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Top 10 World-Wide Popular meditation Techniques Which we Offer in Nepal Yoga Home

Note: If you want to learn any of these popular meditation styles which are mention below, click here to send us an inquiry. We teach several meditations and yoga retreat classes in Nepal.

Meditation is a broad umbrella term that encompasses other different types of meditation. When we observe things closely, meditation is classified into various types. Each type has its area of focus and benefits. In this article, we shall take a look at the 10 most popular meditation Techniques and implore them on its benefits. At the end of this blog, you can decide for yourself which meditation you want to take.

1.Vipassana meditation a most popular meditation technique

Vipassana meditation or just vipassana, is a rare form of meditation that many believe, was developed by Buddha himself. It aims to provide an insight into the true nature of reality. This style of meditation is nerve-wracking for many as you have to go for days without speaking, reading, or even writing. You are left alone with yourself and taught the art of concentrating all your energy within oneself.

2.Transcendental meditation

Transcendental meditation is a relatively new form of meditation Technique that began in the mid-1950s. This form of meditation was created by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The practice involves using a silent mantra for 30 minutes at least twice a day. While chanting the mantra, we close our eyes and sit in a lotus position.

Transcendental meditation focuses on the idea that the mind can go into a tranquil state. However, the mind tends to drift away. All it takes is just a little bit of practice to achieve inner peace. Practice this meditation today and learn what serenity feels like.

3. Kundalini meditation

Kundalini meditation is an integral component of a much broader topic called Kundalini yoga. Main motive behind practicing this popular meditation technique is to awaken the energy called ‘kundalini’, which sits at the base of the human spine. The power is normally dormant and through this meditation, we summon it from the base and unleash it at the Sahasrara chakra which lies above the head. Kundalini meditation will be taught under kundalini yoga or kundalini yoga teacher training.

Releasing this energy is not an easy task and requires adhering to strict protocols. For starters, you need to prepare your mind for the task ahead and maintain the correct posture. Also, you need to have control over your breathing and recite the right mantra.

4. Mindfulness meditation- a Popular Meditation techniques

The Mindfulness meditation is normally classified as a type of meditation but it does not fall on the list of meditation technique. Mindfulness refers to the ability to let go of everything else and focusing only on the task ahead. In modern times, many people practice this activity as it helps to increase the accuracy of work and decrease the stress load.

There are different techniques of gaining mindfulness but the common practice includes meditation and breathing exercises. It helps to soothe the mind and body. You do not need any fancy materials like essential oils or candles to practice it. Just find yourself a time where you are free and practice it.

5. Breathing meditation

Breathing meditation is a relatively easy form of meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to promote inner peace and calm the body. We can achieve that by focusing on our breath. Concentrating on breathing stops the mind from wandering and provides a platform to improve our breathing habits. Anyone can practice this meditation technique with a little bit of effort and discipline.

6. Dynamic meditation

osho dynamic meditation

While the other meditation techniques mandated the body to remain still, dynamic meditation, on the contrary, demands that you move your body. Although it may sound a bit strange it has its reasons. This Popular meditation technique is also called Osho Dynamic meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to move the dormant energy from the body. This meditation takes around an hour to complete.

7. So hum meditation

The So hum meditation is one of the simple meditation technique that epitomizes breathing and repeating a mantra to experience inner peace. Unlike other Popular meditation Techniques in which we chant mantra aloud, in so hum meditation, we chant the mantra in our mind. While inhaling we chant ‘so’ and while exhaling, we chant ‘hum’. On a broad spectrum, this mantra means that I am one with the universe.

8. Heartfulness meditation

The greatest gift for humans is the ability to feel emotional. In heartfulness meditation, we shall focus on human emotions. This belongs to one of the popular meditation Technique and differ from other meditation styles. This meditation is broadly classified into 4 different topics. They are:

  • Heartfulness relaxation
  • meditation with Heartfulness technique
  • Heartfulness cleansing
  • Heartfulness inner content

If you want to gain the maximum benefit, then we advise you to practice all the above topics.

9. Buddhist meditation- a Popular Meditation technique on Buddhism

Buddhist meditation is closely related to Buddhism. In the local tongue, meditation means ‘dhyana’ and mental development means ‘Bhavana’. Through this technique, we will be able to achieve inner peace and tranquility. While practicing this meditation you are bound to stumble upon techniques like:

  • Asubha Bhavana
  • Prattiyasamtupada
  • Sati
  • Anussati

This meditation is found in Nepal and other Asian countries.

10. Zen meditation

Zen meditation is a primitive Buddhist meditation Technique that originated in China. From China, it slowly spread to other Asian countries. In this meditation technique, we let go of the thoughts that are bugging us and simultaneously promote inner peace. The ideology of Zen meditation is not only limited to achieving inner peace. Major techniques of Zen meditation are:

  • Breath observation
  • Quiet awareness
  • Intensive group meditation

To witness the true grandeur of Zen meditation, we advise you to take this meditation class.