Ronja Ruzicka

ronja ruzicka

Course Enrolled: 500 Hours YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course)

Full Name: Ronja Ruzicka

Address: M√ľnchener Strasse 30, 82362 Weilheim



For many people to refocus means to settle down. For me it is more about feeling alive! Alive because when we get the body to move, we can feel our breathe speeding up and slowing down, our muscles tensing and relaxing, our heart beating faster.

Yoga is my base, is what grounds and stabilises me, where I take pleasure and where my body and mind come together. The practice is an opportunity to shed layers, be wulnerable and leave behind unnecessary habits in order to make space for new sensations and possibilities. Each class holds a potentional for transformation and growth that you can carry with you. With a combination of deep, energizing Vinyasa flow and stabilizing, strengthening Asanas supported by Ayurvedic, Anatomic and Psychologic knowledge want to invite you to a journey, connecting with the phenomenon called “self” and to pay attention to the “here and now”, becoming friends with it.