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Vaman Dhauti  (Regurgitative cleansing)

Vaman mean ‘vomoting’ and dhauti mean wash or cleanse so the vaman dhauti mean cleaning of  digestive system by means of vomiting is vaman dhauti. This process is effective to take out acid, indigested food, toxic and other impure particles from upper digestive track. The Vaman dhauti is further divided in three types.

  • Kunjal Kriya (Pratice of vomiting water)
  • Gaja karma Kriya or elephant style of vomiting
  • Vyaghra Kriya or tiger style of Vomiting

Kunjal Kriya  (Pratice of vomiting water):

Prepare clean and pure warm saline water for the practice of Kunjal Kriya. Add one tea spoons of salt per liter of water. If possible rock salt is better. Water should be just lukewarm but not hot. Drink one to two liters of salty warm water quickly without stop. Fill your stomach by water as much as possible supposed you filled up to your throat, then lean little bit forward and keep your two fingers at the roots of tongue which stimulates  tongue root then helps to reflux the  vomiting. Try again and again and keep continue till all the water is out. Continue the process till all the water that you drank is vomited out.

Some people are scare about vomiting but this is easy and natural process to keep healthy digest. Even wild animal like tiger and lion practice the vomiting system to protect from daisies and to make strong digest which proves this process is natural. This is better to do in the early morning.  In the morning time stomach doesn’t start secretion of digestive juices which are acidic in nature. Acidic juice will cause burning sensation in the food pipe which is the cause of ulcer and acidity and indigestion. Kunjal kriya will flush out the acid and indigested food from the stomach. Also in the early morning there is not food in the stomach which makes it easier to perform this Kunjal kriya.

Note: Once a week will be better for normal condition.

Gaja karma Kriya or elephant  style of vomiting

Gaja means elephant and karma or kriya mean action. The action of vomiting like elephant is said to be gaja karma kriya. This kriya is similer to Kunjal kriya but in this kriya  we contract our abdominal muscles to take out the water instead of our finger in our mouth.

Take 1 to 2 liter of lukewarm pure water and mix a teaspoon of salt for one liter of water. Try to drink this water as quickly as possible. Drink more water as much as possible then stand near a basin or in a open ground and bend forward. Contract your abdominal muscles which induce vomiting and the water in the stomach will be thrown out.  Repeat this again and again till all the water is thrown out. Be sure that almost all the water is thrown out. When all the water is thrown out you will feel lightness in your abdomen.

After the Gaga Karma perform the jal Neti and relax in Shavasana. This is one of the best cleansing process of our digestive tract from mouth to stomach.

Vyaghra Kriya or tiger style of Vomiting

Vyaghra kriya or tiger style of vomiting is also said to be baghi kriya. The meaning of Vyaghra or Baghi means tiger. This process resembles with vomiting with tiger so we called this process is Vyaghra kriya.  This is best technique in case of food poison or in over eating problem. Sometime people eat with enjoyment and feels uneasy after the food on this case they can get relief by vyaghra kriya.

The most interesting thing is tiger has good idea to protect the digestive system by throwing out the food by vomiting after 3 or 4 hrs of the food intake.  After the three or four hours of meal the most of the nutritious food will absorbed by digest only the food which is hard to digest will left over in the stomach.  This food is less useful for body and more Borden for intestine also which can stay long time in stomach and create different digestive problem. This is the best way to protect from over working of intestine and digestive system.


After 3 or 4 hrs of heavy food drink salty warm water as much as possible, quickly without stop still you feel the sensation of vomiting. When you feel the sensation of vomiting lean forward and put your finger inside your moth and take out all the water, food, acid and all  toxic through vomiting. This is similar process of Kunjal kriya but Kunjal kriya should perform in empty stomach early in the morning and Vyaghara kriya we can perform after 3 to 4 hrs of heavy food.  Vyaghara kriya helps to take out large portion of semi digested food, acid, water and other impurities.

Vyaghara kriya should followed by Jala Neti which helps to clean our nose.

Note: If you eat rotten food, overloaded food by mistake or if you feel discomfort in stomach after the meal on that case Vyaghara kriya can perform before three hours of meal.


The Vaman dhauti is easy natural process of yoga detox. Fairly this is easy to practice and can be done even by beginners. Those with specific medical conditions they should advise with competent teacher.  There are certain conditions for which dhautis must not be practiced. These are: stomach or intestinal ulcers, hernia, heart problems, and high blood pressure. We can practice Dhauti once a week in normal health case. Dhautis should not be done daily or made a regular habit in normal case but for therapeutic approach we can keep continue for few days or week.

Benefits of Vaman Dhauti (Kunjal /Gaja karma/Vyaghra Kriya)

  1. The yogic detox ofVaman Dhauti helps to flush the stomach of the indigested food particles left over after digestion.
  2. According to naturopathy the most of the disease starts from our digestive problem . Vaman dhauti is the way to take out the root of many of disease.
  3. Indigested food can form the toxins in our body but after the Vaman dhauti it prevents to generate the toxic in digestive track.
  4. Vaman dhauti is knee to cleaning the stomach which removes gas, acidity and indigestion heavy food particle.
  5. It removes extra mucus from the food pipe or esophagus and heals respiratory system.
  6. Dhautis has good healing effect in cases of constipation, gastritis, functioning of kidney and liver.
  7. It helps to balance phlegm and bile disorders and keeps body physically fit.
  8. Vaman dhauti prevents burning and burdening effects in intestine.
  9. Those who eat too much meat, fast food and junk food these techniques of vaman dhauti can be best way of cleansing.
  10. Dhauti is good to reduce the side effect of alcohol and drugs.