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Do Your First Yoga Experience In Nepal, The Authentic Place For Yoga

This article will show you my first yoga experience in Nepal. I had wanted to take yoga courses for a long time, but I was apprehensive about getting started. I used to worry that I would seem out of place amongst the limber individuals doing incredible yoga positions. However, I was completely incorrect! I have come to understand that yoga training has been beneficial in helping me reduce stress and become more conscious of the importance of living in the moment. Isn’t it incredible?

Why is Nepal Best for Yoga Experience?

This location is one-of-a-kind. I could not have asked for a more pleasing environment to complete a yoga teacher-training program. From the depths of yoga’s origins to the simplest pleasures of laughter and smiles, it teaches you the importance of maintaining a healthy balance in your life. Every one of the professors has their unique thoughts and points of view, and it is this diversity helps to make the lessons so comprehensive. As soon as you walk through the door, the atmosphere and the Prakash family will make you feel at ease. I first learned the truth about what yoga is about, particularly in the philosophy sessions, where lectures are delivered with great passion and commitment to the practice.

first yoga experience in nepal

The set consists of a warm and welcoming ambiance in which you will be welcomed and cared for by a selfless and caring family of practitioners. You cannot place a monetary value on the invaluable insights you will get from all of the professors here, who are unquestionably the finest at what they do and who use innovative teaching approaches.

The classroom is energized by a varied collection of non-judgmental, helpful, compassionate, and, most importantly, treat each other as if they were members of their own family. I like the dynamic of knowledge sharing among the folks with whom I spend a lot of time. The most significant thing is that you may also have your own time and space to devote to your demands and requirements.

I am looking forward to my first visit to a yoga retreat right now.

It is something you should expect on your first day as well. Here are something that I face during my first yoga experience.

I was dripping wet with sweat!

First thing in my first Yoga Experience. Make sure you are prepared, you people! Yoga is a full-body workout in and of itself. After a full 15-minute yoga practice, I never anticipated being completely drenched in sweat. The majority of people believe that yoga consists of favorable positions. Although it is true, even a moderate yoga flow may cause you to sweat, just like any other fitness plan.

Poses that seem to be simple are often back-breaking!

The second thing in my first Yoga Experience. Just because the trainer seems to be doing it easy does not imply it! Yoga positions need a great deal of concentration and perfect breathing. It may seem that maintaining a job is simple to you, but your body will have to work harder to keep it. In the beginning, you may not strike the same position as everyone else! However, do not worry, everything will be OK. It will not affect your enthusiasm for yoga. I could not reproduce identical postures on the first day, but the setting was pleasant, and I did not feel intruding.

yoga experience in nepal

I could not even pronounce the majority of the asanas

Three things in my first Yoga Experience. Your yoga instructor may use Sanskrit terms that you are unfamiliar with and find difficult to understand. Although most professors use English names, you will soon begin to know some of them after some time.

Impressive Begging

Impressive begging is another significant part of my first Yoga Experience. However, it is an excellent trap! Yoga begins with the singing of the word ‘om.’ You sit there making sounds while doing absolutely nothing! Chanting the word “Om” signals the start and end of a yoga session, which is used at both times. As repeated, the expression produces a vibration with the same frequency as found in all things in nature.

Depending on the situation, you may also hear your instructor utter ‘Namaste’ at the beginning or conclusion of the lesson. In India, the greeting ‘Namaste’ means ‘I bow to you,’ which is used to express respect. It is used to express gratitude to those who are close to you.

There is a physical exchange of contact.

Another aspect of my first yoga experience. Essentially, your yoga trainer will modify you to ensure that you are in the proper poses. These changes will surely help you correct your posture and stances, even though they may seem scary at first.

Savasana is, without a doubt, a calming position!

Savasana is a yoga term that means’ corpse position.’ It is a resting position frequently practiced at the end of a yoga lesson. It entails lying down on the floor, pleasantly and silently, with no thoughts running through your head. It is similar to sleeping but without sleep! It is all about having fun! Savasana induces complete relaxation, allowing you to rest until the end of the lesson.

If you are in Savasana, it may not recommend that you stand up and leave the class. Even though it only lasts two to five minutes, it is an essential aspect of a yoga practice. Your instructor may explain the significance of this stance, which includes letting the body absorb up the practice’s energy and benefits. After a challenging yoga class, it is a beautiful method to relax both your body and mind.

At first yoga experience, I planned to attend yoga classes twice a week, but I am finding that I am becoming hooked to the practice. Now that I am doing yoga five days a week, I have improved my flexibility, strength, stress reduction, and good sleep.

I highly recommend Nepal yoga Home for your first yoga Experience.


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