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Let’s Explore the 5 Best Naturopathy Treatments

Naturopathy is based on curing diseases naturally with five main natural factors (Sun, Water, Earth, Air, and Ether) without any drugs. Naturopathy states these five elements are sufficient to heal your disease. These five treatments can be categorized as follows:

Treatment by fire element (Sunlight):

Treatment by water element (Water or hydrotherapy)

Treatment by earth element (mud)

Treatment by air element (proper oxygen)

Treatment by Ether element

Treatment by fire Element:

One of the five components in this creation is fire/sun.

The Rigveda teaches how God can take on different forms and the different ways we can worship the Sun God.

According to an ancient tradition, the sun not only provides light but also intelligence and long life.

Rigvedic prayers for the sun include the following: “May the sun, which illuminates the world, grant me wisdom and long life.”

“May the Sun keep our wealth and people safe during the day.”

“I salute you, O sun God, who grants peace and annihilates all illnesses.

Dear Sun God! Give me fame and excellent health.”

The phrase “Sun is the eye of God” is found in the Yajurvda.

The sun is a crucial component in the treatment of physical illnesses.

This completes the other requirements (ether, air, water, and earth).

In addition to humans, the sun also nourishes plants and animals.

Wherever it goes, it makes the planet and spaces more beautiful.

Loss of the Sun element causes the body to become lifeless and prone to various illnesses, including lethargy, gout, constipation, paralysis, lack of appetite, colds, and the need for excessive sleep, among others.

Urine turns yellow, and the mouth taste gets bitter.

The individual gets agitated and irritated.

All of the body’s tissues are dry, and the person is thirsty.

According to Vedic Astrology, the solar system consists-


Moon (consists of silver color)

Mars: It is red like copper.

Mercury: It is green.

Jupiter: It is in golden color.

Venus: It is indigo.

Saturn: It is dark blue.

Rahu: It is black.

Ketu: It is light blue.

All these planets go around the sun, thus these colors get mixed. So the sunlight has seven colors- Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

There are various ways of treating diseases with sun elements according to the diseases. One of the common and easiest methods is to sunbath before 10 am for about 15 to 30 minutes every day. In some countries, sunrise is late so a sunbath can be done between Sunrise till four hours. While sunbath, you need to cover your face. Expose your affected body part, navel, and another part as far as possible.

Treatment by water Element

Vedas and other ancient texts have praised the good qualities of water and its curative properties in many couplets.

Some of them are as follows:

“God has decreed that water is the best medicine.”

“Drinking water makes life more enjoyable and helps to cool the body down.”

“Water is a remedy.”

“Diseases are fought by water.”

“It eliminates all illnesses.”

As a result, it will also treat your illnesses.

“O God! May divinely infused water comfort us, be available to us for drinking, eradicate all illnesses, and keep us free from the worry of getting sick.

“Oh God, may all the sins, betrayals, abuses, and lies that I have committed be washed away by the water.”

“Water purifies the body, truth purifies the intellect, learning and austerity purify the soul, and intelligence purifies knowledge.”

There are various ways of treating diseases with water like – ordinary bath, dry fiction bath, cold fiction baths, baths in rainwater, continuation bath, hip bath, hot hip bath, sitz bath, spinal baths, hot spinal baths, eye baths, wet bandage, etc.

Regularly taking a bath is the simplest technique to treat your illnesses.

Bathing shouldn’t be done with soap.

The pores are blocked by the tiny soap particles that are accumulated there.

Additionally, the soap’s chemical components are bad for the skin.

Treatment by earth Element

The earth is one of the nine planets. Vedas treat the earth as a mother while the sky as a father. In Chandogya Upanisad it is written: “Earth is the essence of all other elements- Ether, air Sun and Water.”

Virtues of Earth:

Removes all types of bad smells.

Has the power to check heat as well as cold.

Has the power to purify water.

Ability to dissolve other matters.

Power to suck poison.

Absorbs all types of elements and minerals.

Capacity to produce food for living beings on earth.

Has the power to check the flow of water.

Absorbs the heat of the fire and quietens it. Thus it can extinguish the fire.

Earth has a unique power to cure diseases because it has the greatest amount of chemical combinations in it.

There are various types of the earth with unique features to heal diseases. They are- black earth, red earth, yellow earth, white earth, sajji earth, Armani earth, sand, etc. There are various methods to treat diseases on earth. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Bath with wet or dry earth
  2. Dry earth bath

III.            Mud Bath

  1. Bandage hot bath, etc.

For maintaining normal health walking bare feet on the earth at least half an hour regularly is very important. The earth can be a garden, playground, paddy field, etc.

Treatment by air Element:

Out of five elements air is the second element which is essential for life. If there is not proper airflow in the body, it suffers from many types of diseases. And all the diseases can be removed with the proper oxygen in the body. In Rigveda, it is written,

“Let the air bring calm to our hearts.

We are happy as air passes us by.

It prolongs our lives.”

O air, you have an infinite supply of ‘Amrit’ at home.

Give us a little of it so we can live a long time.”

