• Our goal is simple to split spiritual awareness and Spiritual transformation of life through yoga, meditation and yogic life style. We are trying available yoga to everyone on the planet earth regardless of his/her cast, religion or geographic constraints.

• We believe that yoga in its many forms can help solve society’s major ills such as addiction, crime, anxiety, depression and many more health problem.

• A share of the profit of yoga retreat/ashrama goes towards charity and towards establishes an organic farm in accordance with sound ecological principles for serious yoga practitioners who need proper nutritional food and the right environment to practice.

• A share of the profit of yoga retreat/ashrama goes towards to help the children those deprive from education due to poverty in remote areas of Nepal.

• Our emphasis is to make you aware of your inner potentiality to be blissful. To show a path how you can reach to your own source by help of yoga and meditation. We help to weaken your energy and to realize real being.

• Nepal is one of the great spiritual spots on earth with its deeply devotional people, sacred rivers, highest peak of mountains, birth place of Buddha and elaborate temples. Finally we want to make clear identity of Nepal as a real birth place of yoga and spiritual spots.

Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

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