BakasanaThe purpose of yoga is to keep the aspirant healthy and free from disease.Health is the principal means of acquiring virtue, wealth and liberation’. For the attainment of health and long life as well as for the attainment and maintenance of strength and energy, we are providing the special therapeutic yoga. Yoga helps to clean the physical channels and inner blockages. yoga has a good healing effect that can be used to treat a whole host of ailments such as stress, depression, sleep disorder, blood pressure high, obesity, diabetes, digestive problems, back pain, cervical pain, breathing problems,anti-aging, chronic, de–addiction, arthritis, joints and muscles pain etc. Therapeutic yoga package will be designed according to your problem. If necessary we also add the treatment of ayurveda and naturopathy side by side. In therapeutic yoga we treat by means of shat kriyas (Six yogic cleansing techniques), asanas, pranayamas, meditation, fasting, healing, herbals, and different natural techniques.

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Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

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