There are many ways to heal diseases with the air element. Some simplest ways to heal by air element are-

  1. Whenever you have free time take a long and deep breath. Do it at least for 10 minutes in the morning. Feel the movement of breath from nostrils to abdomen and abdomen to nostril.
  2. Your body should not be wrapped up in clothes all the time. This may make the pores inactive which creates diseases like heart problems, constipation, diabetes, and other illness.

III.            Morning walk and air bath are very good. Breathe deeply while walking. One should feel the pleasure of walking in the fresh air.

  1. The place where you live should pass fresh air.
  2. There are various types of pranayama for healing diseases and keeping your body healthy.

Treatment by ether Element

Of the five elements, ether is the most potent.

It has no form, no shape, and cannot be broken. According to Mahatma Gandhi, the ether element is the “King of Health” and mastering it is comparable to understanding the secret of God. We will be free from all illnesses the more we use this wonderful substance. You will truly become healthy when you establish a proper connection with the boundless ether element. We are surrounded by and contain ether. Between skin abrasions, ether is present. There is ether in an empty stomach. Overeating is bad since it depletes the body’s ether element.

For treating diseases with ether element fast is observed. There are various types of fasting:

  1. Morning Fast
  2. Evening Fast
  3. Whole day and night fast
  4. Fast by taking only one thing at one time
  5. Fast on water
  6. Fast on Juices
  7. Fast on Vegetable and fruits
  8. Fast on milk
  9. Fast on buttermilk
  10. Complete fast
  11. Weekly fast
  12. Short fast
  13. Long fast etc.

Aims, Objectives, and Area of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is not merely the natural healing method but also the proper way of life to be in sync with nature. It is the art of living as nature wants for you. It directs the right direction of your life. When you attain the right direction in life, you will become happy and healthy. This will activate your connection with natural elements of existence. If you ignore the importance of these elements you can never attain real health. The habits which bring diseases into your life can be changed with naturopathy. Besides, naturopathy has the following objectives:

1)       To develop awareness about the needs and importance of holistic health

Health is the most important treasure in human life. Everything in the world becomes miserable if you lose your health.  The first happiness of your life is perfect health. The four main goals of life Dharma (virtue), Artha (wealth), Kama (Luxury and sensual pleasure), and Mokshya (Liberation) can be attained only you can if you have good health.

2)       To convey the greatness of properly digestible food-

The aim of food is to satiate hunger and nourish the body. A properly nourished body can ameliorate all the dimensions of life- physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual. There are three types of food- Sattvik (connected to knowledge, light, and divine nature), Rajasik (connected to passionate nature), and Tamasik (connected to ignorance and darkness). To attain health and divine qualities in life Sattvik food is suggested. But Rajasik and Tamasik food gives you diseases and suffering. For better digestion, you need a peaceful, silent, and happy mind when eating. Similarly, you need to chew well while eating and be mindful of eating rather than talking to others or being busy with some other task. Raw (uncooked) food; lively and fresh food; and food rich in fiber are very good food for digestion.

3)       To build healthy habits

The main cause of the disease is unhealthy habits. From children to aged people take alcoholic drinks, smoking, tobacco, tea, coffee, etc. even though they know that is unhealthy. There must be control over the habits of being angry, greedy jealous, hatred, etc. However natural habits like hunger, thrust, sleep, excretion, sneezing, belching, etc. should not be stopped. Some unhealthy habits are- taking food without getting hungry or less hungry, taking heavy food, lack of exercise, going late to bed, waking up late, etc. Once you give up these habits you will be healthy, diseases start healing.

4)       To develop a positive attitude

Developing a positive attitude makes life peaceful, stress-free, happy, healthy, and harmonious. A negative mindset brings violence, fear, hatred, affliction, etc.  These negative emotions have adverse effects on life. The emotion of fear loss the hydrochloric acid which causes indigestion and eventually leads to acidity problems. It is the duty of naturopaths to suggest to patients about lifestyle, food, the right way of living, etc.

5)       To avoid diseases

The simple cause of diseases is low immunity power. Good immunity helps to activate the vital force. For this yoga, a pure environment, the right food, lifestyle, meditation, good habits, etc. are required. When the life force is proficient and strong, five natural elements ether, air, fire, water, and earth start receiving energy. At this stage, you will not suffer even living in an impure environment.

6)       Refreshment and re-installment

By natural therapy, the body and mind of a patient can be refreshed and re-installed. A patient can be invigorated and re-vitalized once more. The body which was weakened due to diseases and the mind which was disappointed, depressed, and sad can be rejuvenated. When a patient understands the art of healing the body through naturopathy, he will never have to fall into the path of the disease again. He will come out from the web of diseases and help other as well to release for it.

7)       To develop mental health

By following the path of naturopathy one can rehabilitate body and mind. After that, his mental strength will power, and his confidence level also will develop. His self-confidence will also increase with the feeling that he has liberated himself from the trap of diseases. This type of attitude develops mental health and one can live a happy and blissful life.

8)       To heal all types of diseases

There are various methods of healing diseases in naturopathy like- air therapy, food therapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, mud therapy, fasting therapy, color therapy, magnetic therapy, etc. With these therapies, all types of intense and chronic diseases can be healed.

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