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Reiki Healing Training in Nepal

Reiki training in Nepal- Reiki first degree- Reiki level 1

Reiki Healing Training at Nepal Yoga Home

We are offering this Reiki Healing Training course for those who want to do self-healing, self-empower also want to heal other people. This reiki healing training is suitable for all who want to know the secret of reiki energy in its authentic form. We are giving all three degrees of reiki training course in its depth with practical and main authentic root of Buddha who discover the system of reiki healing. To learn reiki by great masters who have long time practice of reiki is very interesting and great chance to achieve life transforming tools for ever.

Nepal Yoga Home is a spiritual center for various spiritual based health programs. Reiki healing (Energy healing) is one of the most important services conducted here. Reiki is way to empower the energy system in body also it has using as an alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki healers apply a technique called palm healing (hands-on healing) or distance healing through which a “universal energy” is transferred through the palms of the healer to the different center of receiver.


People from all the countries are welcomed in this Reiki healing Training in Nepal Yoga Home for healing to balance the energy and to heal their problem with Reiki. Reiki healing is doing here with high-level spiritual masters who have high intensity of spiritual power. The surrounding around Nepal Yoga Home is serene and pure where Reiki practice and Reiki Healing become very effective.

It is a peaceful and holy environment where Reiki energy receiver can feel the energy and Reiki masters can undergo attunement process for effectively channeling the Reiki energy. It is the best place for Reiki since it has the apart from the crowded kathmandu city, far from the pollution and has a beautiful and natural environment nearby a thick forest (Nagarjuna National Park).

How Reiki works

Reiki is universal cosmic energy it has exist everywhere in this universe. This reiki training course offer you how to tune this energy in your body. You will get Dikashya by reiki Master then you will connect with universal reiki energy. After this attunement you will be reiki channel then able to heal. Reiki is the best way to connect the lower energy to supreme energy. This training will teach you who to connect with that supreme power of Reiki. 

 Reiki healer or master receive the reiki energy then they pass the positive energy into the different energy center and part of the body. Reiki master keeps the hands on the affected parts of the body that need to be re-energized. This energy is taken by the receiver in the most required areas of the body. Reiki is a powerful cosmic energy that  will be receive form cosmos then reflect over the receiver.

There are many benefits of reiki among of them the main benefits are as follow

  • Reiki stimulates the healing mechanisms of the body, which helps to function the energy system effectively.
  • Reiki develops immunity power which helps to eradicate diseases from the root level.
  • It reduces stress hormone, unnecessary blood pressure, heart pumping as well as releases happy and relaxing hormones.
  • Reiki shifts from the stress response of “fight or flight” to the relaxation response
  • It restores the balance of the body.
  • Reiki harmonizes the mind body and spirit
  • Reiki helps to remove the sleep disorder
  • Reiki the good to remove the emotional blockages in chakras
  • Reiki help to prevent disease and promote the positive energy.

Reiki energy brings an immediate realization of relief by relaxing the tension, reducing the impact of stress. Reiki is also perceived as the life force; indeed, it provides a new life generating strength and placidity of mind to a stressed-out, tired person.

In similar ways, Reiki works on various physical, mental, and apsychosomatic diseases. It is always advised to receive Reiki energy even for a healthy person for gaining spiritual strength and reenergize the body. Reiki energy has a great frequency of potency and power with healthy vibrations.

Who can take Reiki energy?

Anyone can take Reiki energy. It is beneficial for both healthy and diseased persons. A healthy person takes Reiki to enthuse and energize their body. If you are too much tired and need relief then Reiki power is a better idea. If you have any type of health complication, then you can participate in Reiki healing.

There are various types of diseases, some of them get cured immediately and some of the diseases requires a longer period of time. For example, your headache may be immediately cured by Reiki healing. If it is chronic, then it may require some days of healing. Anyone who want to prevent and cure the health issue or boost the energy can join the reiki healing and reiki energy.

Are positive mind and open heart necessary for Reiki?

Positive mind seating and open heart are the most important factors for spirituality as well as reiki. Positive mind and open heart is the important part of Reiki training and energy system. Reiki also gets active with mind power and positivity. Unless you have positive mind, you neither can be a Reiki healer nor can you receive Reiki energy.

So you need to be positive to Reiki energy. For a deeper understanding of Reiki and positive thinking there are many experiments, and researches. Positive mind seating and reiki has great impact on different plant, flower, herbs, animals and places. Some people remain neutral on Reiki because they don’t know about. Such people can also receive Reiki energy.  

The person who do not know about Reiki also can feel it very well. Those who have  no prejudged on Reiki can enjoy and cure the problem through reiki.  So, a neutral person can also receive Reiki energy. But the people with negative mentality on Reiki cannot receive Reiki energy neither he could be healer.

