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Meditation Techniques to Transform Your Life

Cakra Meditation with Mantra – We chant and meditate on the resonance created by the chanting of sanskrit bija mantras that helps to bring positive energy in the body and mind.

Cakra Meditation and visualization – Each Cakra has its element. We connect with those elements by the use of visualization technique.

Cakra Meditation with breathing – Each Cakra is connected with a color. We connect cakra with the colors and breathing technique to activate energy channels.

Cakra Balancing technique – Each person has week and powerful energies by birth. We bring the harmony and balance in each cakra through breathing technique and visualization technique.

Yoga nindra – Yoga nindra is powerful technique that improves awareness, alertness and intuition.

Trataka – Candle light meditation is good for eyes, sleep and concentration. It is a very good practice for beginner.

Meditation wt mudra – Different powerful mudras like sambhavi, aghochori helps to enhance the meditation. We use many mudras along with the meditation practice.

Meditation with mantra – We use mantra chanting as a means of meditation. It is very good technique to balance our emotions.

Mantras like Ganesh Mantra,  Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Gayatri Mantra, Omkara Mantra etc.

Visualization Meditation – Om Kara meditation – We use the Om kara chanting meditation with the visualization technique. We also can combine the trataka method in this technique for better visualization.

Relaxive visualization Meditation – Visualization during deep relaxation can help to relax more effectively.

Ajapa japa Meditation – We combine different stages of chanting to make meditation more powerful in this technique. Many mantras can be used like Omkara.

Aana paana Breathe awareness Meditation – it is the simplest but yet effective technique to begin with. Breathe is an easy way to focus during the meditation.

Sohum Meditation – We use the sohum mantra along with the breathe observation practise. This helps to soothe our mind and mantra has also very calming effect on it.

Pet – Pranic Enersization technique is a meditation practised with different mudras and body scanning technique to bring a harmony and balance in an energy body.

Cyclic Meditation – In cyclic meditation we use series of yoga postures as a part of meditation.

Msrt – Mind sound resonance technique is a combination of mantra chanting on meditation. It is practiced more systematically connecting with the frequencies of the mantras in this technique.

Recalling Meditation – Recalling meditation is a technique of observation of action and its influence. It helps to calm down our overthinking mind.

Kirtan kriya Meditation – We combine the mudras with the Snatnam mantra which helps to awaken our energy and soothe the mind.

Five body awareness Meditation – In this meditation we practice the concept of five sheaths of body in yoga. It begins with body awareness and then dissolving in the essence of silence.

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