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5 Days Pranayama  Retreat in Nepal | Breathing Retreat in Nepal

The 5-days pranayama retreat in Nepal is aimed at highlighting the importance of pranayama. In our daily lives and comprises the study of the various practical aspects of this discipline. Pranayama, one of the fundamental aspects of Hatha Yoga, has its own height and reputation in the practice of yoga.

Putting the importance with the breathing and its certain facets to follow, pranayama retreat is practiced to increase the pranic energy in the body. The practice of pranayama extends its horizon ranging from inhalation, exhalation, to retention. While retaining the breath, one can perform it inwardly and outwardly i.e. internal retention and external retention.

pranayama retreat

During the practice of breathing retreat, pranayama has been positioned and esteemed at a higher level. It is regulated with the breathing, the element being instrumental and indomitable for a person to live with the physical body. Or in other words, breathing is such an invaluable and inalienable feature and phenomenon of life. It is always needed for the existence of the present physical body that we have.

In the breathing retreat, it is supposed to remain or contain the vital force or life energy which is called ‘prana’. The yogic practice for the extension and augmentation of the same vital life force energy is known pranayama.

What do you understand about Pranayama?

When the understanding of the pranayama leads one deeper, it becomes understandable that pranayama is the state in which the breath has been held. It means to say that the gap between inhalation and exhalation is called retention, which exactly is the practice of pranayama and we focus on these things during this pranayama retreat program.

Hatha Yoga stances itself as a yogic practice which mainly focuses on the purification of the mind commencing from the physical body. The ultimate goal being the union of sun and moon energy. Hatha Yoga strives to bring balance to the left and right energy channels leading one to attain the activation of the Sushumna energy.

For all this state to realize in one’s life, Hatha Yoga recommends the practice of shat karmas, asana, pranayama and meditation as quintessential aspects to follow. The ultimate goal of yoga is to unite oneself with the supreme self. In order one to help aspire one’s to pursue the Supreme Self or the state of Samadhi. Hatha Yoga asserts the process of purifying the body first through the practice of shat karmas and asana.

Furthermore, the practice of pranayama posits as a significant part to balances the energy channel. In this regard, Pranayama seems to be highly crucial yogic practice for one to follow the flow of the yoga. As the necessity and inclination to the Hatha Yoga appear to be magnifying day by day, pranayama, as being its fundamental aspects. It has been felt to make it more open and accessible to many yoga aspirants who prefer to trail the trajectory of yoga in insightful and unfathomable level. Here we’ve come up with 5 Days Pranayama Retreat Program.

What can you expect in this Pranayama  Retreat?

We’ve been fortunate to possess the serenest location in the lap of Nagarjuna jungle, the tranquil milieu to soothe your mind and relax your body. The surrounding looks of a greenery ambiance which will lead you to the state of calmness, positive frequency vibrated by the abode and stay of spiritual seekers and holy souls from all around the world.

During your 5 Days Pranayama Retreat program, you will be blessed with both the spiritual knowledge and kind of exotic feeling which takes you to the realm of enjoying with the self. The most key accomplishment in life would be to know how to enjoy with yourself. You will be introduced and bestowed with such eternal idea of finding the peace within you through the practice of your own breath.

You will move and play with your own breathing which will lead you to the state of approving and multiplying the positive traits of harmony, kindness, acceptance, love, and affection to yourself and to the rest. The 5 days pranayama retreat program with its absolutely in-depth practice of pranayama can be the boon to change your life in every aspect.

Who can receive the benefit of this 5 days retreat?

pranayama retreat is specially designed for those aspiring spiritual seekers and the peace-searcher who have been roaming and wondering in the realm of their life to get a good result in overall aspects of their life. This is the pranayama retreat course dedicated to those who are keen to enhance their yoga journey in bottomless level on the one hand. On the other, it is powerful program for all those whose real search is peace and harmony in their own life with themselves and with others.

The well-understood fact of life is that without being peaceful within and pleasant with oneself, both don’t happen with the world.  When one is not having congruence and coherence in one’s life, the search in the world and material achievement seems as if one has fallen from the building but he/she thinks he/she is flying. We teach you well about how to inhale and exhale, how to control your breath, when to pause your breath, when to breathe through the mouth and when through the nose in this breathing retreat.

When one falls on the earth with bump cracking and fracturing limbs and ligaments, one is made clear with a bitter answer that it was not the flying but falling. In the same manner, when one tries to search the quietude with the external world, the search ends with the pathetic result until one realizes that the real search is an internal one. Exactly, with the very purpose of helping and healing one to follow the path of the internal world of oneself through the yogic practice, 5 Days Pranayama retreat Program has been offered.

Final Words about Our Breathing Retreat

The 5 Days Pranayama retreat Program has targeted to offer the exuberant outcome to the pursuers who aspires to have a stress-free, anxious-free and tension-free life. It’s not the matter of giving you one sentence of mantra which will heal all the issues of life. Instead, it’s practice to be regulated in the days to come as an integral part of life which definitely change your life supporting you to change the perspective of life.

The 5 Days Pranayam retreat Program is marked with the best of hope and confidence to help one to heal the physical, mental and psychological issues which are acute to chronic. In this sense, the 5 days pranayama retreat program can be highly valuable and beneficial program for healing your body, mind, and soul in an integrated manner.

Above all, it can be for each and every one who wants to enjoy and dip into the ocean of yoga. If you are interested to taste the elixir of yoga, 5 Days Pranayama retreat Program can be one of the best yogic tonics of your life.

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