21 days life changing Yoga Meditation retreat Nepal

21 days life changing Yoga Meditation retreat Nepal

yoga meditation retreat

Can yoga and meditation change your life? Yes it can, but you need the desire and   hunger to uplift from your normal life. If you are searching for a way to change your life come and join our “21 days life changing yoga meditation retreat” to change your life at the Nepal Yoga Home.

Are you busy, running around, feeling stressed, in need of some new healthy habits or just to relax for a few weeks, Nepal Yoga Home will guide you to live life more joyful and peaceful. In this yoga meditation retreat course you’ll be supported in a truly relaxing environment where you can learn effective techniques of yoga and meditation to deal with situations in your life.

If you have reached a conclusion in your life that a new direction is required, then your half way there on your quest to find the real YOU!

Three weeks of life changing yoga meditation retreat course will enrich your mind, body, soul and create new habits for a life filled with purpose and inner balance.

Nobody can change your life except you. You are the artist of your own life.

“Life transformation is a continuing process to purify your inner being. Continue practice of meditation will change your life as you discover what it’s like living from an entirely different platform.  You will realize your inner most being once you get to experience this miraculously, fruitful transformative journey. Soul searching yoga and meditation changes you every day into someone better than the person you were before. It is more accurate to say that yoga meditation retreat helps you remove the obstacles that obscure who you really are, as it helps you to become fully present allowing you to fully express your true nature. If practiced correctly, yoga meditation retreat helps to break down the psychological, spiritual, social, emotional and physical obstacles that inhibit us from thriving.

One of the greatest teachings of soul meditation is to welcome with a wide-open heart for all the everyday ups and downs of life. This Yoga meditation retreat helps to elevate your subconscious mind. It is the pathway to true transformation.

Yoga and meditation is art of evolutionary existence. A committed practice bears the fruits of transforming body, mind and spirit. If you are a seasoned practitioner, try new types of authentic yoga from Himalayan country Nepal. Nepal is birth place of yoga and meditation. People come here from all over the world to search the root and true source of yoga and meditation. Internationally, Nepal yoga home is one of the leading organizations on the path of life transformation. Apart from practicing flexibility of the body in yoga, we emphasized more on the practice of flexibility of the mind. As you become more in tune with your body and mind, you will begin to listen to your intuition/inner peaceful voice.

200 hours yoga teacher  training and 500 hours advanced yoga teacher training course is more focused on how to be a good yoga instructor, how to practice and more focus on alignment etc  where as on this life changing yoga meditation retreat you’ll have the time to discover who you are and what makes you healthy and happy. This life-changing yoga meditation retreat is designed around you and include Soul searching Yoga and meditation.

According to soul yoga we have four bodies: The Physical body, subtle body, casual body and The soul body.

➢ To balance physical body we offer special yogic detoxification, Asanas (Yogic Postures).

➢ To balance casual body we offer Pranayama (control and expansion of vitality through breath) and Chanting of Bij-Mantra and celebration in Bhajana.

➢ To purify your casual body we offer special Soul meditation, which is the greatest pathway to change your inner world.

We also offer: Mul- Mantra through our main guru Swami Acharya Prakash. Also those who want to experience the unique Moun Sadhana (The Practice of total silence) our instructor will guide you very well.

To realize your spirit we show the path of Samadhi (state of higher consciousness), which is your ultimate pathway to achieve the truth in your life.

Why this 21 days life changing yoga meditation retreat course?

  • To discover your spiritual growth.
  • To detox your body and mind.
  • To learn about your authentic source of being.
  • To find your right path of life.
  • To enhance your inner energy and inner peace.
  • To encourage yourself to a healthy and natural life.
  • To find your balance of body, mind and soul.
  • To explore the energy center (chakras) of your body.
  • To learn powerful techniques to feel better emotionally, spiritually and physically.
  • To learn self-healing techniques.
  • To develop quality of life and to realize what brings you contentment
  • To learn the simple yogic lifestyle.
  • To heal your past life so as to feel calmer and happier
  • To be healthier, younger and develop good positive energy
  • To develop an inspiration to embark onto the next step in your life
  • To be a confident, amazing, happy person in this world.

What will you learn in this life-changing yoga meditation retreat course?

