Differences between yoga and exercise

Differences between yoga and exercise

yoga vs exercise: Differences between yoga and exercise

Most of the people think that yoga and exercise are same. Although both of them aim at improving health and fitness providing proper exercise to the body, they are different to each other. Yoga (like Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Bikram Yoga etc) aims at integrating body, mind, and spirit. It is a very ancient philosophy which leads human to enlightenment. An exercise is a form of physical activities which aims at building muscles and strengthening the different organs. Yoga makes the foundation to the physical body and travels to the spiritual world. But exercise simply limited to the physical body. Maharshi Patanjali has given the definition of and a concrete guideline for yoga. Ancient scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagawat Geeta, Puranas etc. have also highlighted the Yoga.

The differences between Yoga and Exercise can be stated in the following points:

  1. Origin of yoga and exercise: The origin of Yoga is Hindu philosophy and flourished throughout the world. But there are different origins of different types of exercises. For example, wushu and kung-fu are originated in China. Similarly, judo, taekwondo, karate, wrestling, gym, kick-boxing, gymnastics etc. have different origins and purposes.
  2. Mindfulness: Exercise simply focus on physical training but ignores breaths and mindfulness. Yoga poses are the sitting, sleeping and standing exercises with a focus on inhalation and exhalation being mindful in both body (posture) and breaths (Pranayama).
  3. The consciousness of yoga and exercise: Asana wants consciousness over body sensation and focuses on a particular chakra. These things are found to be missed in exercise.
  4. Stability: Asana is the practice of physical stability in a particular pose with mental awareness; whereas exercise is the fast movement of the body.
  5. The intuition of yoga and exercise: Asana increases inner awareness, develops intuition and makes prepared for meditation and Samadhi whereas there is no place for meditation and Samadhi in exercise.
  6. Flexibility: It is not that yoga asana does not increase the physical strength. But it mainly focuses to increase the body flexibility whereas the purpose of the exercise is to increase the physical energy and defense the enemy. Regular yoga accelerates energy but cannot increase flexibility, rather it makes inflexible.
  7. Therapeutic purpose of yoga and exercise: Normally sick and unhealthy people cannot do exercise. So it often suits the healthy people only.  But there are some asanas in yoga system to remove the sickness and diseases of the people. So, sick people get health from yoga, healthy people proceeds towards enlightenment through the practice of yoga.  Thus, asanas are used for the therapeutic purpose as well.
  8. Respiration process in yoga and exercise: Respiration becomes faster and short during exercise. But during Asana, it becomes longer and deeper. We can also say that consumption of oxygen during exercise increases whereas, during asana, consumption of oxygen is lowered down.
  9. Duration: Asana is the practice to stay in a particular pose for a longer duration being stable; whereas exercises are often done in a fast motion consuming maximum energy and breaths.
  10. Body temperature in yoga and exercise: During asana body temperature remains same or drops; but exercise raises the body temperature. It means exercise warms up the body and normally focuses on a specific part of the body. But Asana acts for calming the body and involve the entire part of the body. Asana tries to reduce stress and pain in the body
  11. Metabolism: Metabolism process becomes slow in asana, but exercise increases the metabolic rate.
  12. Blood pressure & Heart rate: Blood pressure and heart rate are lowered down in asana. Whereas heart compels to work harder during exercise which rises up both blood pressure and heart rate.
  13. Food Intake: The practice of asana does not increase the food intake, but it lowers the unnecessary food intake. In exercise high amount of strength is required so the person need a higher amount of food.
  14. Tiredness: In asana energy is consumed slowly and regains during relaxation, so you won’t get tired of Asana very fast rather we feel fresh. There is a flow between each yoga asana which is created to regain energy and release the stress of muscles. Whereas in exercise energy is consumed rapidly, also there is no relaxation process. So, you feel tired.
  15. Philosophy: There is no any life philosophy in exercise whereas eight organs of Astanga Yoga have a separate philosophy. The yoga philosophy helps the person for all-round development.
  16. Limitations: Asana can be practiced by all; no restriction on gender and age. But there are limitations in exercise.
  17. Shape: Exercise, like gym and weight-lifting, develops the muscles and gives an attractive shape to the body. But asana deal to improve the vital function of the body such as circulation, respiration including medical benefits etc. Asana increases the longevity of life. Asana also provides a good shape to the body, however, the shape formed by the yoga seems more natural.  Exercise like weightlifting and gym develops bigger muscles away from the bone while yoga pose draws muscles mass into the bone evenly. Bending, twisting, and stretching of the body in yoga asana create lean and strengthens the muscles.
  18. Versatile: Yoga is versatile. Some intense yoga pose like power yoga and vinyasa etc are formed in such a way that they have some properties as that of exercise like increasing blood pressure, boosting heart-beat whereas exercise normally has no properties of Asana.    
  19. Various creatures: Asana tries to give a realization of becoming different creatures of the cosmos. For example, Mayurasana (peacock-pose) gives the realization of becoming a peacock. It develops the wisdom that the soul remains same for all types of body.

