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This article focus on  Yogic Therapy For Dysentery. Dysentery is an intestinal inflammation which disturbs colon. It can cause mild stomach pain and cramp to severe diarrhea with blood mucus with feces. According to World Health Organization, dysentery is of two kinds; bacillary and amoebic. Bacillary dysentery is caused by the shigella bacillus. Amoebic is caused by an amoeba. Dysentery attacks large intestines.

It rarely affects small intestines. It decreases the body weight in a rapid manner. There is a high chance of having the condition of anemia. When one gets suffered from it, one only passes either blood or bloody mucus and feces many times a day. The pain in the abdomen is unbearable sometimes though the regular discomfort or heaviness continues for a long time. In such condition, one is advised to take rest and try to make the mind calm and peaceful without much physical movement. Even though Dysentery is a common disease it is a sensitive and fatal imbalance of the digestive tract which results in infection and inflammation of the intestines especially in large intestines.

As far as its history is concerned, it is has been dated back to fifth century BC during the time of Peloponnesian War. It had been the most dangerous disease in the sailing vessels and army camps and the large group of people living together in a congested area with poor sanitation during that period. In this regard, it has been perceived as the oldest known gastrointestinal disorder.

During the period of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, sailors and soldiers were highly affected and lost their lives because of this disease. In the present era, especially in the third world, dysentery has been found to be affecting many lives. According to some research, the suffered group or the most likely to affect people are soldiers stationed in developing country, frequent travelers, people in nursing homes, and children in daycare. With perennial research, it was found in 1897 that one of the major cause of dysentery was bacillus.

Causes of Dysentery

Eating things which are prepared near drains, dusty and dirty place may cause dysentery. Even eating raw vegetables without proper cleaning may cause dysentery. Heavy consumption of chilly has been perceived as one of the prime reasons for dysentery. Medically, it is regarded that mental stress, worries, disorders may cause the situation receptive to dysentery. It is caused by different viruses, bacteria, parasite womb, and protozoa as well as chemical irritation in the intestines.

Sign and Symptoms

Mild stomach ache, diarrhea, cramping etc. are general symptoms of dysentery. These signs and symptoms appear within three days of infection and last within a week. Fever, feeling of incomplete defecation, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, severe intestinal pain, blood or mucus in feces etc. are rare but possible symptoms of bacillary dysentery whereas in amoebic dysentery suffers from abdominal pain, fever and chills, watery diarrhea containing of blood, mucus and pus, painful passing of stools, nausea and vomiting, fatigue and intermittent constipation.

Diet Regulation

In this condition, easily digestible, high caloric diets are essential. Instead of hard to digest like solid articles, the liquid is advised to offer during this issue. Milk, Curd rice etc. can be given. However, curd rice is not good to serve if one is having a fever. Non-vegetarian food, chilies, pepper, mustard, frying, condiment etc. prescribed for prohibition in this condition of a person. Cooked apple, black grape juice, citrus juice also helps to control dysentery. Vegetables and solid food can be supplied only when one stops excreting blood or mucus and feces with blood.

Yogic Therapy For Dysentery (Asanas)


Viparithakarani Asana






Nadi Shodhan

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