yoga keeps holding extraordinary secrets like that of birth chart or astrology. It gives information about the accomplishment of both physical and spiritual activities. It gives a depth signal each moment.

The two15 days period

“Pratipada to Amavasya- Krishna-Pakshya”; and “Pratipada to Purnima- Sukla-Paksha” keep relation with Swara Yoga.  On Pratipada of Krishna Paksha, at the time you if your right nostril remains active for about an hour; it means your coming 15 days will be very good. You will remain happy. There will be very less chance of negative circumstances. If left nostril is active, then in these 15 days, the situation may not be good. You may have to face obstacles and challenges. So, be bold and prepared to tackle the situation. Let suppose, you wake up at 7 am. Right nostril is active for half an hour (up to 7:30), and for next half an hour left nostril is active; it means your first 7 days will be happier and next 7 days will be challenging. In this way, you can calculate it with the formula- “1 hour= 15 days”.  After Amavasya, Sukla Paksha begins. If the left nostril is active on Pratipada of Sukla Paksha, then your coming 15 days will be favorable. If the right nostril is active then your 15 days will be unfavorable. Other rules are similar. Pratipada ie 1st day of Krishna Paksha and Shukla Paksha is very important. Try to be happy, tranquil and blissful during this one hour, don’t argue or debate with anyone. This one hour can change your entire 15 days. Just by balancing this first one hour, you can balance your 15 days. Thus, self- progressing and spiritual activities like worship, meditation, yoga, prayer etc are normally done early in the morning.

Let us understand Swara Yoga day wise and make 5 groups of 15 days each group containing 3 consecutive days – “1st, 2nd and 3rd ”, “4th , 5th and 6th” and so on. In sukla pakshya, a flow of left nostril is auspicious at the beginning of the day for the first hour for the first three days. For this “1 hour= whole day”.  For the second three days group ie “4th, 5th and 6th” days flow of right nostril is better in the first hour of the morning. In 7th, 8th, and 9th days, the flow of left nostril is auspicious. In 10th, 11th and 12th days flow of right nostril is good.  Again in 13th,14th and 15th day of left nostril’s flow is auspicious.

When you wake up early in the morning, watch the right palm if right nostril is active; left palm if left nostril is active. This technique of Swara Yoga makes your day happier. When you get off from the bed step the first leg according to the breath through which it flows.  Do the same thing when you go out of your house. When you reach the destination to apply the same rule. When you wear a dress, use the rule. Apply the rule during donation as well since it will be more fruitful.  If you want to be safe from your enemy or want to win your enemy; keep him towards the inactive side of the nostril. A male child will be born if right nostril of a male is active and left nostril of the female is active at the time of conception. A female child will be born if vice-versa of previous.

Swara Yoga is infinite. There are unlimited things to learn in Swara Yoga. Practicing these rules with faith and devotion increases your knowledge of Swara Yoga.