One Month Yoga Retreat Nepal

Group size: maximum 20 students (To maintain quality teaching) for this one month yoga retreat Nepal

Price: The total cost of  one month yoga retreat Nepal is 1400 USD. It includes your whole Yoga and meditation lessons, accommodation and food.

Case of booking cancellation – If you wish to cancel the course, 25 % of the amount on total fees will be deducted and remaining amount will be refunded. Once you start the course, fees are non refundable on any circumstances.

One Month Yoga Retreat Nepal

This transformational one month (28 days) yoga retreat Nepal is based on achieving good physical health, emotional balance, mental stability and spiritual clarity by the practice of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga philosophy and yogic lifestyle.

You will experience yoga and meditation in its authentic form, with its authentic roots originally from Nepal.

Previous experience of yoga or meditation is not required for this course. We start with the beginning stages of postures, movements, breathing, relaxation and meditation and we will add higher knowledge as the course goes on. So don’t worry if you can’t touch your ears with your toes – it’s more about deep relaxation. Step by step you will get a more flexible body and peaceful mind that will allow you to progress more and more. Our one month yoga retreat Nepal will give you a strong foundation to complement your personal practice.

You will be embarking on an unique lifetime experience.

Our one month transformational yoga retreat Nepal course is a special personal journey towards the world’s most beautiful place – the inner-self one (the soul).

What will you learn in one month yoga retreat Nepal?

During this one month (four weeks) yoga retreat Nepal, you are going to learn yoga asana (postures), meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), yoga philosophy, yogic lifestyle and yoga detox, which improve and intensify your inner peace and core strength.

You will develop a strong yoga asana and meditation routine as part of your life.

On this one month yoga retreat Nepal, major yoga postures, major breathing exercises and different techniques of meditation will be cover and you will be left with the confidence to practice yoga and meditation on your own, encouraging to continue yourself practice once at home.

You will enjoy yourself in the practice of yoga in all its forms; yoga asana classes, meditation, yoga philosophy, mantra chanting, breathing exercises and its depth studies. The beautiful thing that you will learn in this one month yoga retreat Nepal is call the art of yoga, which makes you aware and conscious of the immensity of your true nature. It just takes the persistence of a daily practice to create that stillness of mind, where peace and equanimity will remain.

The course of one month yoga retreat Nepal covers a full spectrum of practices from absolute beginners to higher levels.

The Following things will be cover on this one month yoga retreat Nepal life changing  experience:

Asana (postures)

The Asana start from a basic level with poses for beginners, then intermediate, follow by advanced level with demonstration, indication, alignment adjustments and modulations. Our course will cover more than 84 famous and effective asanas.

You will learn the therapeutic application of different postures. Basic and preparatory movements to warm the body up, muscles and joints alignment. These movements will help you to achieve a full range of motion for your joints, will help you to prevent injuries during difficult yoga poses and will develop your body awareness.

You will learn some series of yoga asanas which are easy to practice once you get back home.

Yoga poses will help you purify and heal your body, as well as control, calm and focus the mind.

The different categories of postures will teach you which brings different energetic, mental, emotional and physical effects.

We will teach you specially Astanga and Hatha Yoga, besides this, our highly qualified teachers will teach the different styles of yoga: Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Shivanand Yoga, Iyengar yoga, Restorative yoga, Kundalini yoga, Vinyasa flow, power yoga etc.

Pranayama (Breathing exercises)

Concepts and practices of Pranayama including different breathing exercises. Our yoga course covers more than 25 different techniques of pranayama, and its applications, contraindications and benefits. You will learn the importance  and art of proper breathing .

Breathing is the only way of supplying our bodies and its various organs oxygen which is vital for our survival.

Pranayama also goes close with the Asanas and meditation, which is better for your holistic approach of health. The union of these three yogic principles is considered as the highest form of purification and self-discipline, covering both, mind and body.

Our one month yoga retreat Nepal includes different pranayama series like pre- pranayama, nostril cleansing pranayama, Nadi Sodhana (nerve cleansing), Anulom- Vilom (alternate nostril breathing), sheetali (cooling breath), Shitkari (Hissing breathing), Bhramari (humming bee breath), Ujjayi (victrorious breath), Bhastrika (bellows breath), Kapalbhati (frontal brain cleansing breathing), suryabheda (heat stimulating breath) ect Also includes advanced variations of pranayama.

