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Try Yoga In Kathmandu Once to Get 44 Integrated Benefits of Yoga

Nepal Yoga Home is a leading retreat center of yoga in Kathmandu as well as best yoga school in Nepal. The place where the yoga classes conduct is just 5 km from the heart of the Kathmandu, Thamel. This is very natural and quiet place to stay and practice yoga. The yoga class here can give you very different experience in your lifetime which you haven’t got to experience yet. Nepal is the birthplace of yoga, so you will get very authentic and traditional yoga in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Yoga word is derived from Sanskrit “Yuj” which means to unite. Yoga means to unite our self with the higher consciousness. Yoga has been practiced from the ancient time. Yoga can balance our body, mind, and soul. Yoga includes all the poses, breathing exercises, and meditation practice. Yoga is very useful to relax in life and to be free from the stresses of life. Yoga can be very useful for physical and mental problems

yoga in kathmandu

44 Benefits of Yoga in Kathmandu

  1. Yoga class provides you the break of your busy life.
  2. Yoga can help you to improve your stamina and all kinds of physical activities.
  3. Yoga helps you to increase your body strength.
  4. You will understand yoga is not different from your life, it is life itself.
  5. You will understand the secret of the good relationship.
  6. Yoga balances the mind, body and soul.
  7. Yoga eliminates all the aches and pains of the body.
  8. Yoga can be useful to throw the trauma from the past.
  9. Yoga improves your sleeping.
  10. Yoga can heal the heart injuries.
  11. Yoga gives you the strength to cry to wipe out all the negativities.
  12. Yoga gives you the power to laugh openly.
  13. Yoga improves your concentration power.
  14. Yoga improves your memory power.
  15. Yoga releases the positive hormones on the brain.
  16. Yoga gives you the courage to go ahead in your life.
  17. Yoga can improve your postures which can inspire to stand straight.
  18. It improves your posture so you can stand tall and be proud.
  19. Yoga can detoxify your body which leads healthy body.
  20. By the help of yoga, you will find the reason of your frustration.
  21. Yoga is the medium of anti-aging which keeps you younger.
  22. Yoga increases your immune power and immune power prevents the diseases in your body.
  23. Yoga helps you to be aware in your life.


Yoga in Kathmandu at Nepal Yoga Home

  1. You can be satisfied with your life as it is.
  2. Yoga helps you to have a different perspective which leads you to the harmony with the people.
  3. Yoga gives you the strength to forgive yourself and you will become free from the guilt of your life.
  4. Yoga gives you the awareness in eating. You will be able to choose the best food for you and best way to live in the world. Which you will get if you tried yoga in Kathmandu.
  5. Yoga limits the level cholesterol which keeps you free from the stress.
  6. Yoga encourages you to make your time playful.
  7. Yoga enables you to have a connection between you and the people around you.
  8. Yoga is helpful for the back pain.
  9. Yoga can lower your blood pressure.
  10. Yoga is helpful to stay still when you stuck in the traffic.
  11. Yoga gives you the strength to see the matter clearly.
  12. Yoga can massage the internal part of your body which is useful to fight the diseases.
  13. You can able to let go everything in your life.
  14. Yoga can give the knowledge how to heal the parts of your body.
  15. Yoga enables you to find the inner beauty in your life.
  16. Yoga increases the rate of blood circulation which is used to eliminate the diseases of the body.
  17. You can be able to relax whenever you want.
  18. Yoga gives you the secret to happy and joyful life.
  19. Yoga is the way for the satisfactory life.
  20. Yoga can be the best way to improve the study in your life.
  21. You will understand that perfection is not possible in life and it is not necessary in life.

If you practice yoga in Kathmandu at Nepal Yoga Home, you will definitely get the above mention benefits of yoga here in Kathmandu. We will teach all these integrated benefits of yoga.