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Yoga Certification in Nepal

Yoga Certification in Nepal (Yoga Home is Certified by Yoga Alliance International)

Licensed By Yoga Alliance International

Yoga Certification and Accreditation at Nepal Yoga Home

Nepal Yoga Home: Top Yoga School With The Best Yoga Certification in Nepal

Nepal Yoga School is one of the leading yoga schools for getting yoga certification in Kathmandu, Nepal. We’re popular for providing a concrete foundation to those who aspire to connect to their deep spiritual selves and for those who want to attain an excellent yoga certification in Nepal. With its deeply moving, spiritual environment to the yoga aspirants in Nepal, it has been successfully providing beginners level as well as advanced level yoga courses; we are located just five kilometers from Kathmandu nearby Nagarjun Forest Reserve with pleasant environment and mountain view.

Why Choose Nepal Yoga Home For Yoga Certification in Nepal?

We, at Nepal Yoga Home have been providing different yoga certification courses in Nepal including the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Nepal, 500 Hours advanced Yoga Teacher Training Nepal, Yoga retreat Packages like the one night yoga retreat, Seven-night, Eight- Days Yoga retreat, Two weeks yoga retreat to one month yoga retreat to those who want yoga accreditation in Nepal. Over the years we have also been providing Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Soul-healing and Reiki healing facilities. Our services are not limited to this and encompass teacher training certification courses like the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Nepal, Children Yoga Teacher Training Nepal, 100 hours Basic Yoga Teacher Training Nepal, 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Nepal, and Old Age Yoga Teacher Training Nepal.

Certified Yoga Instructors at Nepal Yoga Home

Our team comprises of the most dedicated and determined yogis who have practiced yoga for a long time and have the vision to contribute to the transcending of Himalayan Yoga throughout the world. Become a brilliant Yoga teacher with our yoga certification course in Nepal and our yogis also help you to reconnect to your inner self. We are proud to mention that we have already had the honor of extending our wisdom to yoga enthusiasts from about eighty different countries.

Did you know Yoga and Meditation not only helps your mind but your body and soul? We guarantee that our yoga institute in Nepal shall teach you and train you with the essential aspects of having a peaceful life, providing you with the important art of living with peace in and out. In this yoga certification course, you will attain the ultimate spiritual and yogi guide to connect to your inner self rejuvenating your mental and physical body. A regular yoga and meditation practice are going to make you physically fit, emotionally calm, mentally alert, personally stable and confident about life. We promise you an exquisite spiritual experience and changed the perspective of life after attending Nepal Yoga Home, the authentic yoga school in Nepal.

Get Certified Yoga Courses in Nepal at Nepal Yoga Home

1. 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

This yoga certification is designed for students who prefer to complete 200 hours course in two divisions. This course helps to create yoga awareness and assists you in the practice based on your inclination, at the pace you are comfortable with.

yoga certification in nepal

2. 200 Hours Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

This Yoga accreditation in Nepal Yoga Home helps you to understand Yoga practice in more depth; you will attain the peace of the Trinity; the body, soul, and mind with our yoga lessons in Nepal. The curriculum will empower you to impart knowledge of Yoga practice to others.

3. 300 Hours Certified Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

While the 200-hour yoga certification Nepal creates a foundation for yoga students, this course assists in providing deeper insight on yoga teaching; you can teach beginners, intermediate as well as advanced level students with the help of this course.

4. 500 Hours Accredited Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

This yoga accreditation in Nepal Yoga Home takes around ten weeks to complete and helps you understand the art and science of yoga practice in detail; this can help you flourish physically and mentally. The curriculum will provide a unique dimension to understand and impart Yoga knowledge.

Why Nepal Yoga Home for Yoga Accreditation in Nepal?

Nepal Yoga Home provides globally accredited, detailed yoga teacher training courses in Nepal where you can get an intensive knowledge of yoga from our expert Gurus who have been practicing yoga for years. Whether you aspire to teach professional yoga or just want to get more insight for your spiritual development, sign up for your yogic journey with us in order to achieve a strong foundation and deepen your yoga practice. We provide you yoga programs that match your preferences well.

Get the Best Yoga Certification in Nepal

Choose Nepal Yoga Home for Yoga Certifications in Nepal with our internationally recognized Yoga alliance courses to become a proficient instructor. All you have to do is choose a program that resonates with you well and goes for it passionately. We offer certification in a wide range of yoga traditions and style. We provide different levels of certification depending on the training hours completed. Become an accredited yoga teacher with Nepal Yoga Home and embark on your journey to mental and physical betterment.