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What is Past Life Regression?

According to Hindu, Buddhist and many other eastern religious philosophies, we reincarnate here in the world again and again to pay our Karma until we get totally purified. Past life Therapy is to know our previous life and we were reborn here in the past in many lives. Our subconscious mind keeps all the records of past lives but we are not consciously aware about that. And the amazing factor is that that memory can affect our conscious mind.

Past life regression is recalling our memories from our past lives and we can experience, what happened in our past lives. No matter what is our religious background to know our past lives. It is not necessary to believe in past life to reach in our past life. Simply, it is like a deep meditation during regression with advance process and technique. In Buddha’s time, it was necessary to know ones past lives to be his disciple. If the disciple knows his or her past lives, he can concentrate on his or her purposes.

Every events of our life what had happened in our life and beyond, reside inside us in a subconscious level. Those events affect us in every steps of our life. Unresolved negative events affect us negatively. To resolve the events, we should reach when the problem started. In past life Therapy, we reach to the time when the problem originated. If we reach to the point, we can be free from the feeling of that event. And we understand the reason of the problem and we become free from our past.

Past Life Researchers & Fact

Our mental and some physical diseases may be connected with any of our past lives. If we go in our past life, when our problem started, we can be healed. Nowadays it has been curious subject matter for us. Some writers are writing about it and make it simplified but we cannot be satisfied without our own experience.

In the west, it has been an interesting subject because a lot of researches have been done about past life therapy/regression. There are a lot of authentic best seller books about past life regression with real session descriptions. Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Michael Newton are best seller writers about past life regression and they both do past life regression to the people.

It was used for spiritual progress in ancient time but now it is used for mental and physical healing as well as spiritual purpose.

Past life regression is the method of hypnosis by a good mediator. We can see our past lives in the instruction of a mediator. We see our past lives like movie watching. All the memory from our many past lives is recorded in our subconscious mind. So, if we reach in trance in deep level we can answer what instructor asks us to answer. We can see our between lives as well, when we are in our soul state not in body.

Past life is effective to understand our present life as it is, the life we have is perfect to live with satisfaction.

Past life regression can help for our personal progression and healing of our mind and body. People are so curious to know their past lives when they know about this and it can give a lot of benefits in our life.

It Might be transformative and insightful process for anyone who wants to search

  1. Very helpful to understand the purpose of our life.
  2. It can release our past life’s trauma and root of physical problems.
  3. We can experience our death in the past and metaphysical state that is called heaven.
  4. Very useful for releasing the fear and anxieties that is linked in past lives.
  5. It increases our abilities and talents from the past lives.

Most of us want to know the meaning of our life. We are curious to know what kind of life should be lived to spend our life for what purpose we are born. Past life therapy is beneficial to those who are seeking meaning of their life.

For many, it has been a kind of fantasy when they listen about this. It is natural because most of us are not aware of our past lives. Even though, many researchers have proved that our past life existed and that can directly affect us mentally as well as physically. It can be breakthrough of their life who reaches to their past life.

If we search the spiritual aspect of our life, past life regression can help us in many ways.

If we go to our past life, we will have a lot of benefits. So, why need to ignore it?

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