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Reiki level 3 / Reiki Master Degree

Reiki level 3 or also taken as Reiki master is a traditionally designed course where the course attendants can walk away and attune new Reiki practitioners.  It relates to self-mastery from a process of living and learning enlightening your inner powers. This doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time. Reiki level 3 is all about being true to yourself, loving yourself unconditionally, and innating your inner talents.

More description of Reiki level 3

Reiki level 3 is generally done to obtain the last degree of Reiki and be a master in it. It can not only be to attune students but also to attain an inner level of peace and heal yourself. You can get through it in two ways: The first one is for the Master Level and the advanced techniques. The second one incorporates the Master Level where you are given training, ideas, and information to pass on attunements.

How is Reiki level 3 or Reiki master’s Degree practiced?

As it is the master level of Reiki so it includes a certain amount of work and dedication. Some dedicators dedicate their whole life to gain master’s in Reiki.

This process starts from Reiki level 1 where you had the ways to work with yourself detoxifying slightly more physical approaches. After the completion of Reiki level 1, you jump to Reiki level 2 where you had to learn mental and emotional healing which in turn helps for physical healing. After completing both levels of Reiki, the master level of Reiki roams around the master symbols, Dai Ko Myo where the values of Reiki do not depend on the symbol itself. The most important thing is the representation of relation to the new vibration.

Level 3 of Reiki is more related to

the enlightenment, positive power, and evolution. In Reiki level 3, you will get a chance to be more in sync with the world around us and the energy that surrounds us. Here, one will get to understand that we all are “under the same roof” and we all are connected in some senses with the universal energy flowing through us.

There are so many responsibilities you have to carry after mastering Reiki. A few of the responsibilities you have to take are as follows:

  1. You should try to bring light where there is darkness and spread love where there is hate.
  2. You should know how to spread the truth and knowledge as best as possible.
  3. Guiding people on the right path, when they move to the wrong path, is very necessary.
  1. You should have human feelings within yourself which is very necessary for the continuous process of spiritual evolution.
  2. Try to learn from others and even spread your knowledge and experience with others.
  3. Be kind to all, give love not hate and try to forgive and forget.
  4. You should know all the Reiki knowledge, its meaning, and its purposes.

You should fix in mind that Reiki is more about your connections with force energy and spiritual evolution of our life than in any symbols. After attaining this level, you will gain access to the most powerful symbol Dai Ko Myo which has the highest vibration and is taken as the master symbol. Talking about the Dai Ko Myo symbol, it is a Reiki master symbol that is known for its power and vibration.

Each Reiki level is standardized and each level teaches us different ideas and information. What is common is that all levels provide a general organization of the progression of Reiki mastership. As the Reiki courses are taught in wide organized methods, the learners need to know about the syllabus first before taking this course. You can get access to the format by doing online research or asking your guru for that.

Every community around the world uses Reiki and even medical professionals and scientists are showing their interest in it.