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How To Manage Yoga Class | Management of yoga class 

For effective teaching-learning, the most important question for yoga teachers is how to manage the yoga class and how to manage a good yoga environment suitable for yoga class. Wrong yoga techniques in the wrong place can do more harm than good. Yoga is something more than exercise. It can transform our body and it has the potential to shape it and build flexibility. Therefore, yoga poses should be done in the right manner and in a right place.

One of the biggest challenge in learning yoga is maintaining discipline and management of environment. Etiquette is more important than skills in yoga. Making yoga a professional is a hard job to perform. It is important in one’s teaching that it will help garner to achieve more respect and will elevate yoga respectability. Hugging yoga as a profession requires a lot of mental stability and physical awareness. Therefore, before jumping into this profession one should know how to handle students and situations.

How to manage yoga class for big group?

Yoga classes a usually big and it is very hard to manage it properly and give attention to each one student. To keep the class going interact with each students, ask those questions and clarify if they cannot answer it. Have each student engaged in your class. Assignment, collaboration and teamwork is an additional way to manage a big class.

Try to keep class interesting and entertaining through extracurricular activities. Practicing reflective teaching is another way to manage classroom. The big the yoga class, there will be high chances of conflict and student issues. This is usual but a teacher should know how to manage it. Encourage each student and do not discriminate him or her. Try to understand their problem and try to focus on peace making from the right beginning. Have a plan for them and try to resolve the problem. You can do it.

How to arrange the yoga mat and yoga props?

As a yoga teacher, you should feel comfortable on telling your students where to keep yoga mat and other articles. Even a small thing can make a difference. Most of the people put it in rather unorganized and chaotic way so either you should do that for them before the class gets started or you should instruct them to do so. This all can create a restless energy as a result. Placing the yoga mats in a right angle for perfect observation can help to create a good yoga-teaching environment.

How to arrange the room environment and air flow?

Room Environment plays an important role while we talk about how to manage yoga class. Yoga can be practiced anywhere and everywhere but certain places are highly preferred for it. The light should easily pass through the room. Yoga studio should be hygienic visually appealing and fresh air should pass through that room. Choose a well ventilated room for yoga classes and decorate it beautifully.

How to make a good lesson plan?

One of the most important part of yoga classes is to plan a good lesson. Organize your plan by making a routine. You can even make spontaneous classes fun. Make a plan and develop the lessons toward a peak point. Adding elements of complexities regardless of the style of yoga you offer can be fun. Teaching yoga is not an easy job to do and not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a level of commitment and right techniques. Know what your students need and make a plan according to that.

How to manage yoga class conflict and students issues?

The way you respond the question raised by your students can also make a huge difference in your teaching style. Sometimes be funny; sometime answer it in a different way and sometime in an inspiring way. Your each student should feel a connection with you so do not be too strict.

How to response the question arise by students?

There are so many factors that can oppose you from being a ideal teacher. As in a yoga class, it is sure that your students will get injury or they are prone to it. Have first aid kit, necessary medicines and a rest room.

How to handle the injury cases?

Among many points of how to manage yoga class, handling an injury play an important role. There are tons of responsibilities and roles as a yoga teacher. Demonstrating everything is not possible every time. So if you want to be a good yoga teacher then learn to accept your responsibility and work for it. Have good communication skills and clarify all things to your students. Do not get frustrated and do not let your bad mood affect your students. Be patient and get prepared for the class. Know the potential of each student and work as it.  Make them feel comfortable so that your students can speak honestly with you and you can create a kind relationship with them.