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Yoga Instructors Course

Yoga is becoming more and more popular day by day not only for it's health benefit but also as career. Some folks are interested in the benefits of combining fitness with well being. Yoga instructors course is for you if you ever want to conduct one to one...

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Yoga Training in Nepal

For most of the people Yoga is eastern culture or an ancient method of training. They believe that yoga is composed of difficult poses and Sanskrit verses. However, the word ‘yoga’ actually means union or combination. Yoga is a practice that connects the...

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Law of Karma and four ways of performing karma

The law of Karma says that each action that we are performing continuously does not get disappeared without a mark or an effect. It creates an appropriate result for the performer. He has to face the consequences of is Karma at any cost. It is impossible to ignore the...

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Post On Topics related to Yoga Therapy

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy to heal the physical diseases and mental discomforts Magnetic therapy is a type of alternative therapy which focuses on the magnetic field by using different size and strength of magnet to heal the physical diseases and mental discomforts. Our body is...

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Benefits of Yoga in Drug Addiction

15 Benefits of Yoga in Drug Addiction which supports you to quit drug addiction and its effect Are there benefits of yoga in drug addiction? Yes, There are several factors which yoga helps in drug addiction. The best treatment for Drug addiction is Yoga and...

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Post On Sat karma


Neti There are two types of  major neti which are Jala Neti (nasal cleansing with water) Sutra Neti (nasal cleansing with thread) Jala Neti The process of cleansing and purifying the nasal passage with the mild salted water using the pot (having a long spout on one...

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Nauli kriya

Nauli The practice of rotation of abdominal muscles in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction is nauli kriya. There are four forms of Nauli, they are; 1) Vama- left  2) Dakshin-right 3) Madhya- middle 4) Moving in all direction clockwise and anti-clockwise.  Nauli...

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Kapalabhati – Though many include Kapalabhati as a type pranayama, in the Hatha Yoga texts, it is classified under theShatkarmas. It is a powerful cleaning process where the air is forcefully expelled from the lungs, removing any stagnant carbon dioxide accumulated in...

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miscellaneous Blog Post

23 Ways Hiking Makes You Healthier

Hiking Benefits | Science behind Hiking in nature that Makes You Healthier Even though it is a well-known and proven fact that hiking in nature, up a mountain hill or in the forest will help to cleanse the body, mind as well as soul, science is now coming...

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Food Mind Relation

Food Mind Relation | The positive & negative effect of food in mind There is a famous saying in English-“You are what you eat”. In another word it is said as- “What you eat so you become.” In Hindi it is also said as-“Jaisa khaae ana waisa bane mana” i.e. whatever the...

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Fifteen minutes everyday meditation

Fifteen minutes everyday meditation can change your life and moves you towards the divine power Everyday Meditation is the practice of being aware of the present moment. There is no past and future during meditation. The past and the future both will disappear in...

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