Yoga Courses

All the practitioners who are ready and wanting to learn yoga and meditation from a good teacher this yoga school, without doubt, is one of the nicest places in Nepal. This school is full of the spiritual environment, people are friendly, food is great and the site seeing will be memorable. The course is designed for health conscious and spiritual seekers people with an open mind and an easy going attitude. You can enroll in following courses:

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Yoga Alliance certified 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance certified 500 hours advanced Yoga Teacher Training

100 hours beginner yoga teacher training

prenatal yoga teacher training

senior’s yoga teacher training

Yoga Retreat Courses

  • 1 night and 2 days
  • 2 nights and 3days
  • 3 nights and 4 days
  • 5 nights and 6days
  • 7 nights and 8 days
  • 10 nights and 11 days
  • 14 nights and 15 days
  • 21 nights and 22 days
  • One month
  • 45 night and 46 days
  • Two month
  • Three months and
  • Six months.

Other Courses

  • Special meditation course
  • Yogic detoxification course
  • Therapeutic yoga course
  • Mouna  sadhana (practice of silence)
  • Acupressure ( Reflexology) therapy course
  • Soul healing and Reiki healing
  • Ayurvedic clinic, Spa, and Panchakarma
  • Yogic relaxation ( Yoga Nidra) course
  • Psychological counseling and right solution path
  • Water fasting, juice fasting, fruit fasting and yogic detoxification
  • Shankhaprakshalana (washing of intestines by yogic process)
  • Philosophy of yoga
  • Family yoga week
  • Children’s yoga camp
  • Yoga for seniors
  • Personalized  yoga
  • Vedic mantras and rituals
  • Nepali language class if someone interested
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