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The meaning of Siddha is the person who is enlightened. The name itself shows that the main purpose of this yoga is to help for salvation. Siddha yoga is a different yoga than other because it needs to be initiated by the saktipat, power transformation from an authorized master or a Guru. Siddha yoga is a style of yoga which is founded by the Swami Muktananda.

He established as a Siddha path and taught all around the world. He founded SYDA Foundation in the United States of America. Saktipat is the starting point of this path. From the saktipath, our body can open to enter the divine presence in our life. It is the spiritual initiation in our life. In Saktipat, the divinity enters into our body. After that, we have to practice for the higher achievement in our life. When we practice more and more, slowly we can get our destination in our spiritual path.

According to Siddha Yoga yogis should see the divine power to each other and everything in the world. Every situation of our life is the opportunity to see the divine source. We have to see everyone as a part of the divine power. When we can achieve the presence of divine power within us then we can see every part of this earth and universe is the inseparable part of the divinity. Divinity is not different from us but it is within us. We have to know that is within us. To know the divinity is within us we have to practice by exercising to see the divinity every event and every action.

 Siddha Yoga believes that salvation is our birthright which is possible in our life. The problems that come in our life are not the problems but they are the chance of meeting with the divinity in the disguised form. If we can see the divinity everything in our life then we can be blessed by the power of God. This path of yoga can be found all around the world if we want to practice.

 When Swami Muktananda died in 1982, Gurumayi Chidbilashananda received the power and authority to be a master or a Guru of Siddha Yoga path. Gurumayi Chidbilashananda has the spiritual power to initiate the people in Siddha yoga. She helps to open the spiritual energy of the seekers.

She awakens the Kundalini power of the people who want to be a yogi in Siddha path. She guides many people in the spiritual journey by teaching many ways to be enlightened. She is the head of Siddha yoga hierarchy and she gives the classes of meditation, mantra chanting, contemplation and study of the knowledge. After getting the Saktipat, we should practice yoga for our higher progress. So, we have to practice yogic path in our life until we get enlightened.

Self-realization is the diamond of our life and our best effort should be to achieve the precious gift of our life. If we want to seek the most important factor in our life i.e. spirituality, we can walk the path of Siddha Yoga. In Siddha yoga, we get illuminated by the power of spirituality when Guru or master gives Shaktipat to us. That beautiful experience can motivate us to get salvation in our life.

Siddha yoga is based on the eastern philosophy and it focuses on brotherhood and harmony among all the humanity. It teaches us to see the God within every single person and respect everybody. Everybody of this world has the power to be liberated in their life. If they get the right Guru or master and they practice from their heart, they can be free from the ego and they can attain mastery.

Under the guidance of the master, Siddha yogi practices his or her spiritual activities for the higher achievement in spirituality. When we start our journey in this path of Siddha yoga, our journey begins to the infinite from finite. The study is important of the yogis who have achieved the goal of spirituality because we have to understand how the masters had gone through in their spiritual achievement. That experience can be the inspiration to walk in the path to the spiritual journey.

Siddha yoga includes meditation to practice and mantra chanting for going in the deeper level. When we practice more and more, we can take more benefits from our practice. We can get practical knowledge of love and tolerance from selfless services and offer Dakshina to our Guru or master. Selfless service increases our detachment and love to all the humanity.

We also practice praying others for their betterment. Praying practice brings in a higher state of our mind. In the praying, we become calm and we make our mind positive and that positive power can heal the discomforts and stresses of our mind and of others too. Praying increases our positive thinking power. Positive thinking can be very helpful in the path of spiritual journey.

We practice the spiritual life after initiating in Siddha yoga. We start to behave in a humble way and we make others happy from our side. We start to give love towards the people which can lead us to the higher state of being.

How much we deeper we can go into our learning, that much we can get the benefits from the classes. And the second part is to practice what we learn in the class and in our self-study. By implementation the knowledge, we can understand the knowledge in depth. The knowledge which is not applied in our life, that becomes the burden of our mind.

In Siddha yoga, Hatha yoga is also very important to practice because it equally gives the emphasis on body, mind, and spirit. For the exercise of our body Hatha yoga is needed. There are many ways to make aware our mind in Siddha yoga they are mantra chanting, meditation, retreats, rituals, services, study, and contemplation.

There are many centers of Siddha yoga around the world. When we practice yoga in the group, we can get the synergy and we can get more power that when we do yoga alone. Siddha yoga can be practiced after getting initiated by the Guru who has the power to show the path in our spiritual journey. We have to practice Siddha yoga from inside to live yogic life. By practicing this yoga continuously to achieve our spiritual goal, we can be a real yogi of Siddha path.