Nieske (Cassandra) van der Voort

nieske (cassandra) van der voort

Course Enrolled: 500 Hours YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course)

Full Name : Nieske (Cassandra) van der Voort


Yoga has been an important part of my life since 20 years, because it keeps me grounded. From nature I’m very eager for everything that life has to offer and it brought me many places, from being a journalist to owning a busy restaurant. I need yoga to stay in touch with myself and not be taken along with all the different flows and the stress that comes with that. Yoga has helped me so much that I’ve decided to follow a 4 year yoga teacher training in the Netherlands, Saswitha style, hatha yoga with a deep focus on the breath and aligning to the outer extremes of the body. In my classes I teach a combination of strong vinyasa and more relaxing, restoritive poses with a lot of attention for the breath and meditative aspects. In Nepal Yoga home I intensified my practice as a teacher in an authentic yogic environment and I am very eager to teach other people how to stay healthy, strong and relaxed in a demanding society.