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Kripalu yoga was founded by Amrit Desai in the United States in the name of his Indian Guru Shree Kripalvananda. The etymological meaning of Kripalu is a very kind person or a companionate person in Hindi language. Kripalu yoga starts with the understanding of the structure of our body and how to really start poses. It should be considered that the body of every person is different and we should do yoga with our body’s quality.

We have to respect the quality of our body and mind in doing yoga. If our mind is more logical, we have to add the study of the knowledge too. Some can dedicate themselves to some higher being, for those the prayer is suitable.  We should not start yoga with reading books or watching the videos but we have to practice yoga by knowing our body’s quality perfectly in the guidance of a trained yoga teacher.

There are a lot of yoga styles in the world among them Kripalu yoga is the genre of the Hatha yoga system. Mainly yoga teaches us how to live our life more energetic, happy, and joyful, disease free, and without mental pressure. In yoga three parts of practice are important. Body is the outer part of our being. Body is the first part of yoga practice.

We should start our journey with our body.  The mind is the second layer of our being and our spirit is the last part of the being to open. To nourish our body is easy task than other parts of being but it has blockages from the beginning of our life so we have to give more time open the blockages of the body. If our body becomes pure, our journey starts to be easier. If we overcome our body we can enter into our mind.

Kripalu yoga is different in the sense that it holds the poses more than other yoga types. When we hold longer the poses, we get the different experience and can have the more benefits. Holding the poses brings us into the deep relaxation. The meditation is more emphasized in this yoga.

It focuses on the relaxation than other styles of yoga. In the beginning, this yoga seems to be very different than others but when we adopt we feel the different taste of this yoga than any other yoga styles in the world. The poses are the same from the old tradition of yoga but its beauty is in its doing because it gives us deeper satisfaction.

Kripalu yoga focuses on the internal inspiration and the spirit. Our spirit has the capacity to be anything in this world. Kripalu yoga is the best way for the transformation of our body, mind, and spirit. Kripalu yoga is designed in a simple way so that everyone can perform. This yoga is for everyone who wants to do yoga in their life. This yoga can be said the gentle yoga. Kripalu yoga helps us to be strong for inner side and gives us the inspiration to life with lively.

As the goal of every yoga styles of the world, Kripalu yoga has its goal to harmonize our body, mind and spirit. This yoga aims to join our self with the universal self. The ultimate purpose of Kripalu yoga is to be enlightened in our life. When we receive enlightenment in our life, we can be happy every moment and help to promote humanity.

Humanity seeks such activists who are selfless in their life and advocate the message of peace and prosperity. To make this world beautiful and livable, we have to work for the change of the consciousness of the people. We have to spread the knowledge of yoga all around the world.

Kripalu yoga helps to make our body vital and our mind calm. This yoga can make us relief from our stresses and discomforts of the mind. It gives us the positive attitude to see our life and this world. This yoga specially focuses on our daily life and how we can apply yoga with our busy life.

No matter in which situation we are, we can apply this yoga continuously. This yoga teaches us to love all the aspects of our life and all the parts of the world. The most beautiful part of this yoga is that it inspires us to love the self. We have to love our body and our pure self, which cannot be seen but can be realized.

By loving the self, our relation becomes pure and spotless. We cannot love to others if we can’t love ourselves being sincere. This yoga also teaches every human society to love every one of the world for the sake of humanity. As mentioned before Kripalu yoga gives the emphasis all three dimensions of our life, body, mind, and spirit. All three are the important factors of our life and we have to purify all of them. If we can’t make pure our body, we can’t enter into our mind.

When yoga balances all the systems of our body, then our structure becomes healthy and sound. If we can’t improve our state of mind, we never can go into the spirit level. We have to eliminate all the blockages in our body first and then blockages of the mind. When we make our mind pure, the gateway to our spirit will open and we can easily encounter with our true self.

Kripalu yoga brings us into the clarity of the mind and fitness of the body. It is helpful for the meaningful life in this world. It is not only the way to have the life of our choice but also it is the medium to have a wonderful experience in our life. It is the balance of natural and the materialistic life.

Every one of the world search for the way out from the day to day hectic life and this yoga become the weapon of bringing us to the heavenly life. Body is regarded as the temple to live God, it is the sacred place and we should keep it pure. Scientists also discovered that where there is clean, there can be found positive energy. Kripalu yoga focuses on the prayer to establish our divine relationship.