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 Yoga therapy is the approach which cure the disease applying the yogic method. It is a disease oriented and mostly cure the non-communicable disease rise of stress. It is the science of healing which shower cures and remedies for all types of illness, ailments, and disorder. Yoga therapist use yogasanas and pranayama to cure the disorder from the root level. Sometimes only yogasana can also use the physical body by maintain in an asana to cure the physical disorder. It includes standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, balancing, inverted positions, stretching, twisting, and contraction and relaxation of muscles , producing a steady posture at a given time. And also some use only pranamaya to heal all the mental a problem which includes naddisudha, right nostril breathing, left nostril breathing, ujjai breathing, bhrastrika and bhramari. Yoga therapy treats from physical, mental and spiritual level from the welfare of human health. All the method are used in a special way so that the diseases are eradicated from root level and also provide prevention to re-cure in the future. Therapy is given at a slow pace with slow, smooth, steady coordinated movements with full control at every stage. A regular practices twice a day is essential to eradicate the disease. Therapy should give in a quiet, well-ventilated area with less distraction and free of dust and cold breeze.

 Yoga therapy has been considered to be beneficial in several medical conditions; the most commonly studied are coronary artery disease and asthma, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy and the psychological disorder. By nature of the yoga intervention, it is not possible to have blinded studies, and a placebo effect cannot be excluded. Objective physiologic changes noted through intervention cannot be ignored, however, Yoga practices are only an adjunct to medical treatment if disease has been established.

 People are only concerned to cure the physical body. Since the disease arises from the inner astral layer of our existence. So the yoga therapy that provides techniques for correcting the problem at both from the gross and subtle levels. Yoga therapy helps in bringing about balance at the level of the five kosas (panca kosas) so that complete health can be restored. Pancakosa was found to be the most holistic concept of human existence which is in no way contracting the modern science approach to the understanding of the human body. It is more generalized, holistic and hence can contain in it the physical body (annamaya kosa) the next three layers pranamaya, manomaya and vijnanamaya kosas which are called the subtle bodies in the Vedanta and spiritual lore. The fifth kosa the anandamaya kosa is the causal body from where all the other layers take birth. Thus we got a holistic and concrete perspective of human existence as the foundation for yoga therapy. The therapy at annamaya kosa includes asanas and lossening practices, yoga diet and yoga kriya and at pranamaya kosa, breathing practices, breathing kriyas and pranayama. Similarly, therapy given at the manomaya kosa is meditation (cyclic meditation and Om meditation), devotional sessions, and happy assembly, whereas lectures, counseling and satsangs corrects the notions about one life style of the individual. Karma yoga and tuning to nature are the practices that help one to get established in anandamaya kosa bringing bliss in our lives.

The concepts of yoga therapy is a holistic approach to health management at physical, mental, emotional, and intellectual levels with techniques to improve mental equilibrium. It is endowed with great power of healing and a very simple technique. Yoga therapy is a very scientific system and not expensive. It provides strengthen and increase the tone of weak muscles and help with conscious control over the automatic function of the body. It teaches the art of relaxation, relieving muscular and nervous tension and leads to on increased energy.

Along with the therapy, diet is very necessary to control the disease. Yoga therapy does not cure the disease alone. It needs a yogic diet to heal the disease completely. The diet and food habit regulation suited to the disease should also be commenced along with the asanas and pranayama during yogic treatment. But people are not much aware about yoga therapy. They use allopathic medicine to cure the disease and realize after not getting any benefits from allopathic medicine, then only at the last they wants to join in yoga therapy course for treatment. Even though, people want very fast result like allopathic medicine, but yoga has a very slow effect in our body. It does not give positive effect very fast in a body. People can realize the positive effect after continues the practices of yoga therapy for a month for years. Likewise, they must not stop practicing as the disease cure. Therapy must be continued for sufficiently long periods so that the disease willnot attack again. Yoga therapy should be continuously practices after healing of diseases, also in order to maintain a physiological condition. Sometimes the signs and symptoms may disappear, but the factors contributing to the on-set disease may lie dormant in the body itself, waiting for an opportunity to manifest themselves. After the disease gets cured, the treatment must be continued for a further longer period to prevent the disease from coming in the future.


  • He/she must be a human of vibrant health. He must radiate the ray of good health and not have a chronic disease.
  • The yoga therapy should have basic knowledge of physiology, anatomy, pathophysiology in order to have the knowledge of human life.
  • Also have knowledge of pranayama to control the breath and asanas so that treat the disease. Therapist should have good knowledge of dietetics and he should have a much disciplined way of life.

 There is no limitation of age for administering yogic therapy. It can be given to the infancy and also for older people to conquer disease. The yogic therapy is available for all the people irrespective of race, country, creed and civilization. Those who are not able to take yoga therapy themselves, can take help from a yoga therapist to maintain the postures. It can be done in all climatic conditions.

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