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15 Hacks On How To Be happy?

Happiness is a weird concept. Everyone in the world wants to be happier. Everyone from beggar to king, poor to billionaire no one can say they are perfectly happy and are still trying to be happier than they currently are. You can never have complete and utter happiness but you can definitely be happier than you were.
Here are the 15 hacks on how to be happy:

1) Exercise
Research suggests physical exercise decrease anxiety, the stress in the body. Firstly physical exercise helps to control your weight, reduce the risk of cardiac diseases, improves the mood and attitude of a person. Furthermore, When you do a physical exercise the excess fat on your body will be removed. This results in a well-ripped body and who wouldn’t be happy with a well-ripped body looking best you can.

2) Traveling
Travelling makes almost everyone happy. Traveling and taking a break from your mundane environment can add a spark of happiness in your life. For instance, the cause of unhappiness in some 10 to 5 working people can be the monotonous day to day activity, if that is the cause traveling is the answer for your how to be happy question.

3) Escape social media
Social media is a double edge sword, if you won’t use it wisely it will likely harm you. The social media world is mostly exaggerated, most are not what they show in this world. In this glitter people, non-voluntarily compare themselves with others and kill their happiness. If this is the case you should take a break from social media or should put a limitation on how much to use.

4) Spend time with your elders
Our elders have spent more time in this world than us and they know more about this world than us. In other words, take a time to spend it with your elders and family. At the end of the day, they are among the few in this world who care for you. If loneliness causes your unhappiness they are your key to how to be happy.

5) Good company a great way on how to be happy

You certainly are what you surround you with. If your friends are without ambition, drains your happiness, discourages you then its time to find a better crowd for you. However, you also must be one to encourage and care for your friends. You must also be that kind of friend that you hope your friends are.

6) Clear goal and ambition
Sometimes the cause of your unhappiness is aimlessness. You see your colleagues and friends walking towards their dreams and you may feel a bit left out. But above all, you should focus on yourself and work very hard and have faith eventually you will get everything you worked hard for.

7) Clean your surrounding
It looks a bit odd comparing other ways but a tidy and clean environment has more effect on you than you would imagine. Positive and clean surroundings have a positive and fruitful effect on you. Wake up and clean room before going to work or study, even if the day goes wrong and bad you would still have a tidy surrounding and clean bed to return to and that can improve your mood.

8) Develop healthy habits
A good habit can have a lifelong impact on you. For instance, you can give up smoking or drinking, this will improve your health and others around you, save your money, furthermore even discourage your children or friends to quilting drinking, or smoking. Its never too late to adopt healthy habits.

9) Learn new skills
For some elderly and peoples, life can be lonely. Loneliness can cause severe unhappiness. The lonely time with yourself becomes too much of a burden to bear. If you are going through that you can use your time for learning new skills, recreational activities. May be learning is the remedy for your how to be happy?

10) Yoga and meditation

Simply putting yoga is the series of postures done for better mental, physical health. Yoga and meditation classes can reduce stress, anxiety, and even boost the confidence level in you. It was found that people practicing daily yoga and meditation were more happy, stable, and energizing than their non-practicing counterparts.

11) Sleep more
Sleep is the best natural medicine that our body has. Sleep heals you mentally and physically. It gives proper rest and recharges your body. A good night’s sleep can improve your mood and attitude hugely. To think it like that it is better to sleep than keep overthinking about worthless things. Maybe a peaceful good night’s sleep was all you needed for how to be happy query.

12) Help others
Helping others and involving in volunteering as well as charity acts immediately improve our mood. It makes you generous and gives you a positive feeling. It will inspire your children to be more kind to the less fortunate ones. Maybe a little bit of charity and a voluntary act was needed all along for you to be happy.

13) Communicate
Communicating is the key to solving many kinds of disputes. A dispute between two individuals is sometimes the cause of unhappiness. Not every time but sometimes not expressing their thoughts creates a barrier between the peoples. So talk communicate and may become to a mutual agreement.

14) Make an effort

Living life means you have to constantly give effort to many things. You have to give effort to your relationship, job, family, friends, goals. Instead of giving up on small obstacles you should push harder. May be things that will give you immense happiness is just an effort away.

15) Be happy with what you have
The last and the most important key to being happy is to be happy with what you have. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue excellence, wealth, and dreams. Dream and work hard but the goals should be within your field of vision and it should make you happier not the opposite. Maybe what you have already makes you happier than what you think gaining will make you happier.