Is it necessary to follow moral and ethical life for Reiki?

A Reiki healer or a Reiki master must walk on the path of truth. They must be honest to themselves. Unless they follow moral and ethical life, they cannot pass Reiki energy to the patients or Reiki receiver. But there is no compulsion of ethical life for a Reiki receiver. Yet, after receiving Reiki energy, your mind becomes purer. Gradually, a Reiki receiver also starts to go ahead on the path of truth and honesty. The life starts being changed and Reiki receiver also begins to adopt moral and disciplined life.

Thus let us enjoy Reiki power and Reiki healing at Nepal Yoga Home in a heavenly environment. It has always been seeking for the progress of humanity.  The Reiki Training course offers in Nepal Yoga Home are as follows:

  1. First Degree Reiki Healing Training Course
  2. Second Degree Reiki heaking Training Course
  3. Third (Masters) Degree Reiki Healing Training course

First Degree Reiki Healing Training Course


rreiki healing training in nepal

It is one of the amazing reiki initiation in your body. It has lot of the information about how to connect to the supreme power of universal reiki energy. Reiki master will give you. You will learn following things in reiki

  • Introduction of reiki energy
  • Reiki and positive mind
  • Brain wave and reiki
  • How to connect reiki energy
  • Principle of reiki energy
  • Law of reiki energy
  • Reiki and light energy
  • History of Reiki
  • Reiki and Buddhisam
  • Reiki and energy system
  • Reiki and chakra system
  • Way to purifying chakra
  • How to balance and stimulate the chakra
  • Bija mantra and chakra
  • Colour and chakra
  • Reiki meditation
  • Self-healing by reiki
  • How to develop the reiki energy
  • Some precaution of reiki
  • How to start the reiki healing?
  • How to heal in different point of reiki
  • Major Reiki points
  • Reiki for different problem

Reiki Second Degree Training Course

Reiki Second degree training course has ideas of distance healing. On this Second Degree of Reiki Healing you will get review of Reiki 1st and will learn the Reiki Symbol which is main tools to do distance healing. Distance healing is helpful to heal if some of your family or student are far from you.

There are very powerful symbol after leaning you can heal yourself too. This symbol are helpful for developing the mental strength, emotional strength and spiritual strength. If you want to self-empower or want to heal someone this reiki second degree training course is best fit for you.

You will learn following thing in reiki 2nd degree training course:

What reiki energy is?

Reiki and our brain weave

Reiki and our daily sadhana

Reiki symbol and its importance

Way to use reiki symbol

How to do touch healing?

How to do distance healing

Group healing by reiki symbol

Single person healing by reiki energy

Single person healing by reiki  symbol

How to heal energy center?

Reiki for success

Reiki Sadhana

Daily use of reiki energy

Reiki for success

Reiki for good relation

Reiki and chakra system

Reiki meditation

Way to cleanse the room and house by reiki

Reiki treatment

Meditation and reiki

Positive thinking and reiki

Pranayama and reiki

Asana and reiki

Kundaliki and reiki

Reiki to awaken the kundalini

Importance of reiki for prevention of health

Food and reiki

Cloth and reiki

Reiki and liberation

Reiki Third Degree Training Course

Reiki third degree training course is good to the seeker of truth and life. You will learn more reiki symbol and different reiki sadhana system.  Those who are very devoted for reiki this course could be the very good. This course is allowed after 9 month of reiki second degree healing training course. This course gives overall information of reiki 1st and 2nd and higher practice for third.

This course gives you the authority to teach reiki 1st and 2nd. This course is advance reiki healing course after this course there is no other degree so it has called Grand Master course for reiki.  This course will offer you how to create new reiki studio, the way to handle problem during the professional healing life.

This is the course after which makes you matured as all-rounder healer what so ever the problem. Also this reiki training course is great to learn different reiki meditation and mindfulness techniques which is very importance for all reiki masters.

You will learn following topic:

  • Powerful reiki symbol
  • Higher reiki sadhana and meditation
  • How to be good healer
  • You will receive the third channel of reiki
  • It gives the better confidence to teach 1st and 2nd reiki
  • You will clear about chakra and its science
  • You will learn the authentic way to boost the reiki energy
  • You will learn how we can prepare our body to receive higher cosmic energy
  • This course is best bit to learn therapeutic approach of reiki
  • You will learn which chakra is more importance to heal in different problem
  • Way to regulate and stimulate the chakra system
  • This course is fit for those who want to deepen with reiki sadhana will get the way
  • Food and reiki energy
  • Colour and reiki energy
  • Yoga and reiki energy
  • You can open your own reiki studio after this course
  • Some yogic process to develop the receipt power of reiki
  • Some pranayama and asana
  • Mindfulness meditation etc.