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The team of Yoga Teachers in Nepal Yoga Home

Yoga Teachers Team at Nepal Yoga Home | Yoga Teachers in Nepal

There is an experienced team of Yoga Teachers in Nepal Yoga Home who is engaged in giving Yoga Training. The teachers are with extensive knowledge in different sectors of Yoga. Some teachers handle Astanga Vinyasa classes, some handle Power Yoga while some handle general yoga class. Some teachers take the theoretical class and some take the practical class. The teachers, who are Ayurvedic doctors, take Ayurveda classes. They keep finding newer and newer techniques for healing different diseases through yogic methods and herbal techniques. For a long time, they have been giving effective classes for the students of various countries. They have collected a good experiment on teaching. As the teachers had inclination and faith in yoga from their childhood, they have better spirit in Yoga. So, their learning started from their childhood period. It can be observed that the teachers are born for yoga. Their natural tendency is yoga. Their penchant and aptitude is yoga. They have dedicated their entire life to learning yoga and teaching yoga. All the time, they keep themselves upgrading with more and more knowledge about yoga. As they grew up, they went to different places of Nepal and India for higher learning and advanced practice of yoga. The teachers have studied many ancient yoga scriptures, and keep updating themselves more and more. Their learning never ends. Not only self-study of yogic literature but also the academic qualifications of the yoga teachers are in Yoga. Some of them have done M.A. (Yoga) while some other have done M.Sc. in Yoga. Whenever they get free time, they study they study different types of yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga etc. The teachers have broadened their mind with the study of various yoga. In reality, learning never ends. Sometimes, they go deep in asana while other time pranayamas to experience its real essence. Similarly, they enter at the depth of meditation and mudras. They have detailedly studied and practiced yogic cleansing (sat-karma) and energy lock (bandha) as well. They all have practiced austerity in life with their level best. All the yoga teachers in Nepal Yoga Home live yogic life. These activities have made the teaching at Nepal Yoga Home effective.  Some of them are certified by American Yoga Alliance while some other are certified by Nepalese or Indian Yoga System. Their entire time passes in learning, research and recreation of various dimensions of yoga. They have been serving humanity through yoga with their level best. The main aim of the teachers is to yoga knowledge throughout the world. The teaching and learning field of yoga has been extended more and more through the study of the teachers’ team.  The Yoga Teachers in Nepal at Nepal Yoga Home  is as follows:

  1. Prakash Acharya
  2. Ram Hari Thapa
  3. Dipendra Bhatta
  4. Rajendra Prasad Neupane
  5. Rishiram Pandey
  6. Dr. Samyam Aryal
  7. Dr. Suman Sharma
  8. Ekraj Gajurel
  9. Nabin Kumar Shahi
  10. Ganesh Ji
  11. Rajkumar