Do you really need to be a vegetarian to practice yoga? It is one of the most controversial topics in the yoga world. Some say you’re not truly practicing yoga if you eat meat. Others say that it is not necessary to eat purely vegetarian diets. There is not a definitive answer.

On any yoga retreat, you will hear a lively discussion at the lunch table. Most noteworthy is about whether or not yoga practitioners should eat meat. Neither side takes their position lightly. Furthermore, yogis don’t do things without reason

The vegetarians say that Ahimsa, or the yogic practice of nonviolence, prevents them from eating animals. In addition to that it is violent to take the life of another living being. Vegetarian also say that meat-eating does not let us achieve deep states of meditation. Furthermore, it negatively affects the energy body.

Ahimsa translates to nonviolence or non-harming in any form. It can be and is interpreted in many different ways. One of the most common explanation of this concept in the yoga world is being vegetarian.

First of all, yoga is a lifestyle choice. In addition to that, many yogis choose to be vegetarians in compliance with. Most noteworthy, it is a choice. Every person is different and every person can interpret it in his or her own ways.

Most of the strict yogis that say you cannot be yogic without being a vegetarian. And then there is the opposite side of the curve that says what you can eat anything and practice yoga. However, there are plenty yogis who identify themselves as eaters.

Regarding non violence,there are many ways other than just adopting vegetarianism. Everyone has different bodies that require different things, so for some, eating meat may actually equate to nonviolence toward themselves. For others, the opposite may be true. It depends upon the situations.

There are countless people who practice yoga and still receive ceaseless benefits from the practice. Yoga is not defined by what you eat. It is defined by your relationship to your thoughts. Being a vegetarian does not make one yogic and eating meat does not make one non-yogic. Only a yogi can determine his or her own path internally. It is best not to judge others for the choices they make or to try to impose my beliefs upon them.

We encourage you to be a vegetarian. Nepal Yoga Home doesn’t force but we encourage. We believe that yoga is much greater than any food choices. We should be turn our attention inward and listening to our own divinity. It is better to find our own answers about such subjects. Nepal Yoga Home, a pioneer yoga retreat in Nepal, provides yoga training in Nepal. In addition to that we also provide beginner to advanced level yoga training course. At our yoga retreat, we offer vegetarian diets. We grow vegetables in our own garden. These are fresh and organic. The foods that we serve, is also part of yoga diet. Why not be a vegetarian once and experience the benefits yourself. Furthermore, you have your choices. We have listed some of the benefits of being vegetarian below:

1. Vegetarian Diet Is Good For The Body

Having a vegetarian diet can add to the many health benefits of a yoga practice. A vegetarian diet has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, and more. Plant-based foods are generally easier to digest, higher in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, and lower in sugar and calories. Vegetarian foods are also more likely to improve your energy level.

2. Vegetarian Diet Is Good For The Mind

We do yoga to calm the mind. The food you consume has the potential to either help in this process or it can have an opposite effect and increase the waves of negative thoughts in your head.According to Ayurveda, the best foods are those that are grown in harmony with nature.

3. It is a Non-Violent Way To Be Yogi

Yoga classes often open and close with the chanting of Aum—the universal vibration that connects us all. According to the teachings of yoga, all living creatures come from the same divine spark—humans and animals alike.Yoga philosophy also teaches the concept of ahimsa, or non-violence.

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