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Vatsara Dhauti

Vatsara Dhauti  or Kaki mudra (Cleansing the intestines with air) Sit in a comfortable position and purse the lips like a crow's beak. Draw the air in one sucking and fill the stomach with air as much as possible and hold as long as possible and feel that the air is...

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Danda Dhauti

Danda Dhauti - Cleansing of the intestine by  using the catheter The act of cleansing the stomach with the help of the catheter of a higher number by passing it through the mouth slowly till the stomach so that the acidic water waste is ejected out. The traditional...

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Dhauti: The process of cleansing the stomach along the food pipe is called dhauti. It is done basically in the empty stomach early in the morning for removing the undigested food particles as well as for removing the gaseous that are deposited in the stomach. There are various types of dhauti. The main type of dhauti are:

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miscellaneous Blog Post

Food Mind Relation

Food Mind Relation | The positive & negative effect of food in mind There is a famous saying in English-“You are what you eat”. In another word it is said as- “What you eat so you become.” In Hindi it is also said as-“Jaisa khaae ana waisa bane mana” i.e. whatever the...

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Fifteen minutes everyday meditation

Fifteen minutes everyday meditation can change your life and moves you towards the divine power Everyday Meditation is the practice of being aware of the present moment. There is no past and future during meditation. The past and the future both will disappear in...

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Hair Fall, prevention and Ayurveda

Hair Fall and Ayurveda Ayurveda does miracles in hair fall, and in the maintenance of healthy hair and scalp. In this article discusses the causes of hair fall and the steps to prevent loss of hair." Normal and Abnormal Hair Fall:- If there is a fall of more than 100...

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