  • More than 50 Asanas (postures) will be taught starting from basic postures including therapeutic groups of asanas, Pawanmuktasana Part I (Anti-rheumatic group), II (Digestive/abdominal group), III (Energy releasing Postures) and Surya Namaskar (Sun salutation), Chandra Namaskara (moon salutation) etc.
  • Various kinds of Dhyana (Meditation).
  • Yoga Style: Our main yoga style for this yoga meditation retreat is Patanjali base Astanga Yoga and research Base hatha Yoga besides this we will teach Shivanand Yoga, Restorative yoga, Iyenger Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Raj Yoga etc.
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises) more than 15 kinds of pranayama.
  • Yogic Relaxation. (A complete relaxation technique- physical, mental and emotional)
  • Mantra chanting to achieve mastery over monkey mind.
  • Mudra introduction and practice.
  • Bandha introduction and practice.
  • Introduction and practice of Chakra meditation and chakra cleansing process.
  • Shatkarma (6 types of cleansings); Neti, Dhauti, Vasti, Nauli, Kapalbhati and Trataka. Among of them we practice few effective technique of detox process.
  • Introduction and practice of Pratyahara (Withdrawal of sensory organs.)
  • Introduction and practice of Dharana (Practice of awareness and Concentration).
  • Introduction of various kinds of Yoga: Raja yoga (Ashtanga yoga), Hatha yoga, Karma yoga (action on yoga), Bhakti yoga (Yoga of devotion), Jnana yoga (Yoga of knowledge).

The main components to change your life are as follows:


This three week life changing yoga meditation retreat offer you different styles of meditation which are really effective to change your level of consciousness. You will experience powerful and effective meditation style by highly experienced yogi. During this yoga meditation retreat you will make different experiment on your laboratory of life to know yourself. Soul meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Buddha style of meditation, So- Ham meditation are like fire which helps remove all the impurity from your mind and emotions. These meditations are helpful to connect with your true being. When you’re connected with your true self, it makes easy to know who you really are.

Meditation help clears the mind and creates mindfulness to a more meaningful life. If you train yourself with the right meditation, peace becomes your real nature.

You will learn following meditation techniques:

❖ Soul meditation

❖ Chakra meditation

❖ Mindfulness meditation,

❖ So-ham meditation

❖ Breathing meditation

❖ Vipassana meditaion

❖ Jyoti meditation

❖ Buddha style of meditation

❖ Mantra meditation etc.

Asanas (Different physical postures)

Yoga asana has a vital role to reduce stress from muscles, bones and nerves system. Asana helps to regulate the function of glands and organ to maintain a healthy body which is the foundation of a happy life. In this three week life changing yoga retreat you will learn different yoga asana based on hatha yoga and Patanjali Astanga yoga. During this stay you will learn more than fifty yoga posture which is enough for a healthy body. On these three week stay you will learn following group of yoga postures:

  • Micro level yoga asana group
  • Yogic Jazzing group
  • Sun salutation postures
  • Moon salutation postures
  • Balancing postures group
  • Vajrasana postures group
  • Padmasana postures group
  • Inverted postures group
  • Forward bending postures group
  • Backward bending postures group
  • Twisting postures group
  • Stretching postures group
  • Strengthening posture group
  • Sequential group of yoga posture
  • Standing postures group
  • Seating postures group
  • Lying postures group
  • Relaxing postures group
  • Meditative postures group etc.

Pranayama (Expansion of vital energy through breathing):

Prana means life force and ayama mean control or expansion. Thus the control or expansion of life force is called pranayama. Pranayama is the art and science of expanding your life force through breathing techniques. Pranayama is key tools of life changing experience. Prana is powerful way to change our bio-chemistry and purify our blood, muscles and every cell. Prana is right tool to calming the mind and thought process. All the distracted thoughts distract the prana and all peaceful thoughts make the breath longer and dipper. So, there is an intimate relation between Prana and mind. The main goal of pranayama is to achieve mastery over mind by controlling the flow of Prana (life force or oxygen).

During these peaceful days you learn the art of breathing and calming the mind. You will learn how we can achieve the emotional control through simple way of breathing process. You will get chance to improve on your breathing habits.

You understand basic philosophy, function and benefits of yogic breathing.

During this stay you will learn different technique of pranayama they are:

Yogic breathing:  Harmonies your body and mind with deeper and longer breathing this breathing is powerful to calming the mind.

Anulom Vilom : This is also said to be alternative breathing which helps to balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic system.

Nasika suddhi: This is powerful nostril cleansing breathing which is good for sinus.