In each creature, there are some good qualities that human need to possess. Yoga asana also aims to generate those qualities from different living beings. Yoga creates the union, friendship and harmony with all the beings of the cosmos.

Exercise tries to learn the way of attack and defense like lion, tiger etc. Yet, there is no spiritual oneness in exercise.

Why Yoga in Nepal

yoga in nepal

You may be wondering why yoga in Nepal is one of the best choices for the journey of yoga and meditation. As a part of the eight highest peak of Himalayas, Nepal is a deeply spiritual yogic place. It is one of the best countries to host yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, meditation, healing and many more spiritual learning. So, Nepal is being famous as a ‘Guru country’ (country of yoga Master) all over the world on the path of yoga and meditation.

One of the most spiritual places in Nepal is the sacred Kathmandu valley which is famous with the nickname ‘city of temple’. Whatever you visit to Nepal yoga in Nepal is one of the best experiences with its true source of yoga. Do not miss golden chance to attain the Yoga in Nepal.

Yoga is a journey starting in one’s own self for the sake of uniting with the supreme self. This statement may sound vague. However, the real reason behind pursuing yoga in Nepal is to get union of our ‘self’ with the divine ‘self’ which we believe in as a God, may be as Divine Power or that may be Universal Power. The names are numerous to address of that Supreme Self. The focus here is not the various names given to that Divine self. If we flap the pages of the history how Yoga was propounded, the origin of the yoga goes back to Lord Shiva, the greatest God of Hindu. The very God regarded as the originator of the Yoga had been believed that he had dwelt in the region of Mount Everest and Kailash Parbat (Mountain) which in geographical structure comes under the current Nepal. That’s why the biggest temple of the Lord Shiva called Pashupatinath, the Lord of the ox, is located in the capital city of Kathmandu, Nepal. This proves Nepal is mother land of yoga and yoga in Nepal might be the great achievement in your life. Pashupatinath is the name of the same Lord Shiva. In the veneration of Lord Shiva, millions of followers visit this temple and worship the Pashupatinath.

The significance of the originality is much higher. Nepal, in this regard, is a place where the practice of Yoga actually incepted by the Lord Shiva. In this sense, the vibration of the Lord Shiva can be felt by a yoga practitioner to much extent. The day you land on this divine abode of Lord Shiva, you would get amazed by the natural beauty and amazing Himalayan view it has carried along the natural energy and blessed wave of the Lord Shiva. The practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation can be understood by the holy scripture of the past that the rishis and yogis used to practice such endeavors in Himalayan range and in secluded places like cave and jungle. The reason behind such undertakings is that the nature has more energy to make you alive, agile and close to yourself.  Unless and until one knows himself or herself, he/she entraps on the whirlwind of the world. The day one realizes the importance of finding one’s own self, then he/she  commences his/her aspiring journey of yoga in Nepal.

The worth of yogic pursuit and practice yoga in Nepal carries more meaning because of also being the birth place of one of the greatest yogis of the world, the enlightened being and the light of Asia Buddha. The search of your inner self and the journey to be in the pathway of yoga gets a greater height in this virtuous land of enlightened beings.  When you come in Nepal, you will realize how suitable this place is for your enhancement of yoga path. You will be amazed by the humanity and honor you receive by the people. It would not be much exaggerated if it is said that Nepal is the country where people don’t take meal but they would manage the delicious meal for their guest. Let’s once visit in such a virgin land of the world.