Meditation techniques we use in our one month yoga retreat Nepal:

You will have in-depth meditation lessons which are a systematic approach to release stress and increase the awareness. Step by step you will learn different styles of meditation, they are:

  • Buddha meditation style
  • Vipassana meditation,
  • So-Ham meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Silence meditation
  • Guided meditation
  • Soul meditation
  • Kundalini meditation
  • Breathing meditation etc

Yoga Philosophy

It’s based on our lifestyle. Patanjali Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and other yoga texts are including on this one month yoga retreat Nepal. The following topics will be cover in yoga philosophy:

  • Introduction, Origin and History of Yoga
  • Panch Koshas: The five sheaths of existence- Annamaya kosha, Pranmaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, Vigyaan maya kosha, Anandamaya kosha.
  • Seven energy centers (chakra), Nadis (circuitary of pran), Kundalini (the store house of universal potential).
  • Consciousness and Yoga
  • Elements of Universe: The process of evolution according to Samkhya Darshan
  • Antahkaran (the mind stuff)
  • Chitta and its patterns (vrritis)
  • Panch Kleshas (five sources of pain)
  • Prakriti and Purusha (the observer and observed)
  • Management of  mind by yogic process
  • Ashtanga Yoga: Eight stages of self balancing and realization
  • Yama: Social codes of conduct
  • Niyama: Moral codes of conduct
  • Asana: Posture
  • Pranayama: Breath control.
  • Pratyahar: Sensory withdrawl and relaxation of mind.
  • Dharna: Channelizing the mind and gaining stability
  • Dhyaan: Meditation
  • Samaadhi: Attainment of ultimate bliss.

Shatkarma (Cleansing Process)

The sixth process of yogic cleansing technique is said to be shatkarma. They are – Neti-nasal cleansing, Dhauti- cleansing of the digestive tract, Nauli – stomach cleansing, Basti- colon cleansing, Kapalbhati- frontal brain cleansing, Tratak (candal gazing)-eye cleansing. You will learn its techniques, practice, application, indication, contraindication and therapeutically usage in this one month yoga retreat Nepal.

Mudra (Physic gesture)

This four weeks yoga retreat Nepal will cover Introduction and types of hand mudras, postural mudras, Lock mudras, element mudras, pranic mudra etc. You will learn more than 20 different types of mudras like:  Gyana mudra (Gesture of knowledge), chin mudra (gesture of consciousness), shambhabi mudra (eyebrow center gazing mudra), Nasikagradristhi (nosetip gazing), khechari mudra (toungue lock), shanmukhi mudra (closing the seven door), vipareetkarani (inverted psychic attitude), maha mudra (great psychic attitude) etc.

Banda (Energy locks):

The Bandhas – Locks are gateways to develop core strength, sensitivity, and subtlety. The practice of the three locks systems brings both depth and effectiveness to yoga practice. Introduction, benefit and practice of throat lock, abdominal lock, root lock and great lock will be taught.

Jalandar Banda (throat lock): Jalandar banda is the contraction of throat with the help of pranic (breath) energy. The throat lock also “seals” the energy that is generated in the upper areas of your brain stem, so it makes easier to focus and meditate. This is also good for thyroid and parathyroid problem.

Uddiyan banda (abdominal lock): Contraction of abdominal muscles by holding the breath outside is said to be uddiyan banda. Uddiyan banda helps to tones and strengthens the abdominal muscles and improves the function of the organs of digest.

Mulabanda (root lock): Contraction of the muscles of the rectum, the sex organs and the navel point with breathing process is mulabanda. Mulabanda helps to awake the energy on the upward direction. Mulabanda is good to keep strength in body and steadiness in mind.

Tri-banda (great lock): to apply all locks together is said to be tri-banda or great lock.

Yogic relaxation

Our one month yoga retreat Nepal includes Practice of systematic method of yogic relaxation which include complete mental, physical and emotional relaxation while maintaining awareness at deeper levels. Yoga nidra (Yogic sleep) is included which is a powerful technique of relaxation of mind and body.  Yogic relaxation creates an altered state of consciousness which allows the practitioner to relax and heal their being. Yogic relaxation will help to enter the real subconscious & super conscious mind and cleans the negative impact of past experiences. This technique is effectively manifest seemingly magical changes in their life. Also you will learn chakra shuddhi and mantra chanting to relax your mind and body.

Chakra Shuddhi (Purification of energy centers)

Purification of chakra (energy centers) through simple meditative techniques and pranayama techniques will be taught. It includes principles of Purification, relaxation and harmonization of the chakras. You will learn details about the seven chakras: Muladhara (root) chakra, Svadhisthana (sacral) chakra, Manipura (solar plexus) chakra, Anahata(heart) chakra, Visuddhi (throat) chakra, Ajna (third eye) chakra and Sahasrara (crown) chakra.

Mantra chanting

During this yoga retreat Nepal you will experience different powerful mantra chartings, which restores health, happiness and brings calmness to your mind.

