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Yoga and Music for Supreme self

Yoga and Music for Supreme self

Yoga and Music have been depicted as two facets of same coin by many mystics, philosophers and spiritual seekers. YOGA IS LIKE MUSIC; THE RHYTHM OF THE BODY, THE MELODY OF THE MIND, AND THE HARMONY OF THE SOUL CREATE THE SYMPHONY OF LIFE” B.K.S. IYENGAR

Even some of the distinguished names in the field of yoga such as Kabir, Meera Bai and Tukaram have been regarded as the enlightened soulds who drank the elixir of music. The goal of yoga is to unite to our individual soul to the Supreme Self. Likewise, the goal of music is believed to lead one to the state of complete bliss and divine state which has close implication with the idea of connecting to the source. It is because the concept and state of bliss has profoundly interlinked with the state of yoga. In this regard, the relation of yoga and music can’t be eschewed. In general sense, the yoga has been understood as the medium to make one healthy, fit and fine with flexible body and balance mind by practicing asanas. Indeed, this is not accepted as the complete meaning of yoga by the experts in yogic tradition. They regard, the practice asana as a tiny part of grandest form which can be crystalized by the allusion of a drop of a water in an ocean. The practice of asana can be a drop of water in a gigantic area of ocean called yoga. With the music, the understanding and implication has been mostly perceived as the way to provide some joy and merriment to sense organs. When the deep notion of music is tried to dig out, the perception may get changed. In its broader horizon, music acquires the connection to the divinity and blissful state. Provided that both have a same target, then they are indirectly or directly are associated to each other.  To make the relation of yoga and music more authentic and apprehensive, an authority of yoga and renowned Yogacharya BKS Iyengar has said, “Yoga is like music; the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”

The relation of yoga and music can be broadened even more from the perspective of Nada Yoga. The word ‘nada’ means ‘sound’. According to Nada Yoga, the existence of the universe is consist of the sound vibration. Furthermore, it believes that all that exists in the universe is connected to sound vibration. In this regard, the Nada Yoga further follows the idea that music has two aspects; internal and external. The internal aspect of music is related to anahata charka. The awakening of the anahata chakra and trying to find the tune with the self is real purpose of internal music whereas the external aspect of the music relates to sensory organs which conveys the music to the consciousness via ears. Either one pursues the external sound or internal sound, both lead to the state of bliss. The only difference these two ways carry is that the internal sound is basically oriented to listen the sound of the self with conscious mind and controlled breath proceeding further to the recollected and rejuvenated state of one’s own self. On the other, the external sound concerns on offering the sense of pleasure to the sense organs which has also been supposed to take one to find the rhythm and reconnection to the self ultimately.

In the comprehensive arena of spirituality, there may be very few things that can’t get included. Otherwise, it’s the largest store of thought, ideas and actions. Yoga and Music, obviously can’t be excluded on this grandeur space of consciousness. In meditation, the practice of chakra meditation has been much popular and highly practiced by the yogic practitioners throughout the world. The practice of chakra meditation has been expansively allied to the sound. The certain sound has been recognized as the seed sound of certain chakra. In order to maintain harmony, balance as well as stimulate and activate the certain chakra, the certain seed sound is chanted. By chanting the mantras, biological glands or those internal psychic centres are recharged and purified to awaken the latent energy remained in the body which works eventually to experience the state of liberation or enlightenment. Here again can be found the direct combination and correlation between the yoga and music in that both aspires to take one to the state of nirvana or moksha.

Benefits of yoga and Music

Music magnifies the mood

When one listens positive music, it has greater effect on the mood.  The music creates the positive, exciting and harmonious environment. A person total recharged and invigorated. Therefore, soulful and serene music for the energizing of the mood is very important. At the time of feeling very gloomy and sluggish, one can listen some inspiring music which definitely inject some soothing sensation on the body and mind.

Music helps to keep aging brain healthy

With the biological age, one tends to lessen ability of the brain. There may not be much thing to do for maintaining the capacity of the brain as sharp as it is at the zenith of youth as well childhood. However, habit like listening music may keep brain healthy. Because of the fact that brain is working always and every time, it needs some cool and calm rest in the form of music. Such music helps to embrace the feeling that one is working for the better mind and mood. Such engagement with the music supports one to maintain the health of the brain.

Happiness is experienced

You will find the happiness in your courtyard of life when you feel the rapport or harmony with some music. The incredible quality of music makes one happy in life. By listening music which makes one excited and thrilled, dopamine hormone is released which is conducive to happiness and joyfulness.  The emotions and thoughts are refined and expressed in the form of music as a catharsis. When one listens music, many postulated and repressed thoughts are expelled and cleansed the mind which leads one to happier state. Interestingly, the music played in a quick tempo with major key makes one happy and the music with slow temp played in a minor key tends to lead one to the state of sadness.

Improves sleep quality

Even the quality of sleep is heightened and improved by music. The serene and soul-touching music also has a greater effect on sleep quality. The quality of sleep is made better by listening calming and relaxing music. Music has been used as a therapy even to cure the sleeping problem like insomnia. Balancing the heart rate, one comes to the state of calmness and collectedness. Therefore, music works for pacifying the mind allowing one to enter into the sound sleep.

Music increases your immune system

The ability of immune system is boosted by music. The music heals the pain and increases the immune system. The capacity of music to decrease the level of stress hormone called cortisol helps one to increase the immune system. The cortisol hormone weakens the immune system and also it can make one victim of bone density, blood pressure, lessening memory and learning power, risking to heart disease.

Reduces depression and anxiety

The music has been found not only the medium of enjoying or sense organs but also to work on the issues of depression and anxiety maintaining blood pressure level and uplifting the mood of a person. Music is taken as a therapy which helps to strengthen the heart and even works as the medium to release the endorphins in the brain which works for the building the vascular health. Furthermore, music has been found to be a placating pill to decrease the heart rate, blood pressure as well as the stress and anxiety of the mind.