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21 Days Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Nepal at Nepal Yoga Home

Ayurveda retreat in nepal

21 Days Yoga and Ayurveda retreat in Nepal – Panchakarma Retreat in Nepal

Duration: 21 days [ 20 night accommodation]

Cost: Standard shared: 1500 USD, Standard private: 1800 USD, Deluxe shared: 1800 USD, Deluxe private: 2100 USD ( Note: All costs are per person basis)

Included: 3 times vegetarian meal, classes, accommodation, tax and service charges.

Classes: 2 yoga class and one Ayurveda Therapy each day

Come and detox your whole body by means of yoga and Ayurveda. This Ayurveda retreat in Nepal provides you yoga classes morning and evening and Panchakarma therapy during day

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health, mind, and soul. It is a traditional Indian medicine that originated in the Vedic period. The Ayurvedic approach to life is based on the premise that everyone has an individual constitution or Prakriti. This determines how they will react to different types of food, environment, and activities .This Ayurveda Retreat in Nepal you will get the Ayurveda therapy combining with yoga class morning and evening. Both alternative medicine assist you to improve the health.

It focuses on prevention by removing toxins from the body and restoring balance through diet, lifestyle changes. Here is one such opportunity of Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Nepal to dig in and take a break from your strict hectic schedule for self love.

Ayurveda in Nepal has been emerging in the most beautiful and useful manner by obtaining some life altering changes in one’s body and soul. Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Nepal has planned a 21 day program experience to care for you body.

5 Major aspects of this program that you might need to know

1. Planning you day

We have organised this Ayurveda retreat in Nepal to integrate relaxation as a way to improve your physical health and mental well-being.

Turning on your day with waking up at Bhramhamahurat is an Ayurvedic practice that involves waking up early in the morning before the sun rises. It has been practiced for thousands of years to help align the body’s biological rhythms with the cycles of day and night .

Join us in this community and you’ll realise how Ayurveda in Nepal has it’s own cultural diversity and will bring you close to the nature.

It is believed that bramhamahurat helps improve sleep quality, as well as overall health and wellness. In addition, some practitioners believe that it can help reduce stress levels and aid in relaxation.

2. Meditation to heal mind and soul

Taking you day ahead in Ayurveda Retreat in Nepal with Meditation is a practice that involves training the mind to focus on one thing. This can be done in a number of ways, including sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing, or repeating a mantra.

Ayurveda in Nepal has been focusing on creating more and more clients to create awareness of Ayurveda in their lifestyle by involving in various little activities that will definitely lift up their day.

Vibration is another way to train the mind to focus. It might involves using a device such as an musical instrument help people relax. Vibration works by sending tiny vibrations from the device through the body. The vibrations travel along the meridians in your body and can help to relax you and calm your mind.

There are a number of benefits to meditation, including improved physical health and mental well-being. By reducing stress and anxiety, meditation can help you feel happier and healthier overall. It can also improve your attention and focus, helping you to become more productive at work and home. Meditation has been shown to have an effect on gray matter volume in various areas of the brain, which may even lead to improvements in cognitive function.

Do not worry folks!

During the Mediational and Yoga sessions we would be providing yoga mat as well.

3. Practice Yoga with us to increase body mobility

Yoga is a practice that has been around for over 5,000 years and has been practiced by many people all over the world. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that involves breathing techniques, meditation and exercises to help improve flexibility and strength. There are many different types of yoga from Hatha to Bikram. Yoga helps with easing of joints, improves blood flow, detoxifies the body and deep breathing benefits the mind.

People who do regularly practice yoga say that it’s a great way of channelising human energy to ease stress and anxiety as well as help with depression or other mental health issues. In this program Ayurveda  Retreat in Nepal we had organised daily Yoga sessions for our clients to indulge in a bodily activity.

If you want to go more deep in yoga, you can join our separate course which is internationally certified yoga teacher training course. You can join either 200 hours or 500 hours certified Yoga teacher training.

4. Saatvik Food is a Lifestyle

Healthy gut is one of the major goals of our Ayurveda retreat in Nepal to promote overall well being. Healthy gut is characterized by a balanced diet rich in fiber, eating smaller meals throughout the day, regular exercise, and stress management. All of these factors help to keep the digestive system running smoothly and protect it from damage from toxins and allergens. In Ayurveda Retreat in Nepal food preparation are a important part of our plan as because it plays an important role in maintaining a a nourishing gut.

It is recommended that people who are following a plant-based diet should ensure that food preparation does not damage the integrity of the intestinal wall. For example, excessive use of sugar or processed foods can cause damage to the intestinal wall and lead to imbalances in gut bacteria which can lead to pathogenic conditions such as leaky gut syndrome and SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth).

Hence, on a daily basis as well we should have a self control and awareness of the food we intake. In Ayurveda retreat in Nepal we serve saatvik food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at regular intervals will be served.

A healthy gut contributes to many other aspects of overall health including

  • Weight loss,
  • stress reduction
  • mood enhancement,
  • improved focus,
  • increased energy.

5.  Panchakarma Therapy

Mini panchkarma package is a complete detoxification process that includes five different therapies:

  • Snehana,
  • swedana,
  • vamana,
  • virechan and
  • basti.
  • Snehana is the first therapy in the sequence where an herbal paste is applied to the body and then covered with a blanket for about 30 minutes.
  • Swedana is done next which involves pouring warm herbal oils over the body. Swedena allows to balance the body temperature and carry out the metabolic activity smoothly in our Ayurveda retreat in Nepal.
  • Vamana involves drinking water that has been boiled in certain herbs. All the essential herbs are provided by Ayurveda retreat itself.
  • Virechan involves taking laxatives to clean out all toxins from the body. Decoction of herbs usually with oil or ghee if consumed in virechan.
  • Finally basti which means enema where oil or milk is inserted into the rectum through a tube. This process allows to eliminate the excess Vayu in your body and reduce immobility.

We would like to mention that all necessary oils, herbs, medicinal makings and instruments will be provided be in programme organised by Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat in Nepal. You need not to worry or carry extra baggage!

The benefits of this mini panchakarma are that it helps remove toxins from your system and primarily balances your dosha (vayu, pitta and kapha). It acts as a prophylactic means to develop immunity in the human body to fight against foreign organisms.