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10 Reason Why Yoga In Nepal Yoga Home

Ten Reason Why Yoga In Nepal Yoga Home

Laura Berger, United Kingdom, on 16th Oct 2014(After stay in Nepal Yoga Home)

Each place has its uniqueness which allures to the world. In the same, Nepal Yoga Home has been an exclusive place for many exceptional reason to visit. The visit to Nepal will be amazing provided that you visit this picturesque place abiding on the lap of Nagarjuna jungle to north side of Kathmandu valley. When I decided to visit this place, I came to realize that I had made the best decision in my trip to Nepal. As far as my experience is concerned here are major 10 features that sets aside Nepal Yoga Home from the rest.  So why not go through it!

1. The Location Is Perfect!

As I already mentioned above it is the Yoga home situated in the vicinity of the Nagarjuna jungle. The jungle was named after the enlightened monk. As its name, this area is such a lovely site to visit if you ever come to Nepal. Just a 2 kilometers north of the ring road of Kathmandu and about 5 kilometers away from the hub of tourist, Thamel. You would not totally astonished by the beauty of the nature. The walk along the road of Nagarjuna jungle leads you to Nepal Yoga Home.

While walking on the road, you see the crowded buildings laid like the heap of papers. At this time around you would get surprised by the density and metropolitan constructions of Kathmandu. On the other side of the road is the greenery and thick jungle spread on the hills which comes under Nagarjuna-Shivapuri Conservation Area. The closeness of the nature would definitely hypnotize any person who loves the calm, cool and tranquil environment still residing near to the city. For me it was just the perfect place I was searching for.

2. Experienced And Caring Teachers

I felt my trip more fruitful than my expectation because of having such an experienced and affectionate teacher who would try their best to share the idea and skill. Whether it was a class of asanas or philosophy or meditation their presentation and teaching style always became inspiration for me that I increased my learning desire eve more.

The role of a teacher is paramount if the matter of learning is concerned. The qualitative teachers here offered me absolutely brilliant insights on yoga and spirituality. I felt very blessed and thankful for joining in this yoga home when I found such a talented and down to the earth teacher who became my vigor to harness my yoga path. The teachers with different yogic background and schooling is the most interesting facet of this yoga school. Their way of teaching provides you different flavor inside a single roof.

3. You Taste Yogic Food

Everyone loves different taste. Among many reasons behind visiting new places, tasting local foods is one of the indispensable parts of the trip you have made. In this regard, I found Nepal Yoga Home serving the local Nepal food with yogic and healthy flavor. In spite of its hygienic quality, it was delectable food I ever had in Nepal. The freshness of the vegetables and fruits was one of the best things of this place. Some of the vegetables, they grow on their own land that can be seen beside the Yoga Hall.

A person with yogic pursuit would even be more than happier for having the sattvic meal during his/her stay here. The pure and delicious vegetarian meal can be experienced here. Nepal is the country where you wouldn’t only get daal (lentil), bhaat (rice) as the food to have even though this is the most common meal. However, as being a country with different geographical structures and cultural causes there are many other foods which are prevalent and typical in Nepal. Your holiday in this place gives you direct experience as you taste various kind of meals of different cultures.

4. Most Affordable And Economical Yoga Fee

While surfing on the internet about yoga course I went through many websites of ashram situated in Nepal and India. I was thrilled to see the course fee of Nepal Yoga Home. I couldn’t control clapping and jumping around instantly. It was totally my personal experience that I would like to share with you guys with my sense of contentment I felt after taking course and living in such a magnificent place.

I find the price of Nepal Yoga Home highly economical. In addition to the low-cost of the course, the rooms are well sophisticated with yogic living standard. The holiday I spent here was very comfortable, may be the reason that I am the kind of person who loves to enjoy the intimacy of the nature than furniture and other facility.

5. People Look Ever Welcoming For You

 Even though I had heard Nepali people are one of the most humble beings in the world I happened to experience that humility and respect they offer their guest and visitors. In Nepal Yoga Home, my experienced match with what I had heard. Ranging from the owner of the yoga home and its family, kitchen staffs to people surrounding gives you good amount of affection by smiling their innocent-looking faces.

People would not be indifferent to you if you ask for any help needed in the condition they are capable of solving. Despite their own native language Nepali, you should not be amazed if one along the road is talking in English with another. I mean to say when you wonder about the direction or location, regardless of English as a foreign language, you would be able to get direction with their level best.

People in the neighborhood are very amicable and cordial. In spite of having big load of luggage and carriage on their back, they would not forget to show their teeth in merriment seeing you. When people smile at you, it’s their feeling of friendly and warm greeting.

6. Teaching Process Is Authentic And Nepal Is The Origin Place Of Yoga

When you enter into the class, you will be glad enough to know about the eastern manner of teaching. The teaching process you experience looks quite difference than it is in western world. However, it does not mean that they are hard to adjust. I would rather say the teaching style is more disciplined, dedicated and practical one. I felt the knowledge they share is the authentic and original one as it is being the country of Yoga itself. As being the birth place of Lord Shiva, the originator of Yoga, this is the original source of knowledge regarding yoga.

The teaching here is more authentic because this country itself is the source of yoga and the birthplace of the progenitor of yoga, Lord Shiva. You can take the flavor of different kinds as the teachers have got different schooling background which would be most effective and extensive learning process as you come to experience Hath Yoga, Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga along with different style of meditation,  pranayama, philosophy and anatomical knowledge in your course.

7. Naturally Exotic And Awesome!

One of the most striking intentions behind joining this best yoga school in Nepal for the yoga retreat in Kathmandu was its closeness to the nature. It has exactly located at the lap of the Nagarjuna jungle.

The jungle spread over the hills and greenery setting is the thing that really allured me. You can walk a bit upward from the yoga hall, there is a tree erected. You can sit on the shadow of the tree and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding. If you want to love to enjoy another look of the Kathmandu valley, you can enjoy that view from the windows of your hostel. If you want openness then you can come to the yard of the house to observe the panoramic view along with some snow-capped mountain on the horizon towards the north far behind those hills made of a valley.

On your holiday you can go to the hiking to the Nagarjuna jungle where you can enjoy the climb of 1000 steps. In addition of the hiking, you can visit to the monastery located nearby Nepal Yoga Home.  As you may know Kathmandu is the ‘city of temple’, you can see small temples on each side while you are walking along the path. Additionally, I was contented as I experienced the clean surroundings and calm environment at Nepal Yoga Home.

8. Certified From Yoga Alliance International and Nepal Government

 In the process of yoga teaching and learning, I found the importance of certificate along with my practical knowledge and insights. In this matter, the certificate of Nepal Yoga Home profoundly helped me to enhance my career in yoga. You also would be thankful if you decide to join this school as it is certified from Yoga Alliance International and Nepal Government.

I believe the certification of Nepal Yoga Home definitely broadens and values your career in your teaching and training procedures of Yoga. As far as my personal experience is concerned I felt much esteemed for taking the course from Nepal Yoga Home when I came to know the founder of this school is also the ambassador of the Yoga Alliance International.

9. Easier Visa Process

Behind the excessive flow of foreigners in Nepal which I came to know is because of the easiest process of visa. You wouldn’t need few weeks and few days to get decision of your visa. I bought by visa after arrival in airport. It is very easy process to take visa, do not brother for visa process.  Direct fly to Nepal and take visa in airport as long as you wish.

It allowed me to focus on the places I wanted to visit rather than hanging and hankering for the documentation stuffs. With its natural beauty and virgin places still to explore Nepal comes in foremost position on the field of mountaineering and trekking, yoga and spiritual learning.

The highest peak of the world Mt. Everest to the natural lakes situated at the highest altitude of the world Tilicho are few attractions among many more mesmerizing and soul-catching treasures to experience. Moreover, the traditional architecture and construction of the temples and buildings are one of the eye-catching belongings of Nepal.

In spite of being geographically small country, Nepal offers the experience of different climate in every one hundred kilometers to the north. Ranging from low land Terai, greenery hills to snow-capped luminous mountains are laid like ladder. Nepal stands top in the case of natural beauty and geographical differences in addition to cultural and traditional customs and values of the people have been enriched by their mother tongue having almost with every community.

The numbers of languages spoken in Nepal are more than hundred. So it has more than hundred different castes in Nepal like Brahman, Kshetri, Newar, Janajati (ethnic), Dalit (considered as low cast) etc.

10. I Felt Like Second Home At Nepal Yoga Home

My stay in Nepal Yoga Home didn’t go away than the living at home.  I mean to say the environment here is such a cordial and caring that you feel like you are at your second home. I remember the days enjoying talking with family of Yogis and their warm manner and respect. They behaved me as if I was one of the members of their family.

You can experience the home environment of a Yogi as the founder and teacher himself lives at this home along with his loving family. It’s kind of fabulous experience to live and experience the family environment of a yogi. I, with my level best understanding, I came to know how a yogic life is. Furthermore, I instilled the impression about the yogi family that how they live in. The experience here was not different than living in an exotic yet exquisite.