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Top 5 Certification of Yoga

Yoga certification is a teacher authority granting that is done by a certain organization. Yoga with its emerging popularity started gaining lots of people who wanted to emerge as teachers. However, being a field that need high knowledge and experience and not everyone being able to do so yoga certification was invented. Yoga certification only allows the worthy and experienced one to be the yoga teacher. Moreover, the yoga certification also manages the flow of people who try to become yoga instructor.

Top 5 yoga certifying organizations are as follows:

1) Yoga Alliance USA
2) Yoga Alliance Australia
3) Yoga Alliance India
4) Yoga Alliance Italy
5) World Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance USA

When yoga began to spread very vastly to the west, people started to think the best way forward is to create yoga certification. Yoga Alliance USA is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of yoga certification. The organization was created in year 1999 with the motive of promoting yoga. The organization developed a voluntary registry to recognize yoga schools and yoga teachers whose training met their existing standards. Year by year yoga alliance developed and enhanced itself as more and more people recognized the organization. Then in 2007 the country went international.

Yoga certification achieved through Yoga alliance is one of the top yoga certifications in the entire world. The organization uses its core curriculum sets to give an individual or organization its yoga certification. From the moment of creation due to good leadership, impeccable service, dedicated team members yoga alliance is only getting better and bigger in the years. As the years yoga alliance came up with online teacher registration.

The feature was available 10 years after the birth of the organization. Due to this online registration system after going international the organization reached to new heights with applicants all over the world. The same year specialized credentials for children and parental yoga were launched by the organization.

Yoga Alliance Australia

Yoga Alliance Australia was established in 2013 with its headquarters located in Sydney. The organization that had humble beginnings, in now considered one of the most innovative yoga organizations of the world. The organization was established by the renowned gurus John Scott, Ginji Lee, Alexandar medin and many others. The organization was established with the objective of developing a voluntary online registry to recognize yoga teachers and schools whose training met their designated standard in various aspects.

The founders with the volunteer board of directors with their specialty in relative fields, massive experience and dedication made the organization what it is today. Due to their massive efforts the organization is now hailed as among best yoga certification in entire world. From its establishment in 2013 the organization has come a long way. Year by year more people joined, the organization also kept renovating and updating itself with time.

Yoga Alliance India

Yoga Alliance India is the first international yoga alliance of India. It came into existence as a registered organization in year 2006. Sri Swami Vidyanand is the founder as well as the president of Yoga Alliance India.It is a vast organization that is providing yoga knowledge and certification to those who want to move ahead in the yoga field. Yoga Alliance India is so vast that it has 185+ certified yoga schools in India with 6000+ yoga teachers.

Yoga Alliance India is very dedicated to nurturing authentic yoga traditions throughout the world. Its certification standard and teaching system and curriculum are one of a kind in the world. The strength that Yoga Alliance India holds over other organizations is its location on the land who gave birth to the yoga. Its source location gives the root connection to the yogic principle and technique, which others will have tough time to get.

Yoga Alliance Italy

Yoga alliance Italy with its curriculum, team and courses made it to one of the top yoga certifications in the world. The organization like in many countries is going ahead with progress never looking back. Yoga Alliance Italy with its unmatched efficiency and one of the best standard set for certification is what it is today.

Yoga Alliance Italy in 2017 with aid of national CSEN, introduced RYS 250 plus standard for yoga teacher training. The method was so amazing and well-integrated that today thousands of Italian as well as International yoga centers practice it. Introducing new Training structure and creating new enrollment levels when the pandemic hit was some of the best decisions of the organization. With the innovations, ideas to tackle the market, professionalism got Yoga Alliance Italy what it is today.

World Yoga Alliance

World Yoga Alliance is an exceptionally large organization and has members over 80 countries worldwide. The headquarters of the organization in located at Swaroop Nagar, New Delhi. It is a non-profit organization that aims to share the yoga knowledge and technique to the world. The organization has an extraordinarily rich history form its establishment to turning into a yoga heaven that it is today.

The concept and amassing of yoga knowledge and professionals started back in the 1990. However, world yoga alliance was officially registered as an organization in 2011 Nov 17th.

World Yoga Alliance has many features and facilities both providing yoga knowledge as well as yoga certification. With its online application and information gathering combined with other features makes it client’s favorite. Due to this remarkable feature and dedication, it is one of most cherished yoga certifications in the world now.

Yoga certification is the yoga trend of today. Moreover, it is also a need of the yoga world. The most important thing yoga certification can do is control the flow of yoga teacher maintaining standard. Today one can wake up and decide he can teach yoga tomorrow. Is it right? Of course, not Yoga teaching is a delicate field. One need a fair share of experience and knowledge to be able to teach yoga. However, that’s where yoga certification comes in. The organizations judge individual on the various aspects of their knowledge, experience and teach them required course and then only provide them with yoga certification.

If someone is aiming to become a yoga teacher, they should aim to get their certification form an organization with best reputation. Then pursue their goal to become a better yoga instructor

Nepal Yoga Home is registered with Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance Australia, Yoga Alliance India, and Yoga Alliance Italy all. So, when you complete your yoga teacher training from NYH then you will be an internationally certified yoga teacher and you can teach yoga all over the world.