Kapalabhati:  This pranayama helps strengthen the digestive system. It is good to tone the kidney, liver and pancreas.

Bhastrika: Bhastrika pranayama helps purify the blood. This is very beneficial for breathing problem.

Surya Bhedi: This is beneficial for good strength of our body. Protect from cold and generate warm in body.

Chandra Bhedi : It cools body and mind.

Ujjayi  or victorious breathing: This ujjayi pranayama is good for thyroid problem, cough, cold and diseases of nose and ears.

Bhramri Pranayama: This stress relief pranayama. This is helpful for calming the mind, sleep disorder, good for memory, stress and migraine.

Shitali Pranayama: Has a cooling effect, removes the bad smell from mouth.

Shitkari Pranayama: This pranayama also has cooling effect which has beneficial for calming the unnecessary heat in body.

Agnisar Kriya Pranayam: This is powerful to tone up of digestive system. This is helpful to stimulate intestines, Kidney, liver, pancreases and develops digestive fire.

Consistent practice of pranayama release good anti- tress hormones in body. Breathing practice heals autonomic nervous system, so that you find equilibrium with your sympathetic system.

Practice daily pranayama as a good habit and watch how it transforms your life.

Yogic detoxification

Yoga detoxification is a part of this yoga meditation retreat, it is natural process of cleansing of your physical and mental body. Yoga has six techniques of detoxification they are Neti, Dhauti, Vasti, Nauli, Kapalbhati and Trataka. Among of them we practice neti: nasal cleansing process, Dhauti: upper stomach cleansing, Nauli: toning of abdomen, kapalbhati: cleansing of stomach by breathing, trataka: cleansing of eye and development of eye vision. You will learn yoga detoxification and gain knowledge how to do them at home. Nothing can be compared to the benefits of your health. It creates a healthy impact on your body and mind without any side effect.

Chanting of mantra:

Mantra is effective tools to control monkey mind. ‘Man’ mean mind and ‘tra’  mean control so mantra is right path way to control your involuntary and unnecessary thoughts. During this stay you will learn chanting of different mantra and its powerful impact in body and mind.  You will learn guru mantra, Shanti mantra, omkara mantra, shiva’s mantra, gyatri mantra, universal mantra, bij mantra, mula mantra and life changing Vaidic mantras etc.

Powerful yoga philosophy:

One of the important part of our yoga meditation retreat course is yoga philosophy. Our yoga philosophy is based on Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Bhagbat Gita and oldest scriptures of yoga and our modern lifestyle. You will learn yoga philosophy based in Patanjali “Yoga Sutras” he explains the whole science of yoga and meditation. It has 196 sutras which are mostly related to controlling the monkey mind. You will learn eight fold path of yoga to achieve liberation of life. During this relaxing stay you will learn techniques on how to heal yourself naturally with the power of your mind.  Also you will learn Techniques on how to instantly eliminate bad habits that you have always wanted to let go.

What includes this yoga meditation retreat course?

❖ Life changing yoga meditation retreat course

❖ 20 nights and 21 days comfortable accommodation

❖ .Group workshops and practical activities

❖ Three time Nepali yogic and healthy food

❖ Nepali, herbal tea and pure drinking water

❖ Wi-Fi/ Internet

❖ Certificate of participation

❖ Free Guideline to explore Kathmandu and Nepal

Daily scheduled of  this yoga meditation retreat:

We are teaching according to guest requirement and level of practice our sample daily schedule are as follow. It will change according to topic, teacher, climate and different circumstances.

7.00  to 8.30 am-Yoga Asanas (Yoga Posture)

8.30 to 9.00 am- Tea break

9.00 to 10.00  am- Self practice

10.00 to 11.00 am- Breakfast

11.00 to 1.00 am- Rest/ Hiking, sight Scene

1.00 to 2.00 am- Yogic Relaxation

2.00 to 3.00 pm- Lunch

3.00 to 3.30 pm- Rest

3.30 to 4.30 pm- Meditation+ Stretching + breathing

5.00  to 6.00 pm- Tea break

6.00 to 7.00 pm- Yoga Philosophy/mantra chanting

7.00 to 8.00 pm- Dinner

8.00 pm- Time to bed

Take a step into a new world of peace by joining this 21 life changing yoga meditation retreat course , balance and free your mind, body and soul.

May your every steps direct towards ultimate peace of life. 

Om shanti ! shanti!! Shanti!!!



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