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Stress Healing & Body Cleansing: A miracle of Ayurveda

Fast paced life, skipping breakfast/lunch/ dinners, Chinese/ fast foods/ junk food cultures, busy schedules, sleepless nights, competition & complexity of Today’s World- in this process of hectic growth we subject ourselves to all kinds of unlimited physical & mental stresses.

Besides stress & fatigue, an accumulation of toxins can interfere with the normal functions of the body. After 25 or 30 high levels of toxins, also accelerate the rate of degeneration of the body. The human body is no different to a vehicle, which needs constant care & servicing.

Ayurveda brings about the balance between our physical & mental aspects and helps us to remain naturally beautiful. Herbs of tremendous medicinal values are found abundantly in nature. Ayurveda uses these herbs individually and in special blends to treat every kind of physical & psychological problems.

As the stress builds up, we move towards the lack of confidence and a feeling of inferiority becomes a part of our life. Lest the thorn / the cause/ the toxins/ stress is removed only when the normal healing mechanism of the body is initiated or else it affects the other organs of the body & thus incurable diseases are produced.

Skin, the largest organ in our body directly reveals the energetic level of the entire psychophysical unit; it is a transparent mirror where the movement of the doshas brings about changes also of a radical nature in its biochemical balance. Skin is the expression of our overall state of health; this stress invariably affects it. The diseases of the skin like psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, lichen planus etc. occur due to this stress.

For males as young as 25, multiple late nights and unlimited stress can lead to a diminished sexual desire, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, impotence, low sperm count, semen discharge with urine and the damaging feeling of inferiority accompany with all these sexual problems. The same stress factor in females will lead to low sexual desire, infertility, and loosening of breasts etc.

5000 years old ancient wisdom of Ayurveda has a lot to offer for millions of people to combat stress, the effects of which are often associated with skin, sexual health of the individuals. Since times unmemorable, Ayurveda has been advocating many rejuvenating recopies for improving & maintaining good health, which leads to a normal and happy life thus improving the deficiencies without any side effects.

Treatment procedures mainly involve the changing of nutritional protocol & lifestyle by which we can greatly influence our physical, mental & emotional health. While each patient should follow a regimen tailored to his/ her individual needs, the five classical procedures are meant to detoxify the human body- THE PANCHAKARMA CHIKITSA-are particularly beneficial. They are:
1) VAMANA: a medicated emesis therapy cleanses Kapha collected in the body & decongests the respiratory tract.
2) VIRECHANA: a medicated purgation therapy, removes toxins from the body that are accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract.
3) VASTHI: cleanses the accumulated toxins from all over the body. It is also highly beneficial in rejuvenation therapies.
4) NASYAM: nasal administration of medicated oils to cleanse accumulated Kapha dosha from the head & neck regions.
5) RAKTHA MOKSHANAM: bloodletting using leeches etc effective in hematological conditions.

Once the toxins are removed and the body is purified from doshas responsible for causing the diseases then rejuvenation procedures & therapeutic massages are beneficial. Judicious combinations of scientifically standardized drugs having rejuvenating correcting imbalances are administered for the promotion of a healthy normal living of the person.

Rejuvenation procedures include

1. A simple ABHYANGA (Massage) revives body, mind, senses and the soul, increasing energy levels and thus promotes the feeling of well-being. 2.SIRODHARA in which medicated oils are streamed on to the forehead, relaxes the central nervous system, melting away all the stresses & strains.
3. Medicated oil bath-(Sarvanga Dhara/ kaya Seka) provides the ultimate rejuvenation and increases the circulation around the body.

4.SHIRO VASTI (Holding medicated oil in a Cap over Head)- It prevents and cures hair fall, head diseases and promotes a healthy life.