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Advanced YTTC- Teacher Training Course

There are various courses of yoga given at various institutes, and retreat centers around the world. Among the various yogic courses, there is an advanced yoga teacher training course which focus on advanced practice of yoga asana, meditation, breathing and all dimension of yoga. Advanced YTTC we provide in Nepal Yoga Home is authentic, traditional, multi style and true yoga which practices by our saints. Before going further let’s first know what advanced yoga is and what advanced yoga teacher training course is.

What is Advanced yoga?

Advanced YTTC is a type of yoga that is classified as difficult to perform and may take some time and dedication to master. Generally, it consists of difficult poses and postures which untrained bodied people may find extremely difficult to perform. Some are difficult for the physical body while some are difficult for the spiritual as well as the mental body.

What is an Advanced yoga teacher training course?

Advanced YTTC is a subject of study for those who are willing to be the teacher of advanced yoga. They are in the process of mastering Advanced yoga so that in the future they can be teachers in this advanced course. Here they will go deeper into the subject matter of yoga which is going to be its very core and essence.

Why take advanced yoga?

Taking advanced YTTC later may come forward as one of the best decisions taken by the individuals who decide to take part in it. There are various reasons why I should take advanced yoga teacher training and let us discuss them,

The benefit to your own body

This may have the name of a teacher training course, but it does not mean that it is not going to be beneficial to the body of the individual who is going to practice it. One will practice yoga and healing techniques for the entire course which will take out the toxins from the body and mind which is going to make them healthier.

Advanced knowledge

Ast the name itself suggests this is the advanced form of yoga with higher knowledge in both theories as well as the practical form. People who strive for a great form of yogic knowledge, principles, and yoga forms should join this course as advanced YTTC consists of a lot of them.

Amazing experience

Learning yoga at this amazing place itself is a wonderful experience. One can take a break from their hectic schedule and once in a while, it not only feels good but also is the need of the body, mind, and soul. Day-to-day schedule and always running can sometimes hamper both physical and mental health.

Why Nepal is best for advanced YTTC?

Nepal is best for advanced yoga learning and advanced yoga teacher training because this is the origin of this spiritual practice. The authenticity of the yogic practices that are found here is hard to find in other parts of the world. One can investigate and research even the process and knowledge that is yet to be rediscovered and lost to the time.

Is it necessary to do advanced posture?

Yoga comes in all shapes, sizes, and postures. There are easy postures and poses which can be done even by someone who has done yoga for the first time in their lives. However, there are such which need constant focus for even years to do so. However, the question is it necessary to do advanced posture?

Yes, every type of yoga has its benefits and effects on the body. The first reason is the benefit that is given by one posture and exercise is hard to precisely get by another technique so, to reap all the benefits one must even learn the advanced posture.

Another important thing is that we are learning to be a teacher of yoga and to be a teacher and give knowledge one must be able to master the topic so that they can have a better understanding of the subject and give the complete knowledge to their students. The name of the course is advanced YTTC, and one needs to master advanced poses to teach others.

Why are only a few people interested in advanced yoga?

The times are changing. In this informative world, people are more interested in a healthy and active lifestyle. Hence, more and more people are practicing yoga and arriving in the amazing world of yoga. However, most people only get stuck at the beginner’s level and do not go beyond that and there is a big reason behind that.

Mainly people practice yoga so that they can be healthy, it is not to gain advanced knowledge or to be spiritual but to have a healthy body. Basic yoga steps and basic yoga knowledge also can grant amazing health benefits and other advantages and most people are satisfied with what they are getting and do not strive to get to the advanced level it is the biggest reason why most people are not interested in advanced YTTC.

There are some people who despite having a great interest in advanced yoga and superior yogic knowledge are not able to get it and for them, the biggest obstacle is their time. To master yoga in the advanced form and gain superior yogic knowledge one needs a considerate amount of time, dedication, and practice. Even to go to advanced YTTC one needs time. People even having interests there are not able to give them time because they have their profession, study, and other work to do to run their lives. Even with great interest and enthusiasm people are not able to perform advanced yoga.