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Corporate Yoga and Wellbeing Training Course

[ Duration, of the course, depends from one to many days depending on the need of organizations ]

Nepal Yoga Home has been offering Corporate Yoga and Wellbeing Courses in various parts of the world in order to promote health status naturally of the employees. Only healthy staff can form healthy companies or business industries. If the employees are healthy they can work better. If they are peaceful they can deal with clients better.

corporate yoga and wellbeing training course

What is corporate yoga?

The yoga classes that are conducted at the workplace is said to be corporate yoga programs. This is targeted for the employers, employees, and all the staff of the company. Since it allows the opportunity to learn, practice, and teach within the same group of people every week, it will become lots of fun and enjoyable. It gets to know them well where you can tailor all the classes to customize them. For staff, corporate yoga programs will be appropriate.

Importance of corporate yoga Programs

  • Life in today’s world is too busy. Everybody cannot visit a yoga studio for practicing yoga. If yoga is offered at the workplace, even the busy staff will get the opportunity to practice yoga.
  • For a company, it proves to be great if the staffs are healthy. Unhealthy people cannot work better.
  • Life today is full of restlessness. Lack of peacefulness, stress, tension, etc has created problems in the staffs’ mind. This will naturally create problems at work. Thus corporate yoga will be very helpful.
  • The company, business industries, etc will get uplifted if the working staffs are healthy and peaceful. Corporate Yoga Programs will help to attain this stage.
  • Corporate yoga will create a peaceful and harmonious environment in the workplace.

Aim and objectives of corporate yoga Programs

  • To teach yoga for the company staffs according to their demand and necessity.
  • To improve the health status naturally of staffs by strengthening the immune system.
  • To make the work-life peaceful and happy.
  • To become free from stress and tension.
  • To teach the art of healthy life naturally.
  • To awaken the potentialities of the staff.
  • To bring harmonious relationships among bosses and staff.
  • To enhance the working capacity. If you are free from stress you can work for longer without being tired.
  • To develop a positive attitude.
  • To make proactive.
  • To teach the art of becoming happy at work rather than on fruits.
  • To make the staff process-oriented rather than result-oriented.
  • To teach the right living and balanced life at work or in other places.

Corporate Yoga Programs includes the following teachings


Asana is the way to align the internal and external system to adjust it the celestial geometry; to become in sync with nature or existence. It also makes you realize, understand, and sensate various creatures, living things, and non-living things. Asanas have threefold effects- physical, mental, and spiritual.


It is the breathing technique, breathing exercise, breathing strategy to learn breathing ethics. Pranayama will make you understand the science of breathing. This will finally teach you the art of breathing. Pranayama directly deals with the mind. This will reveal various changes in the body as well.


It is the nourishment of the soul. There are various techniques for meditation. According to personality different types of people like unique techniques. Some techniques of meditation will suit a type of people, while other types of people may favor different techniques. Here you will learn many techniques of meditation.

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation is a very important part of life. It includes savasana (corpse pose), and yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). This will reenergize you immediately. It is an inseparable part of asana. Relaxation techniques can be applied in daily life too.


It is a yogic lock within the body to uplift the energy system to a higher level is included in our corporate yoga programs. Its main purpose is to stop the energy flow to get wasted rather than channeling it towards spirituality. Every moment, metaphysical energy is flowing within the body. If we are conscious of the energy flow Bandha will help to restrict the wastage of energy. This energy has great power with unlimited possibilities. Here you will learn control and regulation of energy.


Mudra generally means gesture, sign, or attitude. There are various types of mudras- hand mudra, Kaya (body) mudra, Mana (mind) mudra, etc. Each mudra has a special quality. They are very useful to balance the prana system and five elements of the body.

Stress Management

Stress management techniques will help you to witness your root of stress and uproot it. You will also learn to change the stress into positivity. When you learn how to deal with various situations and the art of being balanced in various ups and downs, you will always be free from stress.


Mantras has psychic and spiritual vibration. It works within the body and environment with great effects. Mantras are very useful to strengthen the mind and improve in spiritual development which is included in the corporate yoga programs.

Health Tips

The bitter truth is- drugs (allopathic medicine, vaccine, etc) cannot give you real health. Real health is within the body. It’s your immunity power to make you free from diseases and give you real health. You will get health tips by which you can attain perfect health without medicine.

Self-Hypnotic Techniques

The body works according to mind patterns. Life becomes miserable if you have negative thoughts. It’s the mind to make life happy or sorrowful, bounded, or liberated. Self-hypnotic techniques will free from negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. The self-hypnotic technique can be used to remove diseases, to change bad habits, to energize mentally, to go to meditation, etc.


Note: It has been observed that the company where staffs are healthy, yoga-asana, and meditation practitioners; such company has progressed earlier. On the one hand, it’s due to decreased bribery and decreased corruption on another hand better manpower is created with yoga. When one is peaceful, healthy, and wise; how one can do wrong activities. There always happens better and better.