250 Plus YTT in Nepal

250 Plus Yoga Alliance Certified YTT in Nepal

To change your way of thinking and to discover harmony in your life 250 plus yoga alliance certified YTT in Nepal ( 250 Plus Yoga Teacher training in Nepal ) is a complete teaching strategy of yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation techniques in serenity of Jungle and mountain. This yoga training course in Nepal, Kathmandu gives you an opportunity to be an excellent yoga teacher as yours dream. This YTTC in Nepal will changes your vision towards positive perspective in any situation.  This YTTC help to make your life as opportunity of celebration and to achieve freedom. Hope this yoga training course gift you new life guiding your consciousness in right path of spirituality.

250 plus YTT in Nepal

Yoga balances your body, mind and spirit. Yoga postures balance your body, breathing balance your energy center and meditation balance your mind finally you found harmony on yours spirit. The balance of your body, mind and spirit gives you perfect healthy life. You can restore your happiness by applying our unique way of soul searching meditation and yoga philosophy.  250 plus hours yoga alliance registered YTT in Nepal empowers you in multi-dimensional level. You will get physical and mental strength, stamina, awareness, fitness and flexibility by 250 plus yoga alliance certified teacher training at Nepal Yoga Home.

You can learn how to breathe perfectly. You will have the harmony in your behavior. This is the journey towards inside which leads you to your real nature of peace. 250 plus yoga alliance teacher training is a combined course of asanas, breathing exercise, meditation techniques, philosophy, theory, mantra chanting and many more subjects related to yoga and spirituality.

250 plus yoga alliance affiliated YTT in Nepal takes place in the natural environment where you can find complete peace of mind. Location of the yoga training course is in the jungle area but near the city which provide the joy of nature and comfortable to explore Kathmandu city. You can enjoy the beauty of mountains from here. This place is like your own home and you find friendly behavior from all the members of Nepal Yoga Home. Teachers are highly qualified in their topic which covered by yoga training course. They co-operate you in learning with full of encouragement. This Yoga training course is made according to requirement of modern requirement of yoga student.

YTT in Nepal

Two hundred plus yoga alliance certified YTT in Nepal is running throughout the year. You will understand the origin, history and development of yoga in details during 250 plus yoga alliance certified YTT in Nepal at Nepal Yoga Home. The purpose of yoga training is to join our self with true source of being then to join universal cosmic energy. You will walk on yoga and meditation journey to achieve the ultimate goal of yoga that is freedom from your own mind. The misconception about yoga will be disappeared by this yoga training course and you will plant new concept of meditation to celebrate your rest of the life. You will understand how the normal exercises are different from yoga and its pure way of yogic living.

You will get the chance to learn different yoga styles like Hatha yoga, Astanga Vinyasa, Kundalini yoga, Sivananda yoga, Iyengar yoga etc in 250 plus yoga alliance certified YTT in Nepal. The right information of Nadis, Chakras, Mudras, Bandhas and another important part of yoga philosophies are our target to provide you during your training course. You will learn meditation techniques like breathing meditation, Buddha style meditation, So-ham meditation, Chakra meditation, Mantra meditation, Mindful meditation, and guided meditation. These meditations are powerful way to realize oneself and to liberate from stressful life.

Yogi lifestyle and yogic detox are our core concern of the course. You will get the chance to experience the purification process of Sath Karma, 6 actions in yoga and healthy way of living. You will learn the benefits of yoga and functions of yoga in the body and mind. How yoga can maintain the health of the body is the main part of the 250 plus yoga alliance teacher training course. You can find yoga is the best way to prevent diseases in the body and the way to cure disease by therapeutic yoga.

250 plus yoga alliance teacher training is for the people from all around the world. We welcome all people regardless of your age, religion, gender etc. This course is for every level of students like beginner, intermediate and advance.

The attractions of 250 plus YTT in Nepal are

  1. You will get international certified yoga alliance certificate on the end of course.
  2. You will find the chance to change your life in a positive direction by yoga and meditation.
  3. You will have the opportunity to be free from the stresses of your mind.
  4. The philosophy of yoga can be the right solution to improve your chronic stress.
  5. You will regain the amazing physical, mental and spiritual health.
  6. You can prevent yourself from many diseases by doing yoga regularly.
  7. You will become a perfect yoga teacher after learning here in Yoga Home.
  8. You will improve your yoga and meditation practice
  9. You will develop your confidence level of teaching and practice.

Main topic the YTT course includes

  • Yoga training course is designed with basic practice to higher practice.
  • This training course is made to meet international level skill and standard of yoga teaching.
  • This is theoretical and practical comprehensive effective transformative and informative training course.
  • This course includes clear concept of yoga philosophy and way to apply in our day to day life.
  • Teaching methodology and clear concept of yoga teaching is included.
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology is includes to understand the function of body.
  • Hatha yoga asana are included
  • Effective breathing exercises (pranayama) and it’s impact on body
  • You will learn proper alignment of yoga posture
  • Mudra and bandha will teach with clear information
  • Kapal bhati, nadi shoddhana, vramari, anulom- Vilom, sitakari, Sitali and Vastrika pranayama are interesting to deepen
  • Self-healing and auto relaxing are interesting to learn
  • Mantra meditation and mantra chanting are amazing way to create healthy living.
  • Inner peace and inner silence will cultivate during your YTT in Nepal.
  • You will learn how to know the game of mind and way to control.
  • Teaching practice, observation and correction will learn.
  • Class management and way to demonstration
  • Legal aspect to teach yoga and meditation
  • Detail information of alignment of yoga posture.
  • Will conduct  yoga workshop in different topic
  • Will learn relation between yoga guru and student
  • A basic concept of patanjali yoga sutra and Bhagavad Gita.

This course covers yoga alliance syllabus and has more additional information will learn from mother land of yoga, Nepal.

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