During this course you will learn about mantra yoga which is the effective way to control involuntary thoughts. When courage or determinations are blocked, it rises up the opportunity to overcome obstacles. Mantra awakens the healing force that reaches deep into the body and mind. The Mantras can be used to remove the blockages in energy centers.

What to bring?

We recommend you to bring mosquito repellent and sun cream in summer. Comfortable loose clothing for yoga and meditation, torch light.  Also need to bring strong willpower to uplift new level of peace and healthy life.

It gets a little bit cold in winter here and it warms up a bit in summer, so according to the season you will need to prepare your clothes.

 Daily routine of one month yoga retreat Nepal

Two yoga sessions and guided meditation sessions, one pranayama (breathing exercises), lectures on yoga and lifestyle.

One hour of service to the yoga home/ashram community Karma Yoga (Yoga of selfless service) is optional.

Every Sunday will be free so you can explore around the jungle or Kathmandu city.

The sample schedule of one month yoga retreat Nepal

  • 7:00- 8.30 am-Yoga Asanas (Yoga Posture)
  • 8:30- 9.00 am-Tea break
  • 9:00 to 10.00 am-Self practice
  • 10:00 to 10. 30  am- Breakfast
  • 10:30 to 12.00 am- Sight scene, Country side hiking etc.
  • 12:00 to 1.00 am- Yogic Relaxation and mantra chanting
  • 1:00 to 2.00 am-Rest
  • 2:00 to 3.00 pm-Lunch
  • 3:00 to 4.00pm- Meditation
  • 4:00 to 4.30 pm-Tea break
  • 4:30  to 5.00 pm-Yoga philosophy/ lifestyle
  • 5:00 to 5.30 pm- Break
  • 5:30 to 7.00 pm- Yoga Asana + Pranayama
  • 7:30 to 8.00 pm- Dinner
  • 8:00 to 8.30 pm-Celebration/ question answer/ camp fire etc.
  • 8:30 pm-Time to bed.

*It schedule of one month yoga retreat Nepal may change according to subject matter, different situations or due to teacher concerns.

Time of one month yoga retreat Nepal

We are available throughout the year:

1st Jan – 28th  Jan,      1st Feb- 28th Feb,        1st Mar- 28th  Mar,        1st Apr- 28th Apr,

1st May- 28th May,      1st Jun – 28th Jun,      1st July- 28th July,         1st Aug- 28th Aug,

1st Sep- 28th Sep,        1st Oct- 28th Oct,          1st Nov- 28th Nov,         1st Dec- 28th Dec

Food and accommodation of one month yoga retreat Nepal


You will enjoy three nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals a day, three cups of tea and fruits. The diet includes simple and deliciously prepared fresh fruits, vegetables, Nepali recipes and cultural food.


Simple & comfortable, we provide accommodation for spiritual studies. Your package price includes share double room. If you are looking for a private room, the cost will be more than the package price.

 Price: 1400 USD per month (27 nights 28 days). It includes:

  • All yoga and meditation lessons.
  • Share accommodation
  • Three meals, tea everything.

Advance deposit: 500 USD

The Rest of the money should be deposit on arrival. The fee once paid is non refundable. After the enrollment of the program at any circumstances your money will not be refund instead, this money will go to needy children in remote areas of Nepal.

Past Student’s Saying About Our One Month Yoga Retreat Nepal

Thank you very much to all yogis of Nepal Yoga home for giving me a chance to learn such a sacred knowledge of life and peace. I couldn’t have had a more inspiring place to immerse myself on the yard of mountain. View of Himalaya and Jungle and whole natural beauty was great. I appreciate very much to my Teachers (Guru) Prakash, Narayana, shandeep, Dr Shree Ram. Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra chanting, and Asana & inspiring yoga philosophy has changed my life. I found myself become more flexible in all aspect of physically, mentally and spiritually. I would like to recommend for every yoga and meditation seeker“.

Berger Vestferry

United Kingdom, London


The one month yoga and meditation retreat was amazing; I loved every minute of it. The knowledge I gained is astonishing and very helpful in this stressful life. I learned so much! I’m very grateful for such a experience of peace and relaxation. Nice food, comfortable accommodation, experienced instructors, interesting yoga workshops, yoga philosophy, and a helpful family member made my course wonderful. I wish I could be here again“.

Cytopy Oliver

Australia Melbourne

One month yoga and meditation retreat was enlightening experience in my life! I felt very lucky to gain this sacred knowledge of yoga and meditation being family of Nepal Yoga Home. Acharya ji your kindness, generous spirit, intuition, passion and encouragement were inspirational in my every step. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow with you and my new yoga family. I would like to recommend this place to anyone without doubt”.

Larisa Vreeken

France, Paris


Om shanti! Shanti!! Shanti!!!

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