Furthermore, Nepal has been ranked in number one position in the most favorite country to visit in the survey of 2015 AD. This gives us clear idea how this country is in the very list of visit in addition to your yogic quest. Having situated the eight tallest mountains in the world including the tallest Mt. Everest, Nepal is the heaven for the people who are longing for mountainous views, mountaineering and want to experience the other part of the world and how people have been facing their life on such a secluded land. In addition to your research base visit, you can visit for the sake of making you go into deeper state of experience in life through different experiences and ideas you would receive in the visit. Especially the people who have been living in the materialistic world, this can be the place to see the world from another perspective. Your landing on this country would make you wonder if there is such a country totally out of the imagination than rest of many modernized and worldly places of the world. If you are really searching for the calm, tranquility and pristine experience, then your search ends here. In the world crowded by the mechanical and machine-like life, you would be surprised people with simplicity and the ancient looking life in comparison to the renovated world.

Situated at the vicinity of Nagarjuna jungle, Nepal Yoga Home (organization which provides yoga in Nepal like yoga teacher training in Nepal, Yoga Retreat in Nepal) is the destination for the people looking for calm, serene and tranquil environment where they can also view the panoramic scene of Kathmandu valley along with snow-capped mountains on the north side. The stay on this home resembles the experience you get on the spiritual ashrams. The affectionate environment here let you enjoy with the other people of the Yoga Home or you can keep yourself alone and invest the time on total cleansing and depth awareness of yourself through meditation and yogic activities. Since Nagarjuna itself is a name of enlightened person, it’s obvious to feel the vibration and energy of the enlightened monk. You are totally blessed with energy of the surrounding as this is such a fresh and greenery place you could never imagine in the hustling and bustling streets of Kathmandu. If you want to experience the rural setting in the proximity of the Kathmandu valley, your choice would be the perfect one if you decide to visit us. In spite of being luxurious and well-furnished rooms you also experience the closeness to the nature and taste of hygienic yogic foods.

If you’re thinking where to study yoga and meditation, yoga In Nepal best destination for all true yoga seekers. Nepal is considered as a motherland of yoga in all over the world. Nepal is rich in yogic culture, Himalayas, holy river, rainfall, many spiritual mountain, many enlightened yogi, saint, Baba ji with its oldest history on yoga and meditation.  If you learn yoga in Nepal you’ll benefit from the traditional and authentic teaching style of yoga which includes all dimensions of yoga- yoga posture, meditation, breathing, mantra chanting, yoga detox, yoga philosophy on its real form.

If you learn yoga in Nepal you will get the chance to connect to the lineage of yoga that comes from Himalayas by Lord Shiva.

Even you have been practicing since long time, no matter yoga in Nepal gives you different test in yoga in its holy energy of Himalayas. Learning with the Nepali teacher, you will learn from the direct source of yoga tradition and they’ll help you building a practice from the ground level to the advanced level. Nepal is one of the most preferable destinations for spiritual learner from all over the world.

Also Nepal can offer the different courses and trainings of yoga and meditation with different trends and traditions in the spiritual path. Nepal is a yoga hub for students of all nationalities, geography, gender, religion, age groups and any level of students.  Nepal is offering the cheaper prices than many other countries. So, anyone easily can afford the price to join the course in reasonable budgets.

You’ll see temples, monastery, Jungle, Himalayan, village, rainfall, rivers, wild animal and many sacred and holy places where you can feel good energy.

Nepal has variety of meals where you can eat Nepali, yogic, hygienic food. Nepal is one of the safest countries for tourist. It’s easier to be a tourist here because there are many helpful and friendly people you will find.

Nepal is one of the easiest countries for visa process. You can buy visa directly after arrival in Nepal. No unnecessary tension and stress for visa process. So just make a plan and fly to Nepal.

Nepal is the country having with better weather conditions than many other coutnires. Yes, we have many Himalayan ranges where climate is cold.  We have hill and flat region where climate is neither cold nor hot except in two month December and January (these two month is little cold).

Nepal Yoga Home locates on hill range so it has perfect climate. Even on this month it’s warm during the day but little cold at night and morning.

Very interesting thing is you can enjoy the sunbath with blue skies and white puffy clouds.

Nepal has an already vibrant yogi’s pure energy so any one can feel its energy and power of yoga in Nepal.

If you like to book your yoga in Nepal, Nepal Yoga Home is always welcome you. To book your seat mail us in nepalyogahome@gmail.com or click here to fill up your yoga booking form.

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