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Reiki level 1 | Reiki First Degree Training

Reiki is a type of healing technique, more a therapy than technique. It is a Japanese technique which is said to use universal energy to heal the body. In reiki healing, the life energy of the healer if said to be flown to the ill person’s body. It is based on the belief that all of us contains life energy, and the disturbance and depleting life energy is the cause of sickness and illness.

The best thing about reiki is, it is quite simple, natural, not costly and has no side effects. Not just the body reiki is used to heal the body, but also the mind and spirit. Although Riki is an amazingly simple to perform, it is at the same time incredibly detailed and vast field. Nepal Yoga Home provides both Reiki healing and Reiki training in Nepal.

There are three different level of reiki:

Reiki Level 1 / Reiki First Degree
Reiki Level 2 / Reiki Second  Degree
Reiki Level 3 / Reiki Third Degree

Reiki First Degree in detail

Reiki First Degree is the beginner’s place. To start here first research at internet, read some books and find yourself a master. Compared to the level 2 and 3, 1 is pretty simple as there is not much preparation you need to do before you start learning it.

Preparation before learning Reiki First Degree or level 1

No hard preparations needed for reiki, just some positive attitude and normal things.

1) Healthy body

To start the reiki level 1, you need to keep your body healthy. Keeping focused on the health of your body is important not just for learning reiki level 1 but your whole life.

2) No alcohol

Alcohol dulls the body and mind. So, before joining reiki level 1 alcohol is not recommended.

3) Less protein

Protein rich food as meat, egg is hard to digest and uses more energy. High protein food is also not recommended on preparation of reiki level 1.

4) Healthy mind

Not just body, reiki learning is mind also. So, keep your mind stress free and relax as much as you can.

5) Balanced diet

Balanced diet, healthy food and hydrated body can fill you with all the positive vibes and life energy.


The Steps of Reiki Level 1 / Reiki First Degree

1) Reiki level 1: Attunement

Reiki first degree attunement is the process by which you awaken the reiki energy within you and channel it through within others if needed.

The students are asked to close their eyes. Then the reiki masters, perform rituals that enables the students to feel the reiki energy around them. The masters perform rituals with their mantras and using sacred symbols. The masters perform this on their first session.

2) Reiki level 1: Practice

After attunement practice phase comes in reiki level 1. The practice phase includes mediations, relaxation, and practice to increase and balance the life energy within you.
As per reiki masters, the beginners should regularly focus and improve the energy flow, if not done they will have their link with the life energy continuously weaken.

What can you do after learning reiki level1?

Comparing to reiki level 3 and reiki experts reiki level 1 is a beginner level knowledge and skill. However, you still can do some amazing stuff.

Feel the energy

Reiki attunement will enable to feel the life energy. With practice by the end of your session you can be particularly good at feeling and channeling the energy.

Fit body

No alcohol, balanced diet, healthy mind will give you a very fit body. The discipline forms the preparation for reiki to the completion of session will pay you with a very fit and healthy body.

Environmental conscious

When you will connect with the life energy of the universe, you will be more loving to your surroundings, natural resources, and nature itself.