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Life management Yoga

Two weeks Life management Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Nepal Yoga Home

life management yoga

Nepal Yoga Home, one of the most reputed yoga schools in Nepal conducts two weeks life management yoga and meditation retreat. It is situated at a height of the valley from where entire Kathmandu valley can be observed. Nagarjuna National Park with thick mountainous forest in the east south gives a natural beauty and fresh air. The environment of Nepal Yoga Home is serene and pure where yoga and meditation become effective. It is about 5 km far from Thamel and free from pollution and crowd where people from various countries have been taking part in life-changing yoga and meditation retreat. This course is suitable for all age group, religions, creeds, profession and levels.

Why choose Nepal Yoga Home for life-changing yoga and meditation retreat?

Nepal Yoga Home with peaceful, clean and scenic environment provides cozy accommodation and nutritious food. Nepal Yoga Home offers life changing tools of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting and philosophy. Yummy and healthy food is served here with love and kindness. As food is vegan and vegetarian, it gives positive impacts in the practice of life management yoga and meditation retreat. All types of facilities and yoga stuff are available for a great practice of yoga. You will enjoy the privileges and facilities of Nepal Yoga Home like that of your home. Besides, friendly relation with the friends, teachers, and other members of Nepal Yoga Home makes your stay and yoga practice convenient. Different teachers with different experience are available here for a deeper study of yoga in its real form of traditional Hatha and Kundalini yoga. The yoga and meditation retreat schedule is scientific, pragmatic and international standard. This course helps for:

  • Strengthen your body
  • Develops mental clarity and peaceful mind
  • To turn your stress in divine journey
  • To develop flexibility
  • To develop  Vitality and immune system
  • To keep your body fit and fine
  • To prevent non-communicable disease
  • To develop body awareness
  • To live and love present
  • Remove mental and physical toxic

Why life management Yoga and Meditations in Nepal?

Nepal is the original place of yoga, where many yogis were born. Many people got enlightenment in this sacred place. Everybody can feel the yogic vibrations of the penance of ancient Hermits.  Himalayans yogis of Nepal are very popular in the world who have been performing their penance in known and unknown caves of Himalayans from many years. Many people have been continuing their austerity in contemporary time as well, yet some of them are far from society, practicing secretly which is not known to all. Nepal is considered as the most favorable section of the earth to practice yoga and meditation as well as other spiritual practices.  

Teachers at Nepal Yoga Home

The teachers at Nepal Yoga Home are dexterous and have long experience of Yoga. They are expert to provide you integrated yoga knowledge both theoretically and practically.  Since they have dedicated their lives to yoga and meditation, they are very pleasant to endow you an effective retreat class. You can be pleased and be comfortable with their teachings. You will have the opportunity to discuss yoga and ask the curiosities during your course and even after you return back from Nepal Yoga Home.

Subject matters of two weeks life changing Yoga and Meditation Retreat

  • Theoretical and practical aspects of yoga
  • Over 84 yoga asanas (yoga pose)
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Mantra Chanting
  • About 10 techniques of pranayama (breathing exercise, breathing techniques, breath control, and breath mastering)
  • Some therapeutic yoga if you have any health complications
  • Brief of Ayurveda and lifestyle (an eastern philosophy to heal the diseases and maintain the health without the use of allopathic medicine as well as without any side effects)
  • Explanation of energy centres and chakras
  • Mudra
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Nidra and relaxation
  • Health secrets
  • Healthy food habits- what to eat, how to eat when to eat, etc.
  • Yogic and world life
  • How to balance the inner and external world.

What do you learn after the completion of yoga and meditation retreat?

You will learn a depth of yoga. All the dimensions of yoga will be clear for you on an experimental basis. You will get a key to enter into the world of yoga from where you can reveal many things. You will learn natural healing techniques through which you can keep yourself healthy and others as well. You will know how to be yourself and explore your inner capacities. You will learn the art of healthy, harmonious and natural life. Art of living and art of becoming in sync with the existence start becoming clear for you. You will feel that you cannot express in words about “what is learned in life-management yoga and meditation retreat at Nepal Yoga Home”. In fact, you learn entire life management science from this course.

What includes?

  • Yoga and meditation course
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Three-time healthy meals
  • Unlimited tea
  • Yoga mat and yoga stuff
  • Love and Security
  • Family environment
  • Free counselling to make the trip

What Excludes?

  • Air fair
  • Visa fee
  • Airport transfer (We can provide in an extra cost)
  • Laundry
  • Spa and Ayurveda
  • Sightseeing
  • Extra expenses
  • Additional food if necessary
  • Extra night (more than 14 nights): we recommend to choose some nice hotel in Kathmandu for an extra night.

Looking forward to your life transforming Journey of Yoga and Meditation

Bhabatu Sarva Mangalam!!!

(May all beings be peaceful)