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As the studies and experiments continue to reveal many health benefits of yoga, this century-old, eastern philosophy is fast becoming the new fitness soulmate. In This article we list our 10 less popular yoga asana due to difficulty but almost all yoga professionals love these asana and is popular among professional.

The asanas listed here are less practice asana only for beginner and novice of yoga practitioner but for professional its common type. Yet to applaud yoga for its physical benefits alone would only diminish what the entire system has to offer as a whole.

Yoga is something more than physical. By practicing yoga regularly, one can see a noticeable change in their flexibility, strength, and muscle toning.

When yoga was first discovered, the sole purpose of practicing yoga was to experience spiritual enlightenment but slowly and steadily, the scope of yoga in so many fields grew up. Yoga is now used for physical and mental fitness also. Apart from this, yoga is popular for increasing stamina.

Yoga has been so popular among people and is almost use for curing all disease, for mental, physical and emotional stability, and so on. On our yoga mat, we practice both popular types of yoga asanas and less popular asana. Among various styles of yoga, some yoga’s are widely practiced and are popular whereas some of the less popular asana are listed below:


1. Pigeon pose (Eka pada rajakapotasana) -less popular asana for beginner

pigeon-pose- less popular asana

Despite the initial discomfort, pigeon pose offers a pathway to begin unlocking the tightness to build flexibility. This pose is not that hard to practice but can cause discomfort at the beginning. The reason why this pose is not so popular among people because of the discomfort people should face at the beginning.


2. Boat pose (navasana) – Most popular asana for Professional


This classic abdominal strengthener requires a lot of initial strength and core stabilization to perform it. If anything goes wrong, then it can hurt your back seriously, which no longer brings a smile to your face. This can be a push to your limitations so they are a little hard to perform. This is the reason why they are less popular asana in yoga practice.


3. Extended hand to big toe pose (utthita hasta padangustasana)

extended hand to big toe pose -less popular

The standing pose that adds balance in it is known as utthita hasta padangustasana . Theses poses can be difficult to sustain gracefully after a few breathes. To perform this yoga, it needs a lot of strength and patience along will core and muscle strength.


4. Bow pose ( Dhanurasana)

dhanurasana most popular asana

This yoga pose is all about struggle. Whether struggling to get your hands to your ankle or your back feeling nasty cracks, this may be a tricky pose to perform. It requires a flexible body and a cocktail of determination so many people fail to do this pose. This is also a less popular asana among beginner practitioner.


5. Barbara beneath or Sarvangasana

sarvangasana- most popular asana

This is also known as shoulder stand. It is very hard to perform and can take a long time to do it gracefully. People can get shoulder, collarbone, and neck injuries during this practice. Shoulder stand continues to be difficult for a long time and it needs constant determination to perform this pose with grace.


6. Revolved triangle pose or parivrtta trikonasana ( Less popular asana)

revolved triangle pose- popular asana

When it comes to the revolved triangle pose, the difficulty level touches the sky. Our spine can badly get hurt if the instructions are not followed properly. You cannot breathe freely at the beginning so it is somewhat frustrating for some people. This is a less popular asana or pose because of the difficulty we need to face during this pose. variation of triangle pose: Utthita Trikonasana


7. Eagle pose or Garudasana


So many people struggle with garudasana for years. People always have a kind of hate towards this pose. This pose can be very beneficial if you will be able to do it effortlessly but at the beginning, it is very painful and hard. So apart from its benefits, this pose is not so popular among people.


 8. Patricia Walden on Marichyasana


This pose is a real struggle. As it is all about your balance, it can be painful when your all bodyweight will fall into your legs. You can get a natural hamstring in your legs muscles. This can be a physical challenge to perform as you need both core and muscle strength.


9.Upward plank pose or purvottanasana – Less popular asana for beginner

upward plank pose

When you will practice this pose, you will feel a kind of compression around your sacrum. To avoid this, you need to work hard to elongate your lower back and to internally rotate your thighs. You can feel stuck at the beginning and that is the point where so many people stop doing this pose.


10.The side plank:

side plank

The side plank does not seem to be that difficult but it is a difficult pose to perform. Its appearance is deceiving and can cause many difficulties to perform. This pose requires a lot of strength and flexibility with patience. This is the condition where people lag. Therefore, because of its difficulty, it is a less popular asana or pose.