Michelle Smith

michelle smith

Course Enrolled: 500 Hours YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course)

Full Name: Michelle Smith

Address: 48-50 Camden High Street, Camden Town,London, NW10LT

email: michellesmith71@googlemail.com

I’ve always been interested in alternative therapies and how they can enhance our wellbeing. Reiki being a very gentle spiritually guided life force energy allows me to provide this energy for someone in need of healing, who has lost the ability to heal themselves which is a wonderful gift. We live in such a fast paced society that it’s difficult to keep balance at times. Being a channel for Reiki allows me to help people on a subtle level without intruding to deep. It also helps me very much in my own life. Seeing the benefits of Reiki on myself really makes me want to support others through difficulty…with Reiki I